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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Scores of ISIS Flags Found in Israel’s Upper Nazareth - this comes as no surprise!

MOSCOW, October 7 (RIA Novosti) - Municipal workers in an industrial zone of the northern Israeli city of Upper Nazareth have discovered 25 black flags associated with the brutal Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, the Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday.

Local authorities were looking into the incident, the paper said, adding there had been no arrests yet.

On Monday, black flags with white Arab writings emerged over the besieged Syrian town of Kobani on the border with Turkey as IS fighters are closing their grip on the strategic settlement.

In early September, Israel officially banned the Islamic State as a terrorist organization and prohibited any IS gatherings or the use of IS symbols on its territory. {Except in secret MOSSAD training camps]

The IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has been fighting the Syrian government since 2012.

In June 2014, the group extended its attacks to northern and western Iraq, declaring a caliphate on the territories it had seized. In August, the United States started launching airstrikes against IS positions {the Syrian Infrastructure} in Iraq and extended its operations to Syria in September.

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