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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Public Apology to Enoch Powell

Dear Enoch Powell:

On the 20th of April,1968, you gave a prophetic speech in which you warned England about the dangers of multiculturalism and massive imigration.

You told us that Europe had something better worth defending and that there were those in places of power who didn't want to protect English values and English people.

You gave us clear examples about the way the English White Christian culture would be perverted by the likes of those who do not have this culture.

Your words were sound, your logic flawless, and your vision accurate. No one could dispute you with logic and reason, so the Judeo-Marxists who have been ruling Europe for the most part of the 20th century, called you all type of vile names - none of which were able to refute your words.

History has proven you right, dear Sir: our streets have been radically transformed into Third World streets; violence is rampant, Whites are being driven out from many places in England, no-go zones have been created where English Law does not apply, and our girls are being gang raped by people who worship a demon as their god.

Our "leaders"/traitors don't fight for us, they don't represent us, and they don't have the same morals we have. They want us do become "multicultural" but they never tell us why.

They don't care that we love our White Culture, and like you, they call us "racists" for liking what our forefathers took centuries to build.

So, dear Sir, here is our public apology to you:
- We are sorry we didn't heed to your prophetic words.
- We are sorry we have elected traitors and not patriots.
- We are sorry for not realizing (until now) what they meant with "multiculturalism" and "diversity".
- We are sorry for not protecting our girls as much as we could and should.
- We are sorry for not defending what patriots like you fought so bravely to protect.
If you can read us from Heaven, dear Sir, we make a solemn oath never again to be deceived by Marxist lies. We will fight to the point of death for our White Culture and we will win.

Europe will survive. Whites will survive.

Signed: Anyone who reconizes the superiority of White European Culture and wishes to defend it against the barbarian onslaught.

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