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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Adolf Hitler: "For Fucks Sake"

The Austrian government just can’t seem to figure out what to do with the house where Adolf Hitler was born. The building’s owner has rejected various plans for the house including proposals to transform it into a Holocaust hoax museum. This has prompted a representative from the Austrian government to refer to the building as “historically contaminated.”

I honestly have no idea what a “historically contaminated building” is but it sure sounds serious. After all, Hitler was an insane crystal meth addict who gassed 60 trillion Jews and turned them all into lampshades. In fact he was so crazy that he was able to ejaculate in his pants whenever Eva Braun lifted her skirt. He accomplished similar feats while delivering emotionally driven speeches despite being equipped with a single testicle. All of this must be why the house he was born in is considered “historically contaminated.”

Of course everything the Jews have said about Hitler is 100% true. They would never lie about any of these things would they?

From The Local:
Despite several recent attempts to find a tenant acceptable to the house’s private owner, she has rejected plans for the house to become a community college, a migrant center or a holocaust museum, according to a report from the Austrian Press Association (APA).
The latest proposal, under which the house would be renamed as the House of Responsibility, would have made the building into a museum dedicated to depicting the crimes against humanity committed by Hitler’s Nazi’s during the so-called Third Reich. This proposal was summarily rejected by the owner, whose agreement with the government rules out any use of the building as a museum.
Calls for demolishing the house have also been rejected. It has stood empty for the past three years, while the owner receives a monthly rent of €4,600 paid for by the Interior Ministry.
The Republic takes its responsibilities seriously when it has ‘historically contaminated buildings’, stressed section chief Hermann Feiner, who is responsible for memorials of the Austrian Republic.

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