The 14 Words

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mike Sledge Travels To The UK!! John Hardon And Cairo Join Mike Sledge!!

Anarchy in the Uk hits sledge radio. John Hardon and Cairo join the sledgehammer to tear down the Bolshevik wall of deceit!! Plus your phone calls and great music. As usual the bar is open!! So join the revolt!!

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  1. No Sledge radio for months then in a few days a whole slew of them.

    Great stuff.

  2. I had to use a proxy to get to listen to this show. BT is the internet supplier. Your site is available but when you click on the "Play" tab, you get the opening bars of the music and then you get a "!" and the show goes silent. Tried it several different ways and got the same result. These included going to "sledge radio".
    Now that means BT sensors stuff. Mike Sledge is censored. INCOGMAN is another site you can't get unless you use a proxy.
    They are AFRAID! Ha ha ha!

    1. My Internet supplier is Virgin Media, I don't have a problem with playing Sledge on this blog or on 'Sledge Radio but like you I can't access Incog without using a proxy.

      I hope they are afraid, they need to be!!!

  3. I have to say something having heard your show, about gold. Mike saying that gold is toxic to white people is rubbish. Women have worn gold wedding rings for centuries without any adverse consequences. It is a completely inert metal although it is a very good conductor of electricity as is silver.
    There is nothing wrong with gold as money either. It is the ideal currency because it can't be manufactured. To a lesser extent silver is also good money except that silver corrodes while gold doesn't.
    The problem occurred when Jews used it for fractional reserve banking when they got the goyim to lodge their gold with them for safe keeping. That led to paper gold where Jews in effect could manufacture it. That is why paper gold should be held in suspicion.
    During the 1990s, paper gold was shorted on the COMEX by the jew banksters. The reason for that was to preserve the US Dollar. When gold rises, the US Dollar, an artificial fiat currency, becomes suspect. So the banks try to hold the price down. When gold bottomed in 2000 at about $250/oz the banks held a huge naked short position and were in trouble. The banks could not deliver on their short position. They did not have the gold to back it up. The main bank was JP Morgan.
    That was when a deal was struck between Blair, Brown and JP Morgan the Bank. Britain via the Bank of England, would sell about 250 tons to the banks. Note, the general public could not participate and was therefore unable to buy at that price. Blair got a guaranteed job with JP Morgan at £50,000/week after he retired as PM. He had to retire and hand over to Brown. Brown didn't care too much about money but he desperately wanted the Prime Ministership. That is what happened. The media reported that Blair got a job with JP Morgan "because he could open doors". But why would the JP Morgan bank need Blair to open doors that they could open already? It was a bribe.
    In 2000 the banks were now able to exit their short position and go long. They took the price all the way to $1900/ oz in 2011, making huge profits. Then in 2011 they went short again driving the price down to $1180 recently. It may go lower, but things are more difficult for the banksters now because India is a big buyer and China and Dubai are opening physical gold exchanges which will make it more difficult for continuing bank shenanigans.