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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Idiotic White Rapper Calls Australian Flag “Symbol of Racism”…

This IDIOTIC wannabe black rapper… claims the Australian flag is 
nothing more than a “symbol of racism”

An incredibly idiotic Australian rapper [known as 360] appeared on ABC’s Q&A and stated that the Australian flag is “a symbol of racism”.

Matthew Colwell [the rappers real name] went on to say he believes 

“Australians need more empathy for indigenous people”… 
And that 
“white Australians don’t understand what it’s like for indigenous people”.
Apparently in the “music” industry these days it’s imperative to draw attention to yourself… After all, outrageous statements and behavior translates into name recognition…and music sales.

So this buffoon decided to make [what he thought] were “fashionable” statements, in an effort to draw attention to himself…

And it worked.

Literally tens of thousands of viewers flocked to his Facebook page and Twitter, although the vast majority of them were NOT so happy with his statements…

“How dare you accuse our nations flag of being a standard for racists and bigots, based on the actions of a minority of our public,” an extract from one post read.
“Australians have fought & died under our flag. How f**n dare ppl like that 360 puke say it’s a symbol of racism,” @SimonSaysBlah tweeted.
Colwell responded by saying…
”I do not think the flag is racist. It’s the way some people hide behind the flag when they are acting in a racist way, thinking they are being patriotic,” 
“The way those people have used the flag has so tarnished the flag for me personally that it stands for a sort of swastika symbol in my mind. But that’s just me personally.”
Bottom line: Mr. Colwell is entitled to his opinion… Cause like the ol’ saying goes “opinions are just like assholes, everybody’s got one."

This was just his moment to prove to the world what an asshole HE really is.

Here’s one of Australia’s indigenous people that Colwell feels we need to identify with…


  1. That fuckarse has been floating around on all the multicultural TV channels here in Australia. Some sort of hero apparently.....

  2. It's a shame, he hasn't got a problem with his wheel nuts or fuel line lol!

  3. These white-hating idiots need to make the ultimate sacrifice for all the poor abos their evil European ancestors exploited by shooting themselves in the head.