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Friday, 19 September 2014

Italian mother complains her daughter is “the only Italian” in pre-school.

Eleonora Baccaro, an Italian mother, has written a letter to the mayor of the city of Padua complaining that her daughter is the only Italian child attending Quadrifoglio pre-school.
“To me, having a school with 65 foreign children and only one Italian seems like an educational and teaching mistake,” said Baccaro in her letter to Mayor Massimo Bitonci, which was also published in a local newspaper.
She goes on to say that Italians are pushed to integrate with foreigners.
“The ratio is so disproportionate; we can’t even talk about integration. Unless it’s integration in reverse, with Italian children being among a large group of foreigners,”
“With so many children from a different cultural background, and having a different religion to ours, how can you arrange, for example, any kind of Christmas play inspired by our Catholic faith? This is not good.”
Gabriella Balbo, a teacher at the pre-school denied Baccaro’s claim that there was only one Italian child in the entire school.
“We have always been multiethnic,” Balbo told the
“We do our best to welcome all children and have had to come up with strategies to maintain a good level of education and ensure all children are taken care of.”
“The challenge is mainly bureaucratic.”
At the beginning of 2014, Italy had 5 million legal immigrants – these were mostly Romanians, Moroccans, Albanians and Chinese. However, there could be up to a hundred-thousand illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

This is the future that anti-Whites have carved out for White people. This massive influx of non-White immigrants – both legal and illegal – is turning us into a minority.

For centuries White countries have never needed these concepts of “diversity” or “multiculturalism”, and they did just fine.

Since the last 50 years or so, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the whole of Western Europe have had their borders opened and had anti-White policies pushed on them.

As a result, the percentage of White people in those places are dropping like a rock. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you flood a country with millions of foreigners, the original population will be pushed out.

But don’t make the mistake of calling it “population shift”. It is for all legal definitions: White genocide, and “diversity” is a codeword for White genocide.

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  1. Disgusting, these kikes wont stop until they get stopped.