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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dialogues on the Death of Europe

I've think I've found the ideal way to expound my thoughts on the various aspects of the European Genocide: Socratic dialogues.

This format, it seems to me, has the following advantages:

1) It is concise. People don't need to plough through vast tomes to access the ideas. Not everyone is cut out for that, after all, and this is a message that needs to get through to ordinary people.

2) The language will be simple. Spoken language is simpler than written language. People find it more accessible.

3) It allows potential and predictable criticism of the ideas I am going to expound to be incorporated and "refuted" in advance (prefuted?).

4) It seems to me to permit a level of complexity that is almost unlimited, much greater than would be easily achievable in standard prose works advocating ideas.

5) It allows nuance and uncertainty to be expressed, so that I can air issues I haven't completely made up my mind about but seem to me to be worth articulating.

6) Perhaps most importantly in the totalitarian context we live in, it offers a kind of plausible deniability should it come to "hate speech" prosecutions, which it may well do, in that none of the opinions expressed or statements made will necessarily be my own. The dialogues will feature various characters none of whom will be a perfect analogue of me. All of their ideas will be subjected to criticism by each other.

7) If I wanted to be lazy about the documenting claims made, casting them in the form of dialogues spoken by people whose statements I am not necessarily endorsing would certainly ease the burden of documentation on me, since I wouldn't have to back them up in the same way that I would if the statements were made in a conventially authored prose work. That said, this creates a serious temptation to laziness on my part so could perhaps be viewed as a disadvantage rather than an advantage.

8) It models the process of political debate. Ultimately, if our ideas are going to triumph, we need to get involved in political debates and win them. The dialogues will therefore offer a kind of template that people can use for their own argumentation. In this respect, parts of them will resemble the Sales Objection FAQs that some salespeople are trained with, telling them what their responses should be when the potential customer raises this or that objection.

9) Many of the ideas the Establishment power structure is based on simply cannot withstand critical scrutiny. They survive because they never receive that critical scrutiny. But in these dialogues, they will be unable to escape it. I will just have to do my honest best to express the ideas of the multicult in their optimal form and not simplistically caricature them to make them easier to knock down.

I'm not sure how many dialogues I will break it into. We'll see how it goes. The topics covered will include the following: whether what is happening to Europe and European diaspora societies deserves to be called a genocide; the importance of free speech; the Jewish role in suppressing free speech; the similarities between Jews and Muslims; the idea of Evil, its association with concepts of ritual purity, and how this forms the foundation for modern concepts like "racism"; how much of modern political disourse is based on the idea of attacking a person's motivation for making a certain political proposition rather than examining the intrinsic merits of the proposition itself, and where this style of discourse comes from; whether Jews have harmed the peoples they have lived among; what the word racism means; the Counterjihad movement and the role of Jews within it; human rights; bureaucracy versus democracy; the concept Religion, whether it has intrinsic validity and whether the ideology of Equality deserves to be considered a religion; whether Islam is a religion of peace; Adolf Hitler and whether our culture's obsession with him is rational; Al-Andalus; the importance of genes in shaping behaviour; the deep cultural roots of the European Genocide.

No idea when it will be finished but I'm making much faster progress on this than I have been on the more conventional tome I've been working on for years. I may leave the website until I've finished the dialogues. I supposed I could also release them bit by bit as they're finished. I'll probably release a free ebook here in various formats and maybe publish it on Amazon Kindle.

Perhaps it's grandiose of me, but I do think that my ideas, if taken up by enough people, could still save European civilisation. I will deal with and overcome every possible rational criticism. In the end all that would be left would be the raw use of suppressive power. And that can never last long.

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