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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sheboon Chimpout at Hair Extension Giveaway–Police Pepper Spray Swarming Mob

There are over 300 “racist” comments here, if they’re not removed by the site.

The youtube comments follow the same pattern, as white Americans and some decent blacks have grown tired of these chimpouts. Samples:

  • What the hell were they thinking? Of course one cent weaves are going to bring in a herd of unruly, quarreling niggapotomus sows. As for ‘dem keeyids’, those future felons might as well get used to being pepper-sprayed. It won’t be the last time.
  • niggers dont listen to simple commands, sometimes you need negro seasoning to keep them in order 
  • Just listen to those reporters….trying their best to blame the police. BULL SHIT. The entire blame is on those ANIMALS in that crowd. Every damn one of them….;even “Dey Keeeeeds”America is getting tired of hearing your excuses-you cant pull this crap much longer.

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