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Thursday, 2 October 2014

What White People Need

Whenever you hear some wind bag in the media--or anywhere else for that matter--carping on about morality as it applies to diversity, what they are really describing is the "moral" destruction of White people, plain and simple. The media, more than anything else, really are the key to this problem. It is they which have undermined the old morality, promoted the new morality, and also taken the vanguard in destroying the homogeneity of our people, in which the old morality was normal, and brought about the social and racial chaos (Affirmative Action, miscegenation, busing, open borders, etc) which is part and parcel to the media's "new morality" we see today. If we are to have an instinctive informed rejection of the new morality then we must have, for starters, dedicated activists who aren't afraid to tell, and enforce, these kinds of truths:
1-White people have a right to be unique and different, to be themselves, and to love, value and be proud of what they are.
2-White people have a right to have their existence and identity recognized, respected and protected, to define, affirm and celebrate their existence and identity, and to promote their legitimate rights and interests.
3-White people have a right to racial life, a right to live, a right to exist as what they are and preserve what they are, a right to exist as a separate form of life, and a right to the conditions they require for continued life, existence and evolution.
4-White people have a right to independence and peaceful self-determination, to racial freedom and liberty, to separate development, to exclusive control of their own life and existence, their own future and destiny, free from domination, control or interference by other races AND their government.
5-White people have a right to their own living space or territory, to possession of their own racial homeland, to exist within secure borders, to have and hold their own country, separate from and exclusive of other races, as a condition required for both their continued life and independence.
6-White people have a right to self-government, to their own sovereign and fully independent government to govern their own country, their own life and existence, and determine their own future.
7-White people have a right to the affections and loyalties, love and care of their members, and this right takes precedence over any ideology — or system of beliefs and values — that would promote disaffection or alienation of loyalties, or censure racial love and caring--such as what today's media is promoting.
8-White people have a right to exclusive control over the creation, upbringing, development and education of their own children, to control over their own reproduction — the renewal of their racial life, the transmission of their genes and culture to successor generations — free of interference by other races.
9-White people have a right to racial integrity, to exclusivity, reproductive isolation and geographic separation, to be free, safe and secure from the racially destructive effects of racial intermixture and replacement.
10-White people have a right to the material product of their own creation, and to use that product for their own benefit, free of any claim upon it by other races.
The designation of a racial group as a "minority" does not grant it a special status that permits it to deny or violate the rights of White people like that label does today in what was once majority White nations, cities and neighborhoods.

Now then, does all of the above sound like what the media universities schools and government are actually talking about? You decide. Then ACT.

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