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Sunday, 19 October 2014

SWEDEN: Migration Board ready to break law to force councils to accept refugees

The Swedish Migration Board says it is willing to break the law to force reticent local councils to accept temporary housing for asylum seekers, Swedish Radio News reports.

It says it is prepared to say no to housing providers in areas that have already provided housing, so that other local municipalities which previously may have refused to do their share would be forced to provide housing.

That would break the law, because at the moment homes for asylum seekers are found through the Swedish Public Procurement Act, where a bidding process takes place between possible housing providers across the country.

That process has led to some regions accepting a large number of asylum seekers, while others have received very few.

The Migration Board now wants to introduce exceptions to the procedure, so that municipalities that have already accepted a lot of refugees in their area would be exempt.

That could lead to legal action, something the board says it welcomes. It could also lead to fewer places being available for the board to house asylum seekers.
"That is always a risk that you have to weigh in the pluses and the minuses", Migration Board press officer Fredrik Bengtsson told Swedish Radio News, 
"as it looks now there is an extremely strained relationship between the Migration Board and some of the local councils. And we think that is a shame, because the councils are our best partners. We have to find ways for this to work as well as possible", he adds.

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