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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

We stand with Garron Helm

Today, Garron Helm, a young man of clean record, has been handed down a 4 week prison sentence to be served immediately. We would like to say that Garron is a dear friend of all those in National Action and has already sacrificed so much, consistently he thought nothing of the cause that he believes in, and the least that can be done is extend our gratitude.

In an abuse of the kind that has existed unchanged for hundreds of years between the classes, Garron’s crime was to insult somebody with wealth and power, They debate the manner in which he called a Jewish MP was a Jew, but ultimately he has gone to prison over a demonstrable fact and nothing else.

District Judge Andrew Shaw described Helm’s actions as calculated and “extremely abusive and upsetting”., described Ms. Berger as being “deeply shocked by the entire incident” and the Liverpool Echo reported that she told police she “shouldn’t be spoken to in that manner”. Communities Minister Stephen Williams said “We welcome today’s guilty verdict which shows there is no place for purveyors of hate to hide”. These statements are so callous, hateful and arrogant that it needs to be put in perspective.

Every day, thousands of white people are offended: The way that our ethnic group is victimized and portrayed in the media, the way we are expected to embrace our gradual displacement, the gradual reduction in conditions while billions go to aid as ‘justice’, by the wanton disregard our politicians have for our wants and needs. We’re fucking offended everyday of our lives but are told to get on with it.

The media have proclaimed another moral outrage and hailed the decision, yet they tell us that compassion and tolerance are virtues. Might I ask where is the compassion and tolerance for a man who (the media reported without shame or reflection) “was one of 11 children but the family had broken apart after his father died in a work accident and his mother had a mental breakdown”? And why is it that a woman of such privilege needs to be protected with the use the law as an instrument of personal vengeance.

Enough men have suffered to save the feelings of this one person, so we can leave only that question.

Ms Berger, attended the exclusive Haberdashers’ Aske’s school (£14,502 per annum). Birmingham Graduate, Director of Labour Friends of Israel, Shadow Health Secretary, and Member of Parliament for Liverpool – this politico was parachuted into a city she had no connection to and chosen to rule these people, simply for being the mate of Tony Blair’s son – but say this and they throw you in prison.

Does a woman who uses her heritage in her political life have a right to be offended when it is pointed out by one of her own constituents?

Garron, you did nothing wrong. You are a hero because unlike millions of others of your class who allow themselves to be lorded over, you are actively engaged in the resistance. They act horrified and insulted by your beliefs, but your persecution vindicates you. They call us small and weak, but at least we are the agents of our own liberation and seekers of our own justice. The real losers are the servile plebs who sit and let things happen to them; boot lickers who can never rise above their station – the factory Foreman, the ‘uncle tom’, the apparatchik – these were all the gatekeepers of ‘right’ before they were strung up. If you live to see your law enforced then history proves you right, when it comes to implementation of that law we can do nothing better than learn from our enemies.

Free Garron


  1. Currently in Budapest marveling at its people so openly proud of their history and observing the healthy social cohesion due to the fact its people are of the same cast.

    They are under attack by zog daily, I met with a man the other day who was jailed for two years and released under house arrest for another two for the ’crime’ of climbing a communist plinth (placed between the sightline of two historical churches to obliterate its symbolism and symmetry) and tearing off the commie emblem and throwing it in the Danube.
    They held him without official charge because they couldn’t actually find a law he broke, yet still 2 years solitary confinement and 2 more under house arrest is what they did to him.

    No wogs to be found anywhere in numbers greater than 0.001 just this malignant vengeful parasite whose sole role is to destroy all memory of its peoples heritage and and culture.

    Yet still this man was unrepentant unbowed or cowed and was received at the new national guard reformation of a new nationalist organization, the Hungarian Self-protection Movement.

    Its third incarnation after being made illegal and broken up for 3rd time now.
    They patrol gypsy majority villages and towns cleaning up the messes the jew controlled police wont touch, even without any kind of African/Asian invasion the police protect juwes and gypsies and to hell with the natives, just like ours.
    All the elderly have to defend them is the volunteer national guard.

    All in all inspiring.

    When I get back after the October 23rd Uprising memorial I feel obligated to help do something, anything in support of Garron Helm.

    Either that or just lay down and await the gulags they have in mind for us.

    Delenda Est judaica

    1. I really liked this one out of Hungary