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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Motion Picture 'Dear White People' Compels Whites To Mate With Blacks

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

'Dear White People, set to be released on October 17th, is being passed off as a witty satire that takes place on the campus of a fictional Ivy League campus, and follows the "adventures" of Black Student Union members as they navigate their racially charged college experiences.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you want to persuade a nation's people of something that really goes against their grain, something that is completely at odds with reality and contrary to common sense -- for example, that there's no difference between Blacks and Whites except skin color -- you really need to have a powerful brainwashing tool at your disposal: something like motion pictures, not to mention television. But if you and your fellow brainwashers "just happen" to own Hollywood and constitute the most powerful single group in the motion picture and television business, and if you are willing to spend 20 or 30 years at it, you can convince people of just about anything, no matter how detrimental or unnatural. You can even convince them that discrimination, instead of being a faculty necessary for human survival and progress and the maintenance of a civilization is an evil thing and ought not to be used at all.

It's possible to do this, because most people desperately want to be like other people, especially young people--such as those toward whom this movie is targeted. They want other people to think admiringly of them, to approve of them. They want to behave in a trendy way they believe is expected of them. This impulse to conform--to get along-- is so overwhelming in most people that it can eclipse reason. It is a much older and more primitive, deeply rooted faculty than reason. And film makers know that.

This need to conform that most people have is not a bad thing on its own. In fact, it is a necessary social trait. Just as the ability to discriminate leads to progress, the need to conform leads to social cohesion and stability.

However this trait in our people poses a great danger to us now because the development of the mass media during the last century and the concentration of the control of the mass media in the hands of a small, tightly cohesive, alien group makes it possible for this alien minority to manipulate people, to manipulate their beliefs, in destructive ways.

The movie in question, Dear White People, through "humor," is destructively designed to coerce Whites that Blacks are somehow more noble, more funny, more sexually attractive especially to White girls, while White men are merely weak, privileged, manipulative and 'racist.'

Never mind the fact that Blacks make up a huge majority of the prison population, have a higher domestic violence rate (more likely to murder their wife/girlfriend), and a 78% bastardization rate. Impressionable White girls are given a destructive reinforced coercive message that Blacks will make a good husband or sexual partner. They don't understand reality....which is why the illusion here is that his "big black cock" (movie quote, sorry) will make them orgasmically happy.

By artificially depicting Blacks as more desirable, smarter and 'equal' has greatly increased the rate of miscegenation, race mixing. (And White men are not off the hook either!) No matter what anyone says to the contrary, it was planned that way from the beginning by the equality mongers and Cultural Marxists and it will continue if we let it.

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