The 14 Words

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Robert Ransdell: “If the Jews want a War, I will give them a War!”

The only way out is through the Jew! The White justice-warrior Robert Ransdell insists that we must be uncompromising on the Jewish Problem. Open and explicit agitation against International Jewry is the only way of facing our hostile adversary head on. You cannot win a battle if you cannot, or dare not, even identify the enemy.
“Our special guest tonight is Robert Ransdell. He has been a pro-White activist for about 10 years, was a National Alliance membership coordinator & is now running for the U.S. senate for the KY seat. He is definitely a person with leadership qualities & with balls. He is a VERY BOLD individual that sure seems to be very determined & dedicated to the 14 words.


WITH JEWS controlling our media of news and entertainment, WE LOSE.

WITH JEWS controlling the banks of America and the world WE LOSE.

WITH JEWS manipulating and controlling our government WE LOSE.

Robert Ransdell proclaims that the time for basic losing is over, now we start to name the Jew, stand up for our people, and WE WIN.”


White anti-Jew activist Robert Ransdell is determined to free his people from the shackles of Zion. He is convinced that freedom must be won by grabbing the throat of the wretched Jewish race and strangling the slimy Hebrew snake.

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