The 14 Words

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Scott Roberts: What it is ALL About: "Smashing the Blonde Bloodline"


  1. Scott Roberts is spot on. Thanks for posting this video.
    A Hitler guote,
    "The Jew is so stupid, he cuts the bough off on which he is sitting"

  2. Is it true that Scott has mongrel offspring?

  3. "Is it true that Scott has mongrel offspring?"
    Anonymous.......You have to be the ultimate coward. If you make an assertion, make it with proof. Instead you insinuate by hinting, using a question mark. I smell a Jew, and if not a Jew it is Jewish behaviour..

  4. mchawe, anon is correct. Scott openly admits to bedding down, and creating mongrel children with a brown skinned prairie nigger.
    Smarten up, mchawe, behave like a White Man for once in your life.