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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


This is yet another sign showing the absolute degeneration of our society. A woman in London has decided that she would marry herself after being single for six years.

Any woman that decides to do something like this is psychologically disturbed. This is undoubtedly the real reason why she was single for so long.

I will admit that her decision isn’t nearly as bad as all of the faggot crap we see on a continual basis. Regardless, it still is deranged and weird.

From AOL:
Friends and family of Grace Gelder, joined together at “an idyllic farmhouse” one day in mid-March to see the 31-year-old tie the knot … with herself.
The London-based photographer revealed in a piece for The Guardian that she got inspiration for the ceremony as a college student after listening to Bj√∂rk’s “Isobel” and hearing the line: “My name’s Isobel, married to myself.”
After having “built up this brilliant relationship” with herself, the artist thought it was finally time to take the plunge. She says in the piece that she had been single for six years, but doesn’t mention whether she’d been married or in relationship prior to that.
Gelder, who had been on a “journey of personal development” as a single woman, proposed to herself last November on a park bench after studying sexuality and “making agreements with yourself and other people.”
“Sitting on that park bench, it dawned on me that a self-marriage witnessed by other people would potentially be this massively powerful means of making those agreements stick,” she continued.
Despite full support from her family, Gelder still felt some doubts and feelings of cold feet as the big date approached. Ultimately, she decided to go through with the ceremony.

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