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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

OMG It would appear that I've upset our new leaders

Alex Jones, David Icke, most of you know that that's all crap, right? So now you've got the 'Daily Stormer' to keep you occupied. Yes folks it just appeared out of no where like 'Phoenix rising from the fire' Thank god eh?

If you care to listen myself and Mark dared to criticise the 'Stormer' OMG. Apart from the fact that they steal articles off this Blog and never give me any credit they also talk the same shit as Alex Jones and David Icke do in a much more divisive way. Stalin said that to get the people on-side you put out 98% truth and 2% lies and he was right.

The webmaster of the 'Stormer' calls himself a Fascist, you can look at his old site here: 'Total Fascism'. We as true National Socialists want nothing to do with Fascists, they pervert the true message of National Socialism and therefore are serving the Jew.

Andrew Anglin can fly all around the world, Bangkok all the far east and even spend months in Greece. How does he fund this? Is he a working class skint goy like us? I think not.

Because of that Hardon Radio show last night I've had people attacking me but hey that's ok, I can live with that. But if you are searching for the TRUTH steer clear of the 'Stormer' Because as I say it's 98% truth and 2% lies.

As committed National Socialists in Europe and Australia the last thing we need is Americans trying to tell us what to do. America is totally entrenched with Jew power control from the top down.

We don't need them and their BS. I know that their are good Americans out there that they are total NS and I salute them, they are out there armed to the teeth and they will never give in. But they don't seem to have much of a say do they? But when it comes to it in America who do you think are going to fight? The likes of David Lane, Bob Mathews to name just two, not Andrew Anglin or Sven Longshanks.

If they want a fight with me for expressing my opinion it proves where their loyalties lie don't it?



  1. 'Apart from the fact that they steal articles off this Blog and never give me any credit '


    I used to keep an eye out for original content on your blog John, to get your blog linked to on our site and seen by more people. You are credited at the top.

    I also used to not use any articles that you had already republished.

    I shouldn't have bothered.


    1. Here's another one that I had posted:

  2. Ok Sven, you linked me at the top of your blog which actually gets hardly any views, I have given you far more publicity tan you have brought to 'Hardons Blog'. But that's ok. One day you will realise that you've been taken for a ride. Where is Andrew? I notice that you are doing all the talking, why is that? Can he not speak or stand up for himself, I am not criticising you Sven and I never have, just remember that.


  3. Andre Anglin is also a content thief, i used to comment on Total Fascism, but he re-used my ideas for his new blogposts, so i quit going there. One was for example how we should judge people by their faces (cover).

    Other thing is his Putin worship, this is totally beyond idiocy, anyone with sane mind can see that KGB-Jewtin is jew tool and visited more Wailing Wall, then Israel's cheif rabbi.

    1. Yes Quex, Anglin is a fraud and as far as his backing of Putin goes you are also right. The Jew is not worried about Putin he is worried about the Russian people.


  4. John, what is the significance of the numbers? 1488? 88?

    1. mchawe, you must know that 1488 refers to the 14 words (David Lane) and 88 means Heil Hitler (the 8th letters of the alphabet) just as my tattoo : Blood and Honour C18 means Combat 18 (18 being the first and eighth letters of the alphabet: Adolf Hitler)


  5. It appears as though Mr. Hardon has a severe case of envy.

  6. It appears you have a severe humour bypass, not to mention Troll-like symptoms! 14w

  7. Just when I thought there may be a united front, the potential crumbles. Egos, tittle-tattle, petty squabbles... Jews win again, Whites stay in the new dark ages. I'm finished with it all.

    Stefan Hessler.

  8. John as a long time reader of your blog I would humbly ask that we put differences aside. We cannot afford squabbles like these. No need to post this.
    I am South African and have seen first hand the effects of these fights.

    Please think my friend this is bigger than all of us.

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  10. This Sven is a strange one.

    On one of their many Britain First promoting articles I wrote.

    Britain First…hate white nationalists and believe “there is only one race the human race and muslims”…

    - - - - - -

    Sven replied.
    "Just ignore him, he is only here to discredit Nationalist groups that actually do any effective street activism.

    Notice the way he hides the date of the facebook conversation.

    He also goes on other sites spreading lies about this one.

    His only purpose is to discredit any resistance and keep it away from the streets."

    So either I completely invented the above article or...

    There's no need to create animosity between groups, but there's a very fine line between silence in the face of lies and tacit approval of them.

    The only other site I've volunteered my thoughts on the Daily Stormer was on this blog, just the once ( a few weeks back) and it was done with generous restraint.
    Especially considering the number of subtly presented half-truth articles put up there.

    All I ever asked was for the editors to take a moment to check out what Britain First or the EDL stood for.

    Here again I respectfully repeat that plea.


    Britain First

    Britain First

    To be diplomatic perhaps Sven simple underestimates just how harmful the EDL and Britain First are to the cause.

  11. I met Andrew Anglin in London a few months back. I must admit, I was surprised by his adoration of Vladimir Putin and Alexandr Dugin. I don't think I need comment on Putin, not on a site such as this, but Dugin is on record as saying that race is a "construct." I felt that Andrew didn't quite grasp the reality or severity of our situation.

    He is also a Christian, the doctrine of which, it is sad to say, tends to dilute or obscure the primary thrust of our movement: the survival, proliferation, and development of our race, above all else, and not a two thousand year old fairy story. Apart from that, he seemed like a decent enough sort to me.