The 14 Words

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Things are not looking good at the central Texas command center as Alex Jones has managed to slowly transform himself into another fake conservative talk show host. The vast majority of his old audience is gone having been replaced primarily with Fox News viewers, Kosher friendly conservative talk radio listeners and young beta males. Having already embraced Jews like Michael Savage and Matt Drudge who are staples of the fake pro-Jew brand of American conservative media, it is obvious which side he chose. Needless to say, he chose poorly.

It seems as if his popularity has peaked. Due to his inability to expose the Jewish power structure, an increasing number of people have gotten fed up with his constant lies and gross exaggerations about historical events. His crazy and insane antics certainly haven’t helped his cause either. He continues to do everything in his power to not talk about the Jewish power structure. If he has to make up insanely bizarre conspiracies he will do so – just to avoid talking about Jews.

Take for example his recent coverage on Barack Obama’s Ebola Czar who is a Jew named Ron Klain. Instead of exposing the fact that he’s a Jew, Jones decided to focus on how Klain supports a depopulation plan to kill off Africans. I couldn’t stomach listening to his entire show, but he probably tied Klain’s appointment as Ebola Czar as some vast government conspiracy to depopulate Africans with the Ebola virus. Even though you can certainly argue that there are population control plans of different varieties, it is obvious that these plans have failed miserably. Blacks throughout Africa can’t stop reproducing so whatever plan they have allegedly implemented to depopulate these people hasn’t worked very well.

His staff is even posting stupid videos about how the Walking Dead TV show supposedly predicted the Ebola virus outbreak in a sad attempt to generate web traffic.

With this type of madness continuing it is easy to see why his web rankings are in free fall.

Unfortunately for Mr. Jones he has sold his soul to the Jewish power structure. He has married a Jewish wife who has produced Jewish children and he has a number of Jewish sponsors which keeps his media operation going. He is in a position where he can’t reverse course.

To expose the Jewish power structure would mean that he would be divorced and his Jewish wife would take most of his net worth. He’d also lose his Jewish sponsors and his operation would crumble around him.

Clearly our informational assaults on his media operation have been effective. We must keep up the pressure and hopefully drive his pro-Jew shill enterprise into bankruptcy. If this trend continues, we will likely see Jones spiral into a cycle of chronic drug use where he will ponder his own suicide.


  1. It's not the Jews - it's the "Nazi Illuminati" in their secret base in the Arctic lol! 14/88

    1. No it's not, it's the "A"-rabs and their domination of Hollywood... And don't forget about the growing conspiracy that it's really the Jahovahs witnesses that's takin over lol... Or something to that effect.

      Saw something the other day that said that Alex Jones was really Bill Hicks with a nose job. More than likely bollocks, but you gotta give some folk credit for trying heh heh..


  2. Still. Not bad for a water filter salesman.