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Monday, 20 October 2014

Danish Girl Punched, Kicked, Stoned and thrown into Lake by Muslims as she Walks her Dog

Danish Girl Punched, Kicked, Stoned & Thrown into Lake by Muslims as she Walks her Dog – a comment by Chris Raffles

This poor lass.

I have every sympathy for this girl and her dog, and I’m at least as angry watching this as any of us.

There’s one aspect of this that I can’t let pass without comment though. I’m not being critical of her, or in any way being unkind for the sake of it and it pains me to say it.

Maybe it’s shock, but I can’t help be struck by the impression that this poor girl still doesn’t understand what has just happened to her.

She is far from alone in this, of course. In the coming Balkanisation of what were once our countries millions of Whites will die, likewise unable to understand or fully appreciate why the throats of their children are being slit before their disbelieving eyes as they themselves bleed out.

After being beaten, stoned with rocks and having the same done to her dog before she was thrown into the lake by Muslim WOG scum she finishes her harrowing statement with this…
‘ And I’m angry about this happening just because I have a dog that people don’t like. If you don’t like my dog then stay away from us!’
Those that presume, somewhat correctly, that these shit-skinned bastards attacked her because they despise dogs on ‘religious’ or ‘cultural’ grounds are also not properly grasping the truth.

Undoubtedly this poor lass and her dog were seriously assaulted by non-White invaders to Europe in a forceful display of racial antagonism, of cultural dominance and of territorial demarcation. One where the perpetrators were sending a clear message…’This is our area now and you don’t belong here you White bitch.’

This happened because the assailants are who and what they are; faecal coloured invades flexing their muscles.

To the vast majority of our atomised, rootless and defenceless racial kinsfolk (in the decadent Dead West especially) a similar act of territorial display would nowadays prove almost unthinkable.

Any suitable and justifiable act of self-defence in response to the litany of daily atrocities (of which this sadly represents a minor and mundane example) will remain unthinkable in the minds of our kinsfolk until we can rehabilitate and embolden them in the sort of COMMUNITIES we used to have where what is natural, healthy and right forms the local dominant culture.

We can continue to pass news-stories like this one around between ourselves in the hope of inspiring action and “awakening” in others, just like we have done for decades– mailing newspaper clippings and comment to one another’s PO boxes in the days before the internet– or we can make the decision to start the real and vital work that should have been started seventy years ago.

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