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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Why the Unitarian Muslim god sacrilegiously nicknamed “Allah” is only an idol

The generally low IQ Muslims have of course been largely unaware that their worship of the moon idol “Allah” has been fostered by the Jews and their lackeys as just another ruse to help them undo the witness of righteous Christianity and provide benefits for the Jews on other levels; and they are of course forbidden to ever acknowledge that the founder of their idolatrous religion was the child bride molester Muhammad who’d committed all sorts of atrocities, prior to persuading the Arabs to toss the Persian moon idols out of a sanctuary at Mecca and use it as a new center of the Arab world.

Child bride taken away to be molested by Muslim husband

The profane false prophet Muhammad and his dupes and lackeys then proceeded to ‘reinforce the sanctity’ of the old moon idol shrine at Mecca for their Unitarian idol, sacrilegiously nicknamed “Allah” or “the God”, by finding a piece of a meteorite or black rock that had ostensibly fallen from the moon, and enclosing it in a silver sheath in the form of a woman’s vagina in the shrine of the Kaaba at Mecca.

Muslim moon idol worshippers, with sexual fantasies about inheriting a bevy of virgins in the celestial sphere, kiss the black stone (‘moon rock’ meteorite) of the Kaaba enclosed in a silver sheath in the shape of a vagina
Mohammad’s followers then told the gullible Arabs that they should make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life-time; and walk around the Kaaba in a circular manner, in the same way that the moon circles the Earth. They were also told that they should kiss the black stone of the Kaaba enclosed in a silver sheath like a vagina, because it ostensibly fell from the moon and because by doing so they were ostensibly having some sort of oral sex with the Muslims’ feminine moon idol sacrilegiously nicknamed “Allah” or God.

Pagan Muslim pilgrims traipse around their idol of the shrine of the Unitarian moon god “Allah” in Mecca in the same direction as the moon circles the Earth. Islam is a ‘night religion’ of spiritual darkness for the blind dupes of the false prophet and child molester Mohammed, so it seems appropriate that his followers wear their ‘pajamas’
Mohammad’s revival of the old pagan Persian moon idol worship increased in popularity among the low IQ Arabs; not just because they were stupid, but because the Jews had told his followers to also concoct the doctrine that God had really made his covenant with the Arabs’ patriarch Ishmael, a son of Abraham by his Egyptian concubine Hagar, and not with the Jews’ patriarch Isaac, the father of Israel’s patriarch Jacob, as the Bible says.

This lie was reinforced when Mohammed’s followers were told that the black stone in the Kaaba had fallen by the decree of God from the moon and was “the stone” of Ishmael who was rejected by Abraham’s wife Sarah, when she rejected her husband Abraham’s concubine Hagar and sent her away with her son to die in the wilderness.

Something further reinforced by telling the Arabs that the black stone of the Kaaba (aka the stone of Ishmael) was really the biblical “stone that the builders rejected”, which God’s Son Jesus Christ had of course quite rightly said he exemplified and that had “become the chief cornerstone of the new creation of God” after his death and resurrection to the right hand of God; and after he’d established a new covenant with fallen humanity, by dying in their stead after being rejected as the rock of salvation and crucified by the apostate Jews.

The result of the lie of Islam has of course created a permanent rift between the pagan followers of that religion and the righteous followers of God’s Son Jesus Christ, which has of course suited the Jews’ agenda of dividing their Gentile enemies against each other, to facilitate their ongoing destruction with the process of time.

Islam’s false doctrine of a covenant that God ostensibly made with Ishmael has also made Arabs act in a haughty manner towards the Jews; and issued in the invention of all sorts brutal, callous, hypocritical and unjust laws of self-righteousness in the Quran and sharia law, like the ones the Pharisaical rabbis have invented for the followers of so-called Judaism in the satanic verses of the Talmud.

The depraved laws of the Quran, sharia law and the Talmud ostensibly sanctity Muslims and Jews before their gods; but they really only distance themselves further from the only true and Trinitarian God of Israel’s patriarchs and the Bible, by returning the dupes of Islam and Judaism to the fundamental and now defunct principles of the Mosaic legal dispensation, which has of course been superseded by the new covenant of the blood of God’s righteous Son Jesus Christ that justifies all who believe in him from all things.

If the apostate Jews and Muslims would but humble themselves and accept the blood atonement of Jesus Christ for all of humanity, the Jews would stop conspiring to use propagandized Americans to genocide innocent Gentiles and wipe out righteous Christians, and by extension the Muslims would no longer be provoked to retaliate against Americans the Jews have used to destroy them; and both Jews and Muslims would find peace and brotherly love in obedience to God through the grace that’s in his Son Jesus Christ.

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