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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


A deranged Holocaust hoax promoting author by the name of Martin Amis recently claimed that Adolf Hitler would have sex with Eva Braun without touching her. With no real proof, Amis claimed at a recent speech that he thinks Hitler would achieve orgasm simply by watching Braun lift her skirt. His explanation for promoting such a strange theory is his assertion that Hitler was obsessive with cleanliness.

From Daily Mail:
Hitler and Eva Braun ‘had sex without touching each other or taking their clothes off’ because he was so fanatical about hygiene, says author Martin Amis.
Speaking at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature, the novelist claimed he believes the German dictator kept Eva at arm’s length and would achieve orgasm just by watching her lift her skirt.
He also claimed that Hitler was an asexual and may have had a similar kind of sexual relationship with his half niece, Angela ‘Geli’ Raubal.
Amis told visitors he imagined the leader of the Nazi Party ‘would fortify his underpants with clean serviettes and then would go into some form of excitation with Eva Braun at a safe distance’.
He said: ‘I imagine Eva would stand a good distance away and lift her skirt and then there would be some sort of soggy climax on Hitler’s part and that would be that.’
Never mind the physical impracticality of such a feat, what sort of weirdo thinks up this stuff?

Clearly this author has no credibility. Besides imagining these perverted fantasies, Amis believes that the ridiculous Holocaust hoax was real and that Hitler was insane. His book entitled “The Zone of Interest” pushes the falsified Jewish world view of Germany’s National Socialist era.

So in the past few days we’ve been led to believe that Hitler was a Crystal Meth addict, that he gassed 60 trillion Jews in wooden shower rooms and that he would ejaculate in his pants whenever Eva Braun lifted her skirt. These claims are so bizarre that it defies comprehension that there are people promoting and believing them.

It is amazing that 70 years after Hitler’s death, there are still so many people obsessed with demonizing this man. Considering that these lies are becoming increasingly more ridiculous, it is highly doubtful that this type of stupid anti-Hitler propaganda can be pushed much longer.

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