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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Kobane(i) Kurds 'thwart' ISIS- Deja Vu! The war expands

The Kurds also beat back ISIS in Iraq- Makes one question the omnipotence of ISIS?
After a series of American airstrikes and with an assist from the Kurdish peshmerga, IS has been turned back. Officials fear that thousands could havebeen killed if the Syrian border town fell;
Kurds thwart ISIS forces
“They [IS] are sending fighters without much combat experience,” Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said.
Fighters without much combat experience? Hmmmmmm...... And we are told ISIS is a global threat? A cancer. Ebola.
Kurds Crush ISIS
In Kobane, on Syria's border with Turkey, a pall of black smoke hung over the strategic town as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported heavy jihadist losses.

What or who the image represents is not mentioned in the linked article?
Attacking Islamic State jihadists met firm Kurdish resistance in the Syrian battleground town of Kobane on Sunday
Same news here
Gonna be honest here and of course I could be mistaken- a 'win' coming at this time is going to be used to sell the expansion of the war on Syria. Possibly Lebanon.
ie: look how successful the airstrikes were...

We get a sense of expansion from two related news items

First : Turkey to allow US to use Incirlik airbase 

-Turkish officials claim talks are still ongoing- I doubt it

-Turkish officials are playing to their domestic audience because this is going to be extremely unpopular. So they will lie as long as they can
Turkish and U.S. military officials are continuing to discuss the use of Turkish military bases, including the ─░ncirlik base, and its airspace in the fight against extremist jihadists in Iraq and Syria, sources from the Prime Ministry have stated, denying claims that a deal has been reached on the issues.
Turkish media quoted unnamed sources saying there had been “no new agreement” between Turkey and the United States, apart from on the training of moderate Syrian rebels.
The report comes after top U.S. officials announced that Turkey had approved U.S. requests to use its military bases.
Second: Turkey to Help Train and Equip Moderate Syrian Rebels

There are no moderate rebels- See the comment above about ISIS sending in ill trained, inexperienced fighters? Those are your future trainees!
Retired Marine Gen. John Allen, the Obama administration’s special envoy in the U.S. fight against the Sunni militant group calling itself Islamic State, and Brett McGurk, the deputy U.S. envoy, held meetings on Thursday and Friday in Ankara, where Turkish officials agreed to take part in the American-led program to train and equip moderate Syrian opposition forces, said Marie Harf, a State Department spokeswoman said on Friday.
A Pentagon planning team will travel to Ankara next week to discuss Turkey’s role in the effort, which has yet to be defined.
U.S. defense officials have been pressing Turkey for weeks to take part in a newly proposed Pentagon-led training program, which U.S. and Gulf officials say will take months to get up and running. That training mission, using bases in Saudi Arabia and possibly elsewhere, would be designed to train up to 5,000 moderate fighters a year and would operate alongside a covert Central Intelligence Agency program, officials said.
Turkey has played a role in the CIA’s train-and-equip program for handpicked Syrian rebels (ISIS and other jihadi brands) which began last year (It began long before last year, what baloney!)

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