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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Jesse Jackson - 'The Death of The Swedish People Should Not Be Seen As Something Negative'

Jesse Jackson - The Death of The Swedish People Should Not be Seen As Something Negative: Swedish muppets applaud.

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  1. This is fucking surrealistic! is this real? or a new colour version of the Twilight Zone?!

    Who the fuck this arrogant nigger thinks he is to go to Sweden making ultimatums on behalf of the NWO?
    And what do these swedes need to wake up, dammit, don't they have the best examples of what is to come in some other european countries? not to mention what has already happened there.
    Look at this thug of the NWO pulling the slave trade card!! what a nerve! Sweden never had colonies, which so far has been the greatest pretext to flood western europe with blacks and muslims, so they have to make up some slave trading!!

    I don't find words to describe this. It's just as bad as you can get!