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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

We Have Become Alternative Entertainment

Written by John Hardon

Yes that's right, I'm talking about the hundreds of Blogs/sites like this one on the Internet that genuinely try and publish the truth about the dire situation we (soon to become a minority) in our own lands find ourselves in. Why do I/we bother? I ask myself that question everyday because nothing changes, in fact it just gets worse. We look at and read the articles on blogs like this whilst slipping further down the wormhole of subservient obedience of Talmudic control.

Have we really given up all hope, have we lost the race?

Judging by what I can see, we have. But why? Why are our people not fighting back, why are we conforming to this Jew/Marxist attack on our very core values, culture and religion?

I guess you will say that 'they' own the Politicians and the media and yes you would be correct. But do they own your minds? Can you not think for yourself and see what is happening? It would appear not.

The Daily Stormer is the Jew controlled successor to Infowars/Prisonplanet/ You go there and you look at it and say 'Oh my', 'OMG', 'I can't believe it'. But it is presented in such a way that it becomes purely entertainment (for the idiot Goy).

Your lives are in their hands and pretty soon you will see and feel just what that means:

When the narrator in the above video talks about 'Soviet Terror' although he doesn't know it what he is actually talking about is JEWISH TERROR. And that is what lies in store for you once you have been softened up by endless diversity/multiculti propaganda.

You will become a dispensable 'non-race' of mulattoes, 'useless eaters' superfluous to the needs of this Jew World Order that they are creating right now in front of your very eyes. Why do you think they created 'ISIS' or 'IS' as they now prefer to call it? It is because they wish to create the 'Greater Israel' which will stem from the Nile to the Euphrates.

When they obtain this capital of Satanism you fat fuckers sitting there can kiss your children and grand children goodbye. Man up you fucking idiots and realise that I do not do this for the fun of it or my ego, I do it because I care (even if you don't)

It is staring you in the fucking face and like Ostriches you hide your heads in the sand and pretend it isn't happening. Well it is fucking happening and it is accelerating everyday. When your daughter comes home with a 'Groid' (Nigger) then what you gonna do fat man, carry on watching the ball game, stuff another Burger down your bloated face, swig another Beer? You useless piece of shit?

It's up to you, if you are willing to run like a faggot Lemming to your own demise then far be it from me to interfere, why the hell should I give a fuck eh? Well the problem is I do because I do not want to see OUR race exterminated.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more.

    I am a white nationalist woman who retired to a Southern state (quite conservative one) from California just recently.

    Now I haven't got out amongst 'em a whole lot yet, but from what I can see, they don't care what's coming. I care, because we YTs lost the war in California.

    I'll say this: most white people don't KNOW what's coming. If they don't see it with their own two eyes, it just doesn't exist for them.

    They 'know' that CA, NY and other places are 'full' of non-whites; but they think it won't spread any more than that; they seem to have the attitude that it 'won't happen here- not to us'.

    Or, they seem resigned to the fact that they are going to be invaded.

    Mind you, the state I live in passed a law disallowing illegals to sit on welfare, UNLIKE California.

    That in itself, took a lot of political will, it was one of the reasons I moved down here.

    But the cracks are showing. You have people inviting phony debates on the 2nd Amendment - when there was no debate before. You see this in the mainstream media.

    This state is an open-carry state; so if you're a gun-grabber, what do you do? You INVENT 'problems and issues' with gun carrying, so to get the people riled up where they weren't riled up before (and there'll always be a liberal in the background, seething with rage that this state is still semi free), then you invite them to vote on this issue.

    There, you've taken the people's guns.

    Now it will take more than that, but Cultural Marxism is chiseling away down here.

    I need the language, I need to paint a picture for the people I meet, to drive it home.

    But first you have to overcome their unconscious, white self-hatred and resignation; the feeling of the 'inevitability of it all'.

    Then, without overwhelming them, you tell them why white matters and how they should be proud of it.

    But all that makes for quite an intense conversation, and a lot of it goes in one ear and out the other.

    I talk to people every day, and if there is an opening to that conversation, I take it.

    I even confronted a Mexican couple in a grocery store parking lot and told them to go back to Mexico. The man mumbled something and the woman looked at her toes.

    In California, they would have beaten me up.

    But I am just one person.

    Another WN woman and I are going to try podcasts in the near future. That will take some planning.

    In your country I understand that there are pro-white type bumper stickers and the like.

    I think I might start with a T-shirt that says: 'white is alright'. Maybe some ambiguity there, so no one can outright accuse me of anything. Lol.

    I have ordered a southern Rebel Flag, native, but controversial to this area. And that will go up on the porch. I live in a secluded area, not everyone will see it, but if they come by, they will.

    I am just one person.

    1. Thank you for your valued comment, it is always good to get some feedback. Where I live here in England out in the 'sticks' the population is 97% White and like you say it's the same here in as much as the folks I meet think that theirs nothing to worry about as all the problems are in the big cities. This is the kind of apathy I was trying to address on this post.

      I walk around with a German 'Iron Cross' round my neck, it is clearly visible to everyone I come across. I see them look at it when I'm in a pub or a shop but they never comment, I wish they would, I wish they would say something like, "Are you a Nazi, don't you know they killed 6 million Jews?" But nah nothing, At least if they made a comment like that it would give me a chance to debate the subject or even get into a fight if necessary. But no total apathy rules.

      I have a framed portrait of Adolf Hitler in my living room, when people walk in very few of them comment although some do look shocked. I have had fights with my neighbours when I've been round there drinking and I make my views known, I get called a 'Racist' and a 'Nazi'. But hey that's ok, they only behave like that because we live in a predominantly White area and besides I'd rather have a fight than be faced with total apathy.

      The 'Southern Rebel Flag' is a good idea, I'd like a German National Socialist flag to fly outside my rented apartment but I'm sure the Housing Authority would have something to say about that but who knows one day I might just do that.

      I have a small group of friends on Skype from the USA, Australia and here in the UK and we talk most evenings. I obviously want to try and get more people to take an interest in their and their children's future and I will be a guest on the Mike Sledge Radio Show tomorrow. When I get the link off Mike I will post it on this blog. You are invited to call in if you so wish.

      "I am just one person." You may think that but there are many of us out there that feel just like you do.



    2. I look forward to talking to you in the future.

  2. Glad I found this blog. I got awakened to all this shit a few years ago and am more and more shocked every single day that literally everything I learned in school has been a total lie. Hitler was evil, the allies were wonderful, the USA is a great country and the land of the free! LOL. Imagine my surprise. I just watched a 6 hour production called "Adolf Hitler, the greatest story never told" and of course now I am a Nazi who wants to..... you know the drill. But the production was unbelievable and now, needless to say, Hitler is now no longer someone I revile, but someone I love. Without all the disgusting propaganda against him, everyone else would know too.
    Tell me, what was the above video about in Norway? I couldn't find any info on it.

  3. Great article. I agree with you - I see this pathetic indifference every day and it angers me like nothing else. Because if it wasn't for that indifference, things could change in a matter of years, if not months. See the situation in Hungary for a pretty good example of what can be done, if the society is aware of the dire issues it faces.

    Also, consider reading the article I published recently as it touches on some of the things you mention, especially the bit you mentioned in the second last paragraph:

    Keep giving a shit, John, there's more of us than they make you think. And perhaps that is going to be just enough, once SHTF.