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Friday, 3 October 2014

The Extermination of the White Race: Center of Bradford, UK, Almost Completely Ethnically Cleansed of White People

White British people have been almost completely ethnically cleansed from the four municipal wards which make the central district of the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, an analysis of census figures has revealed.

The four wards which make up Bradford city center, Bradford Moor, City, Little Horton, Manningham and Toller, have overwhelming nonwhite British populations—a complete shift over the last twenty years, when the majority population of that city was white British.

Bradford city center: the demographic make-up is clear.

According to the official statistics kept by the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS), Bradford Moor ward has a total population of 21,210. Of that number, only some 3,662 are classified as white—and that figure dates from the 2011 census.

In Bradford Moor, the names of the elected councilors tell the story: Faisal Khan (Respect Party), Mohammed Shafiq (Labour Party), and Ghazanfer Khaliq (Labour Party).

City ward has a total population of 23,485. Of that number, only 5,972 are classified as white—once again, according to the 2011 census, which means that the figures are already four years out of date (given that the census was taken in 2010).

The elected councilors in City ward are Munir Ahmed (Labour Party), Shakeela Lal (Labour Party), and Ruqayyah Collector (Respect Party).

Little Horton ward has a total population of 21,547. Of that number, only 6,195 are classified as white, according to the 2011 census. The elected councilors in Little Horton are Alyas Karmani (Respect Party), and Sher Khan (Labour Party).

Manningham ward has a total population of 19,983. Of that number, only 2,976 are classified as white, according to the 2011 census. The elected councilors are Ishtiaq Ahmed (Independent), Shabir Hussain (Labour Party), and Asama Javed (Labour Party). Manningham was the location of the infamous Bradford Riots of 2001.

Toller ward has a total population of 19,914. Of that number, only 2,855 are classified as white, according to the 2011 census. The elected councilors are Amir Hussain (Labour Party), Arshad Hussain (Labour Party), and Imran Hussain (Labour Party).

All these figures added together means that in 2010, out of a total city center population of 106,139, only some 21,660 were classified as white—just over 20 percent. In the intervening four years since those figures came out, the percentage of whites will have dropped even further.

For Bradford as a whole, the 2011 census reported a total population of 522,452. Of that number, 352,317 were classified as white in 2010.

The nonwhite rates of growth over the past twenty years mean that it is a certainty that this part of West Yorkshire—ancient home of the Viking settlements of east England—will be completely overrun within the next two decades.

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