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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

NEW YORK TIMES: Pedophiles are Victims, Golden Dawn Are Thought-Criminals

Article by Ed

Often times Golden Dawn’s New York chapter is approached by associates of the mainstream media, including the New York Times, with requests for interviews. Our policy of refusing to interview with demagogic journalists who are paid specifically to mislead readers about our views, rather than give an objective presentation of facts about the revival of Hellenic People, is motivated by political but also ethical concerns.

The New York Times is a contender alongside the Guardian in the English-speaking world for the record of articles repeating unfounded libels about Golden Dawn (both in Greece as well as the American chapters) made up by Leftist and Zionist interests. 

The Times is a dying but still relevant force for shaping cultural and social attitudes around the world, a reason why the elites who control the media are able to control a lot of other things by extension. When one looks at the ethnic affiliation of the individuals who not only own, but compose a majority of the editorial board of this institute of yellow journalism and deprivation, the seemingly contradictory position of “tolerant” humanists who simultaneously rationalize the extermination of little children in the senseless Gaza war last summer, becomes much less confusing.

An article that appeared in the October 5, 2014 edition of the New York Times titled “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not A Crime” brings us to the moral reason (one of many) why we choose to avoid being associated with this junk media.

The outrageous article was written by Jewish law professor Margo Kaplan (pictured above), and flagrantly suggests that rather than an affront to real humanism and a danger to our children, pedophiles are a “community” that is being “persecuted” by society!

The article provides out of context research that can be used to rationalize virtually any crime and even links to a group called “Virtuous Pedophiles” to show the world that perhaps we are being “too harsh” on these people that have the urge to (and some of them likely act on these urges) sexually assault prepubescent children. Furthermore, Kaplan suggests that legal barriers towards pedophiles in certain fields of employment is discriminatory, instead she recommends extending child-molesters special privileges and protections that are reserved for individuals with genuine disabilities.

While there is a grain of truth in her stating that pedophiles may have a different brain structure, similar findings have been made about serial killers and compulsive thieves, which makes this little more than mental gymnastics to make those who oppose and wish to contain pedophilia actually feel guilt. Kaplan makes the baseless assertion that by lifting the social stigma from this perversion, pedophiles will be better able to access treatments and medications. However, the only broad and empirical study on treatment of this sexual perversion done by David Crawford (1981) titled “Treatment approaches with pedophiles” found that therapy had a very low rate of success. The one sidedness of this article gives the impression not of a good-faith effort at prevention, but instead about laying the foundations for the “tolerance” of this “community”.

Thus far, the only scientifically proven and highly effective preventative measure for repeat child-molesters has been found to be chemical or physical castration. This practice has been enacted into law in some Eastern European countries and has dramatically reduced the rate of sexual crimes against children due to the factor of deterrence. But there is no mention of this in the Times piece, and it is not a coincidence. Of course, the European Council has worked tirelessly to eliminate castration of individuals convicted of repeat sexual assaults against children in these said countries!

As homosexuality becomes more and more normalized in mainstream society, thanks to the sick mass media and political system, there is now a push to unravel the next “step” of the sexual revolution. 

From the 1960’s into the 1980’s, pedophiles marched alongside homosexuals in what was deemed the sexual revolution in America and Europe-a revolution ideologically based on the perverse thoughts and pseudo-sciences of Jewish intellectuals at war with Western civilization, such as Wilhelm Reich, Sigmund Freud and Herbert Marcuse. Because of social backlash, the homosexual movement reduced its public association with pedophile advocacy groups, but this move was only tactical. The idea was to get the nose of the camel under the tent, I.E., to normalize one perversion in order to make room for the others to enter afterwards. Today, the same 60‘s “activists” that were instrumental figures in the “sexual revolution”, such as self-proclaimed child-molester Daniel Cohn-Bendit, are dictating politics, sitting as tenured professors in the most prestigious academic institutions, and masquerading as balanced journalists in Europe and America.

Just like the New York Times did not bother to publish the opinions of victims of sexual predators in this article, the Zionist paper has refused to take an objective stance on Golden Dawn. Mankind is in a terrifying place when those who prey on our most innocent citizens that look to us as their protectors are instead given a grandiose defense in one of the world’s most iconic “newspapers”.Meanwhile the Chosen journalists and editors of the New York Times have yet to write a condemnation of masked men dragging elected Greek parliament members to prison for over a year, with nothing but Soviet-style fakes and bought hearsay as “evidence”. We support real human rights, like the freedom to be a child; not Talmudic “interpretations” of the idea that make free political expression a crime, while advocating on behalf of the worst elements of the underworld.

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