The 14 Words

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Long Sleep

Written by John Hardon

I opened my eyes slowly and tried to focus on the objects around me, I was conscious of a steady bleep that seemed to pierce my eardrums. Everything looked strange, new fangled machinery was all around me, there were wires and tubes attached all over my body, my limbs felt too weak to move. I lay there wondering if I had been abducted by Aliens and that I was in fact in some kind of spacecraft. Then the smell hit me, that unique smell that you only find in hospitals. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a dark figure approaching me, it appeared to be humanoid but it's skin was black and it resembled the Ape that I saw on Pathe News once at the local Cinema. As it got closer it gestured to me to turn my head so that eye contact could be established. This I did and I realised that I was looking at an African like the ones I had seen at the Cinema in the films I watched, where they were always described as 'natives' but this one was dressed in a Nurses uniform.

"Ah Meester Hardon you have awoken at last" 
She said in a rather soothing voice as she looked at the various screens that seemed to be all around me displaying strange patterns.

I found it very difficult to speak, my mouth was dry and my jaw was stiff but I uttered as best I could, 
"Where am I?"
She replied in a curt tone,
"Thee Docteer is on is wey, he will explain everytin" 
Presently what I assumed at the time was a Doctor arrived, he was an Indian like the ones I had seen once again on Pathe News cheering at the expulsion of the Brits from India under Ghandi.
"Flipping heck Mite"
He said in a rather excited manner.
"We thought you would never wake up, one more month and we would have had to turn the Life Support Machines off"
 It did not sink in at first but I managed to stammer,
"How long have I been here?"
The self satisfied smirk on his face changed to a grimace,
"40 years, you have been here since 1965, it is now 2005, you were in a serious road accident on a motorcycle, you are lucky to be alive, thank Allah" 
The days, weeks, months passed slowly but I was gradually getting stronger, I could now get out of bed and walk a few steps unaided. They decided that I could be moved out of 'Intensive Care' to a general ward. The first day they transferred me I just could not believe what I saw.

There was one elderly White person the rest of the patients were 'Wogs' as we used to call them in 1965. The Ward was filthy and the staff were all foreigners to me.



  1. It's not that it is funny, but it is laughable, because it is ironic. And always better than crying.
    Could be some Twilight Zone episode. Ask Doctor Wog to induce coma again and leave a message to wake you up in let's say, 200 hundred years! with a little bit of luck you will wake up in a aryan utopia! sweet dreams and 14W!