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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ebola: Epidemic, Pandemic, Apocalypse?

By Max Musson

In a previous article I discussed the way in which fictional accounts of a ‘zombie apocalypse’ compare with the approach of our government towards the mounting catalogue of hostility shown by certain immigrant groups towards the indigenous people of Britain. In that article I identified the classic feature of a typical ‘zombie apocalypse’ movie: 
“The response of the authorities to the zombie threat is invariably slower than its rate of growth, giving the zombie plague time to expand beyond the point of containment. This results in the collapse of society, with the zombies becoming dominant, while small groups of the living are forced to fight for their survival.”
It is ironic therefore that I should have written that article at a time when there appears to be a bourgeoning Ebola epidemic within our midst and the response of our authorities seems set to facilitate a progression from epidemic, to pandemic, to apocalypse.
Ebola 2Firstly, let us reflect upon the fact that when this current Ebola outbreak first occurred, health professionals from the World Health Organisation (WHO) anticipated a few hundred cases, an assessment which has since been revised upwards to a few thousand cases, and now to the possibility of more than a million. I shouldn’t need to point out that the next step on this exponential progression will be a prediction of many millions!

Ebola is a very contagious disease spread by contact with infected body fluids and by contact with materials that have been contaminated with infected body fluids.

By body fluids we mean faeces, urine, blood, sweat, puss, tears, saliva and nasal mucus, and materials that may be routinely contaminated by such body fluids will include in addition to all of the obvious ones: the fabric of seat coverings in airliners, buses, taxis, cars, ships and trains; the fabric of seat coverings and bed linen in homes, offices and hotels; and any handrails and door knobs and door handles. It will also include cash, and in particular paper bank notes, which may absorb the sweat and/or other body fluids of an infected person.

Without wishing to be alarmist here, I am therefore rather puzzled by the complacency of Western governments to migration by people who have visited or passed through the West African countries where Ebola has now reached epidemic, if not pandemic proportions.

Only within the last few days have Western authorities decided to implement ‘screening’ for Ebola at airports where people are most likely to disembark following a visit to one of the infected African nations, yet the disease has been rampant in West Africa for six months and the number of deaths that have occurred in just the six months of this current outbreak, 2,337, far exceeds the total of 1,548 victims of all previous outbreaks going back over almost forty years!

Furthermore, it is believed that Ebola deaths have been vastly under-reported, that the numbers of people infected runs into tens of thousands and it is evident that a number of infected individuals have already been at large in a number of Western states.

If we consider for a moment the measures that were implemented in 2001 in order to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease in cattle, in which roads were closed and farms and communities were quarantined and if we consider the quarantine arrangements that exist to prevent the spread of rabies, it seems ludicrous that such quarantine arrangements have not been introduced to prevent migrating humans from spreading Ebola around the world. Surely the migration of individuals from the infected West African states is not so vital that quarantine arrangements cannot be implemented?

The authorities tell us that airport screening can only be partially effective in preventing the spread of the disease, as it takes several days for the symptoms of the disease to manifest. The authorities argue that infected people may therefore pass through screening without their infected status being apparent, and this is one of the reasons why they have been slow to implement screening. Furthermore, the proposed screening arrangements are laughable, consisting of taking temperatures and simply asking people if they ‘feel okay’!!!

It would however be a simple matter to implement the quarantining of travellers from West Africa for a period of say, ten days, until such time as they are shown to be Ebola free. Furthermore, there should be an immediate ban on repatriating infected aid workers back to Western countries where their infection may be spread to others, as happened in Spain recently. Indeed the Spanish example has demonstrated that even with barrier nursing, it may not be possible to contain the disease. There should be a total ban on anyone with the disease being allowed to travel to another country and aid workers should be aware that if they become infected, they will need to obtain a cure in the country to which they have voluntarily gone. They should not expect the rest of us to place ourselves in danger of infection because of their foolhardy humanitarianism.

We should be demanding to know why quarantining measures have not been implemented? Why travel to West Africa, other than that which is vital, has not been banned? Why aid workers who get themselves infected are repatriated back to the West for treatment where they may pass the disease on to others?

The West African states where the disease is rampant may not have the facilities to treat all of the people presenting with the disease symptoms, but why are these people not being immediately quarantined, even if only contained within a barbed wire enclosure? And why are the bodies of the dead are not being incinerated, as the carcasses of cattle infected with foot and mouth disease and infected with mad cow disease were incinerated?

The reluctance of the WHO and the Western authorities to implement effective quarantine arrangements however is clearly ideologically based. No matter how grave the danger, they cannot bring themselves to implement policies that will effectively contain the disease, because such policies would by necessity halt mass immigration from Africa into the West and would force the authorities to establish measures that would effectively prevent illegal immigration., thereby proving the lie that such measures are impossible.

Those who support the genocide of the White nations of the world fear that once effective immigration controls have been implemented, the clamour for such controls to remain in force by the peoples of the Western nations might prove impossible to resist. No, they believe it is far better to risk a global pandemic and the potential deaths of many millions of people worldwide, than to place at risk their plans to swamp Western nations with Third World immigrants. Furthermore, it will not have escaped their notice that an Ebola pandemic might decimate the populations of Europe and North America, and from their point of view, would therefore not be wholly undesirable.

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