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Monday, 6 October 2014

95 percent of the British are AGAINST multiculturalism!

In August 2013, The BBC show 'Saturday Morning Live' told us that 95% of the British people are AGAINST multiculturalism and only 5% are FOR it!

After the results were announced, top blogger James Delingpole, a guest on the show, said this:

"I think the thwacking great majority in that poll says it all. The multicultural experiment in Britain has failed totally and people have finally realised how much it has failed. Rotherham was just one example; we’re seeing cases all around the country. It has been a disaster. I think that this is going to be the turning point.”
Gay, left-wing journalist, Owen Jones, who seems to be as much of a fixture on political talk shows as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown these days, dismissed the results thus:

"Fortunately, scientific polling suggests that’s quite a pessimistic answer. Yes there are always tensions which we need to work on. We need to bring our communities together...

Britain has one of the highest levels of interracial relationships in the whole world. We need to break down segregation like faith schools. We concentrate poor people in particular areas because of the lack of social housing, and that disproportionately affects people from black and minority ethnic communities.
Let’s promote communities which are mixed and live together, and let’s take on the obstacles and concerns that people have.”Thus, Jones's answer to our loathing of the Multicult would appear to be, two fingers up at the vast majority and whack those who don't think like me with even more of it!
That's the PC Crowd for you.

Here are some of the comments seen underneath this YouTube video:
"Will this stop the BBC relentlessly promoting the f*** out of multiculturalism? Will it f***!
"It's scary to imagine how bad this Multikult sh*thole is going to be in 30 years or so when we Brits are a minority. Will the BBC still call it 'enriching' when the whole country is on fire? My guess is yes, and they'll still say that 'diversity is our greatest strength'."
"The machine is creaking, the cat is out the bag and the vibrations are jamming up the cogs."
"Everyone must do their part and not pay the TV licence. Stop funding this white-hating propaganda machine, with its relentless pro multi-culti,pro Islam, pro Labour, pro homosexual agenda. It's also full paedophiles and perverts. The main stream media are our enemies."
"From just a glance at the highly feminime 'man' who spoke first I knew right away he would cry about the numbers being false and whatever. Why do these male multiculturalist nutjobs always look so damn effeminate?"
"Some cultures are not worth tolerating. Some are bloody and cruel, and must never be glorified. The multi-culturists want us to abandon modern civilization and suffer at the subsistence level like the primitive tribes and serfs they glorify as 'good'."
"We need to force that little turd and all other white traitors down the toilet where they belong."
"Not too long ago there was a Jewish Professor of something in Houston,Texas who claimed that Houston is the pinnacle of how well a city can do with multi-culturism. I can only assume he meant his rhetoric to reach the ears of the deaf and/or the unknowing.Houston has one of the highest crime rates in Texas, is filthy, congested, and all in all a shit place to live. (Understand the last point is merely my opinion.The others are facts.) Perhaps people will begin to wake-up and smell reality."
"The TRUE goal of multiCULTi is "WHITE GENOCIDE". Watch them now say, we need more assimilation and integration to make this work. Remember, "diversity" really means chasing down the last White person until none are left. It's WHITE GENOCIDE!"
"Owen Jones and the rest of his leftist friends should go to camp together, maybe have a shower. That'd help them relax their desire to see aboriginal Brits mixed out."
"For Owen Jones to keep pushing his disgusting, discredited ideology, after the huge amount of victims, of which 1400 is a fraction, is beyond belief. What an awful, awful person he is. No matter what the cost, for disgraces like Owen Jones, the ends justify the means."
"He hates white people. to him 1400 (Rotherham) is too little."
"So... it's time when British people open the eyes. yeah! Goatf***ers in your backyard are worst than Polish ppl. Polish people does not cut your head if you are infidel."
"The White GENOCIDE message is getting bigger and bigger every day, no matter how they censor us. We cannot be stopped. The GENOCIDAL anti-White system will be smashed! Diversity is a codeword for White GENOCIDE."
"It was designed to detroy cohesion, to create conflict, and to drive people insane. Great work. Except the Marxists who designed this hoped for a socialist revolution. Instaed they will trigger a nationalist revolution and then one day they will all be publically hanged for treason, starting with Tony Blair."
"The day of the Left is coming to an end! White brothers and sisters, there is a glorious White revolution on the horizon and it'll be beautiful. We will hang all of the politicians, Communists, Marxists and White left-wing traitors in the streets for their utter betrayal! Long live the White race!"
"Who told you anti-White that supporting the GENOCIDE of White children was a sign of sanity? Why do you support GENOCIDE?"
"Only a total idiot living in a gated community would think it's been a success. It's been an unmitigated disaster, there are no two ways about it. There is a reason there was so much instability in the Balkans, due to ethnic tension with no self determination. Multiculturalism must be scrapped, or bloodshed is going to happen."
"He'd probably get a boner and pray to god they stick they're P**i cocks in his a**e."
"That guy who was speaking after the poll was full of sh*t."
"Multiculturalism is a plot to destroy the nation-state, the foundation stone of modern democracy."
"It's a plot to destroy WHITE PEOPLE, and nobody else and nothing more. Simple as that. The end goal here is to blend and mix us into one population and demographic."
"It is a deliberate plot by Socialists who have still not accepted the failure of their ideology. It is also driven by rich Zionist Jews who hate western Christian societies who compete with them to be the 'Chosen Race.' Whatever happened to freedom? You have no right to force anything on anybody!
True sustainable multiculturalism IS monolithic societies you dimwit! In 300 years time when everybody is coffee coloured with brown eyes and peppercorn hair, there will be NO multiculturalism because you will created a UNI-culture... not much Diversity in that is there???? First virus that comes along will kill us all because we will have NO diversity! Making you a mass murderer."
And one dissenting comment (there were hardly any):
"Multiculturalism or not screw you National Socialist assholes."
Makes you wonder why so many keep on voting for the Owen Joneses, doesn't it?

Makes ME wonder whether THEY have been fixing things all along. You know, over and above the relentless PC propaganda pumped out during the course of the last five decades by the BBC, the rest of the mainstream media and the Jones/Alibhai-Brown type.

Anyway, five percent versus ninety-five percent is pretty bl**dy conclusive, I'd say.

Owen Jones, of course, along with those who forced the Multicult upon us, would say something else.

P.S. 'Five percent versus ninety-five percent?'

Not just me any more, is it?

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