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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

ISIS Bull Now So Deep We Need Waders

ABC’s “This Week” had Martha Raddatz talking to a couple of Zio Jews about ISIS, this past Sunday (September 14). Note the BS poll they put on the screen, saying what THEY want us to think WE THINK. Get the trickery?
Can you believe how they keep going on and on and on AND ON, about ISIS in the Jew media? It’s like every five minutes they push the paranoia about these Muzzies and WTF his Obamaness will finally do about it. Hint, hint, Obama: Better send over some Goyim cannon fodder ASAP or they won’t stop making you look like an oreo pussy boy!

Oh yeah, last week they took a break now and again, to talk about a black NFL football player who cold-cocked his girlfriend and dragged her knocked-out body from an elevator someplace. Funny, how they immediately turned the whole thing around to make that WHITE NFL commissioner look like the bad guy, huh? Just because he “didn’t act fast enough” to dump another evil violent male in the face of “justified anger at female oppression.”

All kinds of PC suck-up idiots were screaming bloody murder on TV about it, when these violent apes constantly beat and also murder White women and no one ever dares say JACK then because of PC. If that was a White woman in the elevator, the story would not have seen the light of day. Hell, the guy would be back in the lineup.

Ever wonder why the government calls them “ISIL” versus the press continuously saying ISIS. Could it be that the real name they use means “IN THE LEVANT” and “LEVANT” is a bit too dangerous because sacred ISRAEL now occupies what was used to be called the Levant? Don’t want to be pissing off the big bosses who sign the paychecks!

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Jew talking to Aaron David Miller today on the rabbi box. Miller was on FOX just the hour before, jacking up the conservative demographic. This Jew Miller is a big time Zionist and Globalist — and about as stuck-up a creep as they come. He once wrote an article to a Jew audience basically saying the deal is done, America is totally in Israel’s pocket. (screen captures and montages by INCOG MAN)
Now comes word we’re sending over 3,000 US troops and billions more of our dollars to West Africa to combat Ebola. Hey, I got an idea: Let all the worthless apes die, en masse. Seriously. Let’s just let nature take it’s course with these two-legged animals, who are nothing but a drain on the entire African eco-system and to us taxpayers in the US. All they do is eat jungle monkeys, lay about fornicating and playing dominos in some stinky back alley, or jungle clearing.

Ask yourself: Is there anything they export you need? When’s the last time you ate tinned monkey meat imported from Liberia or drove around in a Ghana jitney bus?

Why on God’s Green Earth are we always involved in crap like this and ISIS?

Well, my fine feathered friend, it’s the Zionists using us Americans to clear out the Mideast area so precious Israel can be the dominant power in the region. They already are, pretty much, by having the nuke and tons of US taxpayer-supplied military weapons (what’s not needed is sold to China secretly by Israel).

If they ever get low, all they got to do is pick up the phone — directly to the Pentagon.

This is all part of the Zionist’s plan for “Ertez Israel” or Greater Israel — in the works since the very beginnings. The SOBs knew they could use a PC brainwashed America for their ambitions but would have to keep it gradual enough so we would not get too wise before they mostly de-balled the White race.

Yep, these filthy effing Jews have got America by the short hairs, alright. Meaning the media, of course.

You can see these creeps all over the TV talking about ISIS (like above). Make notice how many Jews go on FOX “news” AND the supposed libtard channels like MSNBC and CNN. When it comes to Israel and the Mideast, the message is the same. Tell you anything?

God, this country is soooooo stupid!

Don’t they have a TV commercial for Jaguar these days touting British accents? “It’s good to be bad” says a Jew actor. Someone needs to do a Youtube video (I don’t have the time).

Yep, these beheading videos could well be a product of deep state intel to jack us up over a bunch of wackos driving around the desert in “technicals,” just so we go over there and take out Syria’s Assad — buds with Iran. Iran is who the Jews really want us to invade, soon enough.

The Covert Origins of ISIS

Hell, the Jewish “SITE” (supposedly a civilian intel operation) are the ones who “discovered” these so-called beheading videos and released them to the media. Funny, they were also the ones who put out Osama Bin Laden videos for years, until it was time to retire the guy, get Obama some brownie points and find a new “Emanuel Goldstein” character for us “proles” to hate, which evidently will be this new ISIS guy.

Lot’s of folks have doubts about these beheading videos, etc. I didn’t watch them, since I can’t handle stuff like that anymore after watching a video of the Mexican drug cartel beheading a guy with a chainsaw a few years ago. Man, talk about getting grossed the ef out! Told you I was a sensitive New Ager kind of guy.

Note how they acted like the media and Israel “protected” the fact Steven Sotloff was Jewish. Hell, I saw that one right off the bat when his creepy rich Yenta mother (from Florida no less) came on the air, supposedly to beg for his life. You think the Muzzies don’t have Jewdar by now?

Brendan Tevlin, 19. FOX News is now reporting on his June killing because one of the blacks claims he’s a Muzzie, hence evil terrorist.
Did you notice how FOX news reported in the last couple of days on that nice 19 year-old White kid, Brendan Tevlin, shot by three blacks in New Jersey way back in June?

One of them told cops almost as soon as he was busted in the first of August that he was a Muslim on Jihad. It took them till now to report a thing? It’s only because of the Muzzie angle (OMG, he might be an ISIS terrorist!), to get conservatives worked up.

It’s so, so obvious the BS these days.

Trust me, if it was merely your typical criminal blacks who killed the kid, they would not have said a word. I reported on it HERE, the first week in August.

White People: We got ourselves a sneaky, devious race right here in our midst, using us blatantly for Geopolitical Zionist gambits, while stabbing us in the back with anti-White PC BS, openly brainwashing us to breed our race away and jacking up the blacks with militant BS every GD chance they get.

I’m telling you straight up about these filthy punks. Have been for years.

– Phillip Marlowe

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