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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Helping Zion Advocate and Commit Genocide Against Europeans Will End Up Hurting You…

The moment when a wretched Marxist is impaled by a steadfast National Socialist hero, was captured in the photo above. All Swedish Communists and immigrants who side with the eternal enemy Jew can expect to get punished severely. On the day of the rope, not only Zion will be twitching at the end of the hang-snare.
When the Jewish press and their Marxist zombies hide their genocidal fantasies against Europeans, inside veiled rhetorical poisonous slogans of open Borders and “Sweden for everybody”, one can easily see through their slick facade. The attacks of Zion and their workhorses against the nation of Sweden were answered forcefully on May Day 2012 in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Attacks from Jews and their henchmen will be answered harshly! In this war of survival, the hateful and fanatical Jews must be met with a raging force even more hateful and fanatical.

Important strategy was elaborated on by a Swedish Nationalist and should be read by everybody: Dan Eriksson analyzes the demonstration in Eskilstuna (translated from Swedish)
Dan Eriksson has written an interesting article in which he analyzes yesterday’s demonstration in Eskilstuna. He argues that the movement now has found its winning strategy.
Yesterday I participated in the nationalist May Day demonstration in Eskilstuna. It was arranged by Svenskarnas parti (the Swedes’ Party) and Förbundet Nationell Ungdom…However, let me just briefly discuss the changed strategy in facing the leftist mob…
Yesterday the Nationalists showed their best side. They were disciplined, and did not devote themselves to unnecessary attacks on someone who possibly stood and screamed along the street. However, when projectiles were thrown and the police obviously did not resolve the situation, we went to attack. Time and again the leftist scum were chased away, and those who could not escape, or who remained in the naive hope that the hundreds who stood behind could actually back up their verbal threats, understood that it hurts to try to harm Nationalists.
There is no intrinsic value in violence, and in an ideal world, violence is not necessary. Freedom of speech must be respected, and in a sensible society the police should work more effectively to ensure all voices be heard. With regard to the police yesterday, I went from being angry at the police over their continual bad decisions, to almost sympathize with the individual police officer when I realized how understaffed and in many cases inexperienced they were.
I am extremely proud of my colleagues’ behavior and extremely happy that the demonstration leadership understood the need we had to defend ourselves last Friday, instead of like many times in previous years they tried to prevent the nationalists from banging some sense into the extreme left. So many came forward, both young and old, total newcomers as people with years of experience, to protect the demonstration participants who are not willing or able to defend themselves in the same way.
This is how we must work. Of course, the violence initially will scare some people off, but over time, we must secure our place in the street so that even those who are non-violent, can participate without any risk to their safety. We are now establishing the basis for a future nationalist movement that will not accept the fact that big business stooges in the so very “revolutionary left”, or masked immigrant gangs with the support of the entire PC-establishment, ever try to go after one of our comrades.
- Dan Eriksson

Adolf Hitler - Our Hero - The Master of Truth

Nationalists cannot rely on Police to protect them. Be well trained, fit, disciplined, and be an unwavering determined warrior ready to die for your people!

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