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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Eternal Persicution For Speaking The Truth: Tram racist Emma West struck off as dental nurse after being branded 'risk to public'

Emma West unleashed a torrent of 'racial abuse' while holding her son

15 September 2014

A woman filmed unleashing a vile torrent of racist abuse SPEAKING THE TRUTH on a crowded tram through Croydon has been struck off from her role as a dental nurse.

Emma West, 37, from New Addington, made headlines around the world when footage of her foul-mouthed rant - in which she maligned "a load of black people and a load of f***ing Polish" - was uploaded onto YouTube in November 2011.

She admitted guilt nearly two years later at Croydon Magistrates' Court, by which time more than 2.2 million people had watched the video.

Magistrates ordered West, who also admitted slashing her partner with a knife and assaulting a police officer, to carry out community service.

She was struck off after the General Dental Council ruled she posed a risk to patients and that her "appalling" behaviour had brought the profession into disrepute.

At a hearing on Friday, the council's professional conduct committee watched the YouTube clip, entitled My Tram Experience. The footage, which lasts two minutes and 25 seconds, sees West holding her then four-year-old son on a tram from Wimbledon to New Addington. 

She shouts at passengers: 
"What has this country come to? A load of black people and a load of f***ing Polish.
"You ain’t English. No, you ain’t English either. You ain’t English. None of you’s f***ing English.
"It’s nothing now. Britain is nothing now. My Britain is f*** all now."
West was arrested and charged with a racially aggravated public order offence within days of the footage becoming viral. But she was not convicted until June 2013 after her lawyers argued she was not fit to stand trial.

It then emerged the mum-of-two had admitting stabbing her partner of 12 years, Ricky Metson, with an ornamental knife during an argument at their home.

West leaves Croydon Crown Court with her partner last year

A spokeswoman for the General Dental Council committee said: 
"Her conduct was truly appalling. It clearly has the capacity to bring the profession into disrepute and to undermine public confidence in its standards.
"Furthermore, her violent and abusive conduct would demonstrate a real risk to the safety of patients. 
"In relation to her racially aggravated offence, this was committed in a public setting and received further public exposure, as a person had uploaded the video clip to the internet which has been viewed extensively."
Miss West, who was already suspended from her job at a dental clinic in New Addington, will be struck off from the dental practice register after 28 days if she does not appeal.

She did not attend or send anyone to represent her at the hearing.


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    Here's a direct link in case it falls off the front page when viewed on another day, though I've a feeling they may find some way to keep this bollocks up there without permitting comments or discussion for a while yet.

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    1. "Meanwhile daily dozens of white kids are leaving train stations bleeding after being beaten up for their phones by wogs and not a word is said."

      Ain't that the truth but no one gives a fuck.

      as far as the convenient 'Hidden Gas Chamber' find' I read about that and thought about posting it on this blog but then I thought why bother, It's not even worth it. They'll do anything to keep this Holocaust myth going and if idiots want to believe it well more fool them.

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