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Sunday, 21 September 2014

How to Shame a Race-Mixer Without Causing a Scene

"Oh, I see you're baby-sitting."

By Fionn Westron

How many of you have been extremely curious to see the photos or hear stories of your ancestors, wondering if you looked or thought like them, how many have seen the uncanny resemblance of people going back generations?

It is the same fundamental and most powerful human need/drive that adopted children have, into their adulthood. They need to know who their blood is, who they are. Irish-Americans come to Ireland all gooey-eyed, we used to find it amusing and refer to them in a condescending manner, I realised some time ago we were wrong, their visit to Ireland renders them as innocent children looking for their parents. 

They are in awe of seeing a country, (pre-mass immigration) Ireland, being filled with only white Irish people, more to the point, being filled with the people that share the same blood as them. To them it is as some kind of Nirvana, visiting the place where their ancestors came from – wide-eyed, looking at all the white Irish people, faced with living ancient history that anyone of us could be their relation, or what their great great grandparents looked like.

For once in their lives, having left the multicultural rootless, anchorless psychological ground zero and cultural wasteland that is modern America, and setting foot in Ireland, the land of their ancestors, they felt grounded, they felt they belonged, they felt they had found who they were, why they were, and their place in the universe, they found their roots, their ancestors, their blood, what makes them tick – why they are. They felt good, they felt secure, they felt fulfilled or as if they had filled some perceived void in their sense of being. They found home, there were home.

This human ancestral connection is so important, without it we become psychological flotsam and jetsam, without an anchoring point, we are at a loss in the sea, open to any wind or current’s whim. Without knowing our blood or having that racial ethnic ancestral heritage from a common ethnicity, we are pieces of floating dust in the universe. If our past is destroyed, our future is never within our control. Or at least our present and possible futures are open to the control of groups more ethnically connected and cohesive. We are merely their cattle, human commodities to be used and objectified as single entity units. The great news for those Whites who were adopted, and who still do not know their biological parents, is that in a society of ethno-centrism White natives, their family is us and specifically one of the unique European ethnicities, they can lay claim to a unique and rare family from one of Europa’s children nations.

History is not a rubbish tip of redundant past actions or quaint curios, it is the wisest and most accurate telescope into our future.

Of course in Christianity the idea is that we in and of ourselves are a community with and in God, but even God or other karmic spiritualities took into account race and the goodness for the individual of having ones own kin. That as stated before does not mean hate or non-help toward others.

Gene Uprising

Taking a look at the BBC programme, “Who do you think you are?” which explores the family trees of some TV personalities and celebrities etc, even the most rabid leftist lunatic displays a gushing admiration, curiosity, idolisation and defence of their own blood, looking for who they are, the similarities to themselves, especially physical similarities. For leftists it is surprising that looks seem to be even more important.

It is instructive to politely say to a person who is “sporting” a mixed race child (as it is like a fashion accessory for these people) : “Oh, baby-sitting, I see.”

The reaction, if you pay attention to the micro mannerisms of the face which betray the thoughts and feelings that cut to their core, reveals how they are stunned.

Klum & child Initially they display a sour smile, a grimace, whilst being polite back trying to correct your mistaking their brown jewel as not theirs. Then comes the deeper shock and intense realisation of something that had never even dawned on them, something they never considered. The penny begins to drop, wait for it, an avalanche is about to unfold in that person’s mind, and a lightening flash of regret and loss is displayed for a fraction of a second, as a whole reaction of realisation sweeps across their face.

With that, then comes the sheer weight of something … it is upon them. It is as if their own genes acquire a bit of consciousness (which theories suggest there is a sort of gene memory), and in tormented chorus, scream out in rage at them.

Their own genes rebuke them for being under the spell of a corrupting multicultural virus that has smothered their real instinct for survival and not ensured or secured the continuance of their own genes and what their own genes know to be a tried and trusted group, something like them, something right, someone White. They are in uprising mode at their owner for not implementing to the full, the continuance of the racial genetic blueprint from which they came and which they know is the world leader. In fact their own genes know they are the best of the lot. Even non-white genes know this, it is why they come and seek us out. You are looking at gene-instinct in action.

Yes, there are a tiny amount of genuine asylum cases and economic migrants, but 99% are bogus, and even here, genuine or not, we see how their own genes seek out the west and those that don’t most wish to be here. The reason the bogus migrants come, is because their genes are drawn to the place where they know the best genes are, which also happened to have made the best civilisation and best conditions. The best genes have made the best society, their non-white genes know this and are looking for an upgrade.

White Gene Fury

So for these white miscegenators or “genocidalists” (killers of genes), their own genes know they are onboard a deranged serial killer, a genocidalist, because they understand the generations and scores of Whites who will never now exist, they feel short-changed, more than that, they know they have just been stabbed in the back. For that split second, their genes let fly, they rise up in boiling anger screaming at their own dumb conscious owner in control at the helm, for not having acted in their own best interest. Instead the person in control just allowed an artificially constructed, sly, socially invasive psychological virus take hold of the heart and head, they let it bypass the natural racial instinctive defences. The person suppressed their own immune system – the instinct of their genes (their spirit in natural terms) and they allowed themselves to take on a downgrade in genes.

One can see all that reaction happen in a micro-second, all the above gene-story flashes across their face, across their whole being in an instant. It takes a keen eye or a bit of practice to discern peoples micro mannerisms, but it is readable, and I have read and seen that reaction many times.

They explain to me it is their child, however it is clear they are now trying to comfort, convince and console themselves, trying to get back to the state of calm which came because they were ignorant, or more to the point, they smothered their real awake-and-alive instinctual drive. They do not want to be awake, it is too hard and too painful and want to find their way back to sleepytown, drugs and drink will probably be on the shopping list, anything to get back to living in denial – football, xbox, x-factor, where they can see more mixed-race parents like themselves and their fantastic-ness on stage being cheered by thousands, will also help.

Inevitably they continue describing how the mother or father is Nigerian, (or usually there is no African father around any longer). I simply nod and smile, saying: “Oh sorry, I thought you were perhaps baby-sitting someone else’s child.”

The implications of the baby not having any similarity and looking like a stranger, is starkly clear.

Mary Louise Parker and child. It is not a hate or cruelty to remark upon this, because it is a fact. It is a physical and psychological truth, and because it is a truth that dismantles the ‘multi-cult’, it is therefore a weapon – truth usually is, to philosophies of darkness. This weapon of truth is merely one observational comment, exchanged as a pleasantry in conversation. It’s power highlights how their “baby” looks nothing like them. No colour blue, grey, green eyes, no variety of brown, blondes, red hair, or the finer variety of white bones structures, and greater and finer varieties of long straight smooth and fine hair (whites also have black and brown eyes, as well as hazel). One will always wonder if they do not resemble them physically, what other ways are they different. No ability to see herself/himself, Granny or Grandad, or to see the more ancient ancestors in photos trotted out by the BBC program exploring the ancestors of Jews, who like to take pride in such. When they see other mother’s or father’s adoringly telling of the phsycial similarities between them, their grandparents and even greater grandparents, they will not be able to join in, but will sit silently and realise a massive part of parentage. Of course there is no subsitute for simple care and real love, which is independent of blood bonds, but ancestral racial bonds are one issue to consider, and they are a natural consequence of simply being with one’s own people, a natural and lovely component that is easily had when one partners with one’s own kin.

If you see a white mother, with a race-mixed child, especially of African input, there is practically no resemblance to the white person, there may be a tiny, miniscule structural resemblance, but by no means every time. From the cases I have seen, this occurs in only a small minority. We say there is no need sometimes to always tell people the truth, and sometimes this is true, it is sometimes the better thing and depends on the situation. But in this case, truth is doing these people a favour and more importantly it is crucial because it is messages like these that help our race. It helps our people value and thus defend themselves, it helps whites see themselves as worthy and as the people most desireable, that in itself would have helped all those girls who were savagely groomed and raped by Muslim gangs and many single mothers of mixed-race children. Of course white men are also guilty of their own degeneracy, but it is prevalent among African males.

This is why such day to day interactions are important, over the long term they all add up to have a wider impact. Although it must be said how modern society and male lad-mag culture has a hand in pushing women into the arms of waiting charmers to use as anchor wombs. Again that is another issue for another day.

Instead, the smug and image-conscious, or low self-esteem parents or single mother is now faced for the first time in their multicult indoctrinated lives that their jewel, may as well be someone else’s child. Or may as well be another part of the increasingly common non-white majority mass which globally is 90-92% while we are the rare and precious physically more diverse 8-10%. Our race has been proven to be the most balanced race in terms of attributes, in terms of IQ, emotional intelligence, stability, humour, imagination, physical prowess, martial skill and strategic intellect, there is nothing in any field we cannot excel in. I have a sneaking suspicion the fields where other races excel, are those where we have vacated, in the numbers which would allow our kind to outcompete the best of other races, who populate those said fields now, in greater numbers. And ironically out of all the races, she has opted to opt out of the one thing the multicults laud and applaud her for, the very reason she opted for a mixed-race child: for the approval of society, for the gushing comments of how cute her baby is, for the resounding back slapping that she lives up to her “green-peace” commitments by backing it up with having an earth child…..she opts out of having a child from the race who are the most compassionate race on the planet, so much so, that we have allowed that strength become our weakness, and it may end up killing us and humanity, ironic and tragic.

Above all I find it a very sad thing to behold, and while such a comment must be made, it is hard to do and hard for them to receive. I have more sympathy for the overweight council estate mother who perhaps was shunned or made fun of all her life by smart-arse white males, helping to push some white women to look and seek validation elsewhere and was duped by the snake-words of an Arab or African who know what the score is and how vulnerable or susceptible these women or girls are. I reserve such comments for the more capable and multicult-self-aware, smug-class, usually out and about parading their brown jewel when doing their shopping at the local organic markets. I have nothing but contempt for these image-conscious pious-parading smuggites. And after, I am left with the heavy feelings of care and compassion, one of the hallmarks of our race, towards my race and a sadness as I contemplate the possible fate that awaits us…..

……this feeling leaves and is replaced by another hallmark of our race, a righteous rage and fury, galvanised by a fierce determination!

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