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Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told THE FULL MOVIE (over 3 hours)


  1. Adolf Hitler's Jewish Sonderkommandos

    1933: Zionists sign a deal with Hitler - The Transfer Agreement

    Jim Condit showing numerous of indications about NaZionism

  2. Hitler's First Murder;

    Stalin Funded Hitler;

    Zionists Funded Both Hitler & Churchill;

  3. Hitler and Bormann Were Traitors;

    Adolf Hitler -- Agent of Zionism and Freemasonry;

    Nazis SS Funded Nascent Israeli Army;

    1. You are full of shit mate, you are getting most of your disinformation from the JEW Henry Makow, no wonder you don't know what you are talking about.

  4. Full version: - download it before it 'mysteriously' gets taken down!

    Mrs Rufus will be so pleased when I put the full (over 2 hours long) video on!

    1. I managed to download the different segments as they came on utube, but after No 11 google has blocked my downloads - this full version is also blocked so I`m stuck with just 11 segments...... Help!

      I`m using freemake video downloader and Firefox/Downloadhelper and both work ok elsewhere.

      Does anyone know if there is a DVD of this film available? Any help would be most appreciated.

  5. You'll probably like this one too - (The 25 points of the NSDAP programme explained).

    A very interesting collection of videos from Kopfschuss911; well worth having a visit

  6. Thanks for the info Rufus and keep up the good work on Atlantis.

  7. Lethal Politics: Soviet
    Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917;


    World War 2 Casualty Statistics;

  8. The Hitler Connection [SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE;

    Greg Hallett;

  9. I thought this was an actually news blog, not this reactionary, neo-conservative,conspiracy, bigoted pile of horse shit.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you hackinsignmasta, This blog is an actual TRUE NEWS SITE not the Bullshit that you obviously believe in. It is also a true source of History, not the Bullshit that you had drummed into you tiny brain all your life.

      I suggest you either wake up or shut up. I think a complete idiot like you would be better off watching NBC, CBS, BBC etc or any other Jew News Source, you just prove that there's just no hope for some people.


  10. Some people here might like -- one of the topics is Jewish scientists (or 'scientists') who, along with Jewish financiers, arranged the faked 'nuclear bombs' over Japan, and, later, the faked H-bombs to persuade the USA not to invade the USSR.

    John says:
    November 10, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    "...tens of thousands of German children were snatched from their mothers & given to infertile Polish couples,
    Polish, Czech and Yugoslavian concentration camps were established whose horrors are for all intents and purposes indescribable, again – making the worst of the worst German concentration camps look like vacation paradise..."

    I am neither a jew, a communist nor a brainwashed crypto-jew, but a Polish Nationalist upset and disturbed at your unjust slander about Poles.
    Here are some facts for you John;

    In German occupied Poland it is estimated that a number ranging from 50,000 to 200,000 children were removed from their families to be Germanised!
    It is estimated that at least 10,000 of them were murdered in the process as they were determined unfit and sent to concentration camps!
    Only 10-15% returned to their families after the war.
    Children were selected for "racially valuable traits" before being shipped to Germany. Many Nazis were astounded at the number of Polish children found to exhibit "Nordic" traits.
    Hans Frank summoned up such views when he declared, "When we see a blue-eyed child we are surprised that she is speaking Polish."
    If attempts to Germanise them failed, or they were determined to be unfit, they would be killed, to eliminate their value to the opponents of the Reich.
    The aim of the project was to acquire and "Germanize" children with purportedly Aryan traits who were considered by Nazi officials to be descendants of German settlers that had immigrated to Poland. Those labelled "racially valuable" were forcibly Germanized in special centres and then sent to German families and SS Home Schools.

    So, stop yourself being full of shit and stop the bashing of another White anti-zionist country and its nationals!

  12. "No sólo Hitler";

    Debate still rages over how much ordinary Germans knew about the concentration camps and the Gestapo's activities during Hitler's reign. Now, in this well-documented and provocative volume, historian Robert Gellately argues that the majority of German citizens had quite a clear picture of the extent of Nazi atrocities, and continued to support the Reich to the bitter end.
    Culling chilling evidence from primary news sources and citing dozens of case studies, Gellately shows how media reports and press stories were an essential dimension of Hitler's popular dictatorship. Indeed, a vast array of material on the concentration camps, the violent campaigns against social outsiders, and the Nazis' radical approaches to "law and order" was published in the media of the day, and was widely read by a highly literate population of Germans. Hitler, Gellately reveals, did not try to hide the existence of the Gestapo or of concentration camps. Nor did the Nazis try to cow the people into submission. Instead they set out to win converts by building on popular images, cherished ideals, and long-held phobias. And their efforts succeeded, Gellately concludes, for the Gestapo's monstrous success was due, in large part, to ordinary German citizens who singled out suspected "enemies" in their midst, reporting their suspicions and allegations freely and in a spirit of cooperation and patriotism.
    Extensively documented, highly readable and illustrated with never-before-published photographs, Backing Hitler convincingly debunks the myth that Nazi atrocities were carried out in secret. From the rise of the Third Reich well into the final, desperate months of the war, the destruction of innocent lives was inextricably linked to the will of the German people.

  13. I have got fed up with only one side being put, and I have noted there is a growing disenchantment with the never ending flood of ONE SIDE of the story, while the people of country look to non-stop islamic immigration and being made to kow tow to these uninvited parasites in the UK. My views have changed dramatically. And I have now begun to doubt what we're being told for the first time.
    Thanks for another opinion, desperately needed.

  14. Reply to Anonymous23 November 2012 16:55. Yes it is hard to accept the fact that you've been lied to ALL your life but when you do realise this, your life will change forever as mine did.

    Thanks for your comment and keep searching for the TRUTH.

  15. How does that saying go now:-

    "History is ALWAYS written by the victors"

    To have an alternative view is only fair and equitable so why have we been limited to only the one viewpoint all these years?

    WHY have we only been told and brainwashed into knowing only one side of the story and any other views completely ignored or demonised and people imprisoned for having an alternative view?

    Why is it ONLY Hitler that is constantly demonised and not Stalin etc?

    WHY do all white western countries now find themselves on the edge of destruction?

  16. I thought Hitler was a zionist creation? I will watch the video, there is so much jew bullshit around. Thanks for trying to get the real truth out.

  17. Bla, bla bla, I haven't met a Pole yet who is honest about Germany nor the causes of WWII. Fact is Poland was jew duped to the full, and had it not been for Polish intransigence concerning the Danzig corridor WWII might never have happened. I wont go on about the horrible, barbaric crimes the hateful Poles committed against the German population living in Polish occupied Germany but here is the documentation:

    Even today the Polish govt. continues to spread the holocaust myth, robbing millions of tourists of their money and filling their heads with outright lies. This is hateful slander, a crime of momentous proportions, and until the Poles admit to their jew duped crimes against the German people they will continue to be tools for the jew world order. Wake up Poland! End the lies, don't let your white neighbours perish, you will be next. WPWW!

    1. Poland for the last few centuries had more Jews than any other country. Probably many of these 'Poles' are in fact Jews. And certainly the media they had, and no doubt still have, is jew-controlled.

  18. Part 16 just released. Takes us up to the death of Mussolini and Roosevelt etc.



  20. Listen carefully to the interview again ; as soon as the subject of German-Polish historical conflicts comes into discussion the host is changing the subject.

    Many of you are brainwashed by Goebbels war propaganda to justify the war against Poland. Al lies!

  21. You hate to admit the crucifixion of Poland by the Germans in co-operation with the Bolsheviks; Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

  22. "Originally released online in a series of 15 minute episodes, this fascinating look into Adolf Hitler and World War Two told from the German perspective, quickly became the most sough-after documentary on the internet. You will NOT see this on the History Channel.
    This 25 Part epic, in systematically dismantling some 70 years of Allied propaganda, was inevitably banned in a concerted attempt to hide the truth from the general public. Many who viewed this documentary found the experience to be totally life-changing.

    In over 6 1/2 hours of facts meticulously documented, expect a range of emotions from shock and disbelief to sadness and anger.

    Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told! is the first-ever truthful account of World War Two, the players involved and those responsible for what is probably the greatest ever cover up. You will see the true face of the War's instigators, it's victors and how they continue their deception to this day. You watch... You decide."

  23. In schools in the western society we mostly learn only about the bad things Hitler did. History is written by the victorious and if America didnt win the war we would know alot more about this.