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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

National Action March on Leeds September 2014

We were in Leeds and Normanton on the weekend targeting a taxi firm that's being used as a staging point for Pakistani rape gangs. We spent half an hour marching through a large housing estate with a large banner saying "White Youth against Grooming Gangs" and several nationalist flags. Plus megaphone ofc. This, in spite of several police vans being mobilised to try and kettle us. We then proceeded back to the train station - though not before holding an impromptu rally opposite the local ASDA supermarket (which was packed full of Saturday shoppers).

Heading back into Leeds, we headed to a statue commemorating the day that Nelson Mandela visited the city. Our activists placed red dye in the adjacent fountain (resembling blood) and any tributes to the cunt dealt with. We then moved onto Leeds University which was subsequently stickered to fuck, leftist posters were torn down and ours put up; we then took a nice group photo and scared the shit out of some people.

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