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Monday, 20 October 2014

Footbinding Was Not About Petite Feet But Tight Poon

Asian men just do not do it for me. Yeah I divulged on this blog I dated a Philipino, but that was short lived and in 1994. There is just something under the surface about these people I do not like. Now these Model Minority’s crimes are leaking out.

I was watching a British detective show titled ‘Luther’ where the police encounter a sex pervert who goes into a dialogue about how Footbinding was a technique used by the Chinese to tighten women’s vaginas. Somehow the feet being broken and contorted leads to a woman’s hips being manipulated in such a way that the muscles tighten in the vagina. Check out this link above that references this aforementioned historical tidbit.

I knew intuitively Asian men are skeevey but this is over the top.

I don’t want these people in my country. Any culture that does this sort of thing is sociopathic.

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  1. those poor girls screamed in pain every day as they had their toes repeatedly broken and the soles of their crushed feet beaten! But it gave them beautiful tiny feet!