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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Defamation Tactics of the ADL

The Anti-Defamation League is the most dangerous terrorist organization in America and needs to be immediately investigated, outlawed, then dismantled. It is a Jewish intelligence agency working against America and her traditional values of freedom and liberty. The ADL as a non-governmental organization is in name only, it is working hand in hand with the state of Israel to overthrow the American Republic.

The ADL seeks to outlaw guns and stop free speech, America and the ADL can never co-exist, thus the ADL must be viewed as a subversive foreign intelligence agency actively working to undermine the United States Constitution. Those that work at the ADL are guilty of obstruction of justice and participating in the 911 coverup, Israel did 911 and the ADL is front running cover for the criminals that did it, labeling anyone questioning the official story as anti-Semites.

Abe Foxman, the head of the ADL, should be viewed as public enemy number one, he needs to be arrested, tried for treason and as an active participant in 911, then publicly executed like Saddam Hussein. Foxman is an Israeli mole directing the campaign of terror against Americans, what he is doing is not amusing, good, or tolerable - he is not working to stop defamation (a noble cause) but instead actually defaming Muslims for 911. He must be tried as a war criminal then put up against the wall and executed with extreme prejudice (hopefully broadcast live for all the world to see). The fact that he hasn't been already is proof that Jews completely control the American state.

The ADL's Strategy of Defamation

No clearer example of what the ADL's actual goals are is the strange behavior of how the ADL refused to call the Armenian genocide a genocide, in 2007 Abe Foxman defamed Armenians by calling it a "massacre and atrocity" when he knows damn well the Jewish Genocide of WW2 is Jew fakery. The ADL lobbied heavily to prevent the US Congress from classifying a 1.5 million person genocide for what it was, which far outstrips the 280,000 Jews killed in Germany during WW2. This huge embarrassment was risked by the ADL who were caught politicking for Israel, and you should be curious as to what is the ADL's real game.

You would think an organization triumphing human rights, whose relatives were supposed victims of genocide, would be sympathetic to another nation's genocide. Not so, not with Jews, they are aggressively maintaining a monopoly as victims. The Jews are milking the Holocaust narrative, they are extorting billions of dollars with their fake Holocaust industry and they ain't letting any newcomers in on their racket. With Jews, they are the gods, they are maintaning a myth of the world's only victims and they don't give a damn about anyone else.

Just what is the ADL doing? It is defaming the very countries that the world Jewry and the Zionists are attacking, blaming the victims of its own crimes. The ADL is blaming Germany and Germans for exterminating Jews during WW2 with the Holocaust narrative, but upon close examination of the facts, the Holocaust is a monumental hoax on every level. The six million number is way to high, the gas chambers didn't exist, the Reich didn't have a program of extermination.

The ADL is also defaming the Muslims, blaming Muslims for 911 when in fact almost all the players in the operation were Jewish. There were absolutely no Muslims involved in 911, the alleged patsies are fabricated just as the alleged victims of Sandy Hook hoax non-existent persons. This near continuous false flagging of America must stop and the Jew perpetrators arrested as enemy combatants.

Even worse, the ADL is attacking our tradition of freedom, labeling patriotic Americans who are defending the Constitution as terrorists, drugging returning servicemen, defaming and labeling those that have traditional values like gun owners as terrorists. We are guaranteed certain freedoms like gun ownership and freedom of speech, Abe Foxman is living proof that this nation can not tolerate Jews living within her borders. It is America versus Abe Foxman, the two can not co-exist.

Anyone questioning the official 911 narrative, which on it's face is obviously bogus, are labeled by Abe Foxman, director of the ADL as Jew haters. This is complete nonsense, Israel did 911, and searching and finding the real perps a noble cause of justice, so for Abe Foxman to blame us for what his country did proves he is working for Israel and is an active participant in the war of terror on us. Abe Foxman is obstructing justice with his media bullying tactics, he is the most dangerous real Jewish terrorist in America today, and should be treated as such!

The Great Holocaust Hoax

Abe Foxman and his his ADL terrorist disinformation organization wants you bound by the law in only repeating the lie of the Jewish Holocaust in WW2. It didn't happen, the Germans did not have an extermination policy of Jews, and 6,000,000 number is a total bullshit number used hundreds of times before WW2 and Hitler. This Kabbalist 6 number is used by those magicians as a spell on your mind, the spell only works until you have alternative information that dissolves the mental template of 6 million dead Jews. For instance, if you find out that Jews are using this exact number over and over prior to WW2, then you'll instantly question the official number as more Jew fakery.

Once you see numerous references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to WW2, you might become skeptical of that number and its repeated use. They use it over and over and over because they must think it's of special metaphysical significance and thus able to magically control your mind. It doesn't work once revealed as propaganda, and Abe Foxman is this Jew supremacist ringleader using this number on you, demanding that everyone cowtow to certain Jewish numbers that have no basis in real historical events. He is a dangerous psychopath and should be immediately taken out before he commits any more crimes against America.

As you can see from the posted graphics, the 6,000,000 number is being used over and over, all the way back in the 19th century. This is no coincidence with the primary symbol of Judaism, the 6 pointed star.

You should be very skeptical of the Holocaust when they insist you believe exactly 6 million Jews died, not one more, not one less. Why exactly is 6 times ten to the 6 so important (6,000,000 = 6x10E6)? Because those that follow the 6 pointed star are obsessed with that number, the Star of David has 6 points and 6 faces.

The Holocaust is a proven hoax, and we should not be concerned how many Jews died in WW2 but more concerned that there are Jews still alive and how to get rid of the rest of them and stop this black magic on our people. Tolerance for Jews is a huge mistake, they are destroying us and we better start getting them before they get anymore of us! Want proof? Abe Foxman has lobbied continuously for the release of the most damaging spy in American history, Jonathan Pollard, even this year he said:

"(JTA) — The Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham Foxman, criticized the continued imprisonment of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, calling it “on the verge of anti-Semitism.”
Foxman was quoted on the Pollard case in several Israeli news outlets on Tuesday, and echoed a statement he issued earlier this month.
Someone is trying to teach the American-Jewish community a loyalty lesson, Foxman asserted in an interview Tuesday with Israel’s Army Radio.
“That to me is on the verge of anti-Semitism,” he said."
Abe Foxman is on Israhell's Army Radio calling us anti-Semites for defending ourselves against Jew spies. Screw Abe Foxman, he's a spy and should be treated as a spy and I am telling you, he is in on 911, as architect and mastermind right up their with his best friend Henry Kissinger.

911 - Blaming the Victim of Jewish Aggression

It is time for America to wake up to the Jewish treachery within her, Jews control America and are openly waging terrorist war of deception on the nation. Abe Foxman is a Jew defending the official story of 911, he is an Israel citizen and is a spy directing a fear campaign against anyone who dares question the official story. No Muslims did 911 but Abe Foxman insists you believe the story of Muslims with box cutters. He is a damn liar and what he is doing is the most serious crime, defaming Muslims for what Jews did, which is waging a war by deception and blaming the victim as military tactic.

If Israel did 911 you can bet your last dime that Abe Foxman knows all about it, and his behavior to keep blaming Muslims by defending Israel is huge crime. Israel did 911, Abe Foxman probably was in on the strategic discussions on this event as a way to subjugate America because he is playing the key role in the aftermath. The truth about Israel has gone viral on the internet, greatly upsetting these supremacist pigs who have lost control of the national dialogue on who did 911. Abe Foxman's bitter vitriolic attacks on the truthers is indicative that his own neck is at stake. He's in on it and he's upset that he lost control of the narrative.

The evidence of Jewish involvement in 911 is overwhelming, like the Israeli art students who openly admit they were sent to document the event. Jew spies with movie cameras got arrested for filming 911, they were sent back to Israel then admitted during a TV interview that they were sent there to document the event. That is solid proof that Israel knew about 911 beforehand and whatever Israel knows, so does Abe Foxman, who is guilty of failing to notify the proper authorities of a biggest terrorist event in history and the mass murder of thousands of New Yorkers. Abe Foxman is party to mass murder.

You will never hear Abe Foxman talk about Jewish involvement in 911, his job is to terrorize your mind into submission. Abe Foxman is running cover for the tribe and stopping an investigation into 911, which will uncover all the Jews involved in 911, which will include many close associates of Abe Foxman - including many ADL members - and Israel spies within the American government. 911 was treason, everyone knows this and when the prosecution starts, you will watch Abe flee Amerika before getting served.

The ADL is obviously a criminal Jew enterprise and Abe Foxman a Jew terrorist ringleader. Since we hunt terrorists with Predator Drones then we should do the same for the terrorists within the United States and take out the ADL building with a Hell Fire missiles after carpet bombing all of Jew York City with B-52's. Any Jew left alive shot in the head by Army snipers ringed around that filthy city. Don't let any of the Jew rats flee and infest any other nation. End this plague now! NO JEW LEFT ALIVE IS MY POLICY.

Attacking Our Rights Under the Guise of Fighting Terror

Jews are attacking our freedoms, not Muslims. No Muslim attacked us on 911, no Muslim is legislating our freedom away but Jews are active in subverting the Constitution. Jews are the real enemy, Muslims are the patsies. All Americans need to be made immediately aware that Jews in Congress are attacking the First and Second Amendments. This is not only criminal, it is treasonous, and all those committing these heinous crime of subverting a free nation must be held accountable.

We the people can no longer tolerate the Jew within our nation, we can no longer tolerate Jewish subversion of our Constitution, we can no longer tolerate Abe Foxman, one of Jewish supremacist ringleaders who designed 911 false flag as a way to finish off America. We ain't dead yet Abe and we are comin' to get 'ya! Abe Foxman whines like a stuck pig about internet truth - too bad. He's so arrogant he hasn't even fled to his beloved Israel yet, the last refuge of Jew criminals who have a created a state as an escape hatch. He ought to move to Israhell because he ain't wanted here, no one in America wants to host the Jew parasites any longer.

Americans need to wake up, the ADL is a government spy organization operating openly in America, spying on us, giving data to the Mossad, training the American police to treat Americans like Palestinians, defaming Germans with the Holocaust narrative, defaming Muslims with the 911 narrative, defaming patriots with terrorist labels, drugging returning veterans. The liars at the ADL still insist the truth of Israel's attack upon the USS Liberty is anti-Semitism, they have lost it, we know the truth now, and all law enforcement officials should start investigating these treasonous Jews.

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