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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hitlerian Japanese National Socialists Organize and Resist the Brutal Jewish Occupation

“Swastikas, Hitler worship and German marching music being blasted from a speaker…no this is not 1930s Germany, this is modern day Tokyo, Japan. Kazunari Yamada is the leader of the NSJAP, the National Socialistic Japanese Arbeiter (Worker) Party and one of the few real Neo-Nazis in Japan. Utilizing the internet, he is connected to Nazis from all around the globe. On weekends, he unites with members of the Uyoku far right groups to wage war on the streets of Tokyo against the establishment.”
Japan is suffering under a brutal Jewish occupation.

The eternal common enemy Jews have not forgotten that the Japanese fought to free the World from the death grip of International Jewry. Japan was allied with National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy in the war that was declared by Jewry against Germany in 1933.

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