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Monday, 22 September 2014

This is our Race, our Culture that the Parasite Jew is Destroying.

Once it's gone to quote Adolf Hitler:
Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.
The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle of Nature and replaces the eternal privilege of power and strength by the mass of numbers and their dead weight.
Thus it denies the value of personality in man, contests the significance of nationality and race, and thereby withdraws from humanity the premise of its existence and its culture. As a foundation of the universe, this doctrine would bring about the end of any order intellectually conceivable to man. And as, in this greatest of all recognizable organisms, the result of an application of such a law could only be chaos, on earth it could only be destruction for the inhabitants of this planet.
If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did thousands of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men. Eternal Nature inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands. Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.
--Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Apes terrorize Memphis grocery store

The Memphis media reports that “teens” are responsible for this carnage. We know what that means.
CBS affiliate WREG reported that three people are now recovering after a mob of teenagers ran through a busy shopping plaza, seemingly picking out customers and Kroger employees at random to attack.
A video of the incident has been shared with local news stations in the area and is quickly going viral. It shows a young adult lying still on the ground as others repeatedly kick him and stomp his head. Other are seen being chased or knocked to the ground.
This attack happened on Saturday night at the Kroger at Poplar and Highland in Memphis, Tennessee. According to witnesses, a mob of “teens” attacked store employees at the front entrance to the store, and later an elderly customer in the parking lot. When my wife showed me this video yesterday I had to walk away.

This shopping center is about a mile away from the museum that I took my four year old daughter to on Friday morning. The criminals, as always in incidents like this, are black. The victims, to no surprise, are white.

It’s open season on European Americans and everyone knows it. We are victims of a cultural and physical genocide that has been endorsed and sanctioned by the [Jew controlled] government and the establishment media. Watch as these violent thugs mercilessly beat Kroger employee and proceed to drop 20-pound pumpkins on his head.

Shock video of Ape attack in St. Louis

A white couple in St. Louis begin filming when they spot several large black males beating on someone. They appear to be trying to force a female victim into an SUV. When they see that they are being videotaped, they attack the couple. Despite being assaulted multiple times, the couple continues to videotape.

The couple eventualy defend themselves with mace.

'The old King is dead, long live the new King' Andrew Anglin the new Alex Jones???

The Murmur's Dance - Loreena McKennitt


I just don’t know what we would do without this great democracy we have in America. What would we do without such great freedoms? We have so much freedom in America that the government doesn’t do anything we want.

While the country is being destroyed by pro-Jew, pro-Zionist, pro-Israel retards who hold offices throughout the government, the U.S. House decided that it was more prudent to spend its time passing a resolution condemning anti-Semitism. In fact not one member of the U.S. House voted against this bill.

Apparently these Jew whores think it is more important that they condemn people hurting the feelings of Jews than resolving real tangible problems that are destroying America. One of the most apparent problems is the corrupt Jewish power that operates behind the scenes in Washington DC. So this resolution by its own definition proves that there isn’t anybody in the U.S. House who has any interest in fixing America’s problems. They are content with the status quo.

In fact the passage of this resolution considering America’s current circumstances is so insane that it is hard to comprehend. Read the resolution here.

The Jew Post provides a more detailed summary of what’s in the resolution and how several Jewish groups are applauding it.

From Jerusalem Post:
The House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday night condemning the surfacing of broad anti-Semitism worldwide, and in Europe especially this summer throughout the Gaza conflict.
The resolution, written by congressmen Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Peter Roskam (R-IL), Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Kay Granger (R-TX), calls on the State Department to “maintain combating anti-Semitism as a United States foreign policy priority.”
Citing a recent survey released in May by the Anti-Defamation League, the entire House agreed: its finding that 74 percent of those surveyed in the Middle East hold anti-Semitic views is “stunning.” In Europe, 26 percent of those surveyed held similar views.
“When you criticize the policies of the Israeli government for this or that, that’s one thing,” Nadler said in a phone call with The Jerusalem Post. “The fact is they’ve conflated this for sixty years or more.”
Nadler said the Obama administration saw and supported the resolution before its passage.
“I think they will do everything they can,” he continued. “They have been active in this.”
The administration welcomed the bill publicly on Friday, in a statement to the Post.
“We deeply appreciate Congress’ attention to this issue of great importance,” State Department spokesperson Chanan Weissman said. “Monitoring and combating anti-Semitism has been and will remain a critical foreign policy priority of the United States government.”
US Secretary of State John Kerry hosted Jewish leaders earlier this month to discuss the summer’s discontent, expressing “deep concern” over the prevalence of such attacks in recent months.
The list of the condemnations runs long in this House resolution, cataloguing a host of attacks, rallies and acts of vandalism that gripped Europe throughout Israel’s campaign against Hamas in Gaza through fifty tense days of summer.
“During Israel’s 2014 Operation Protective Edge aiming to stem the rocket fire and terrorist infiltrations by Hamas,” the resolution reads, “Jews and Jewish institutions and property were attacked in Europe and elsewhere, including attempts to invade a synagogue in Paris, fire-bombings of synagogues in France and Germany, assaults on Jewish individuals, and swastikas spray-painted in a heavily Jewish area of London and also in Rome’s historic Jewish quarter.”
The House also condemned the popularized comparison of Israeli governance to Nazism, and an environment throughout the European continent that has forced many Jewish families to conceal their religious identity.
Various tools at the State Department’s disposal, including its envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference, participation in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and its special envoy on the issue of anti-Semitism Ira Forman should be fully utilized, and redouble their efforts, the resolution determined.
The members also laud the governments in Paris, Berlin and Rome for their outspoken condemnation of the rise in hateful speech and actions. German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a rally in Berlin last week insisting that anti-Semitism had no place in Europe, particularly in her country.
Jewish leaders in Washington applauded the resolution on Friday morning.
“Through our work with Holocaust survivors and other vulnerable populations, we at Jewish Federations have seen firsthand the importance of fighting against anti-Semitism in our communities,” said William Daroff, senior vice president for public policy and the director of the Washington office for Jewish Federations.
“The past few months have made it clear to all that we live in a dangerous time, and it is comforting to know that the Jewish community has the unqualified support of our Congressional leaders.”
On Friday, David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, briefed a dozen key House members on the anti-Semitic surge, on AJC’s efforts to combat it and on what else can be done from Capitol Hill.
“We are present, working with government officials, civil society representatives, and Jewish community leaders to energetically counter this surging tide of hatred that threatens not only Jews, but, make no mistake about it, the very fabric of the democratic societies where they live,” Harris said.
The National Jewish Democratic Council, Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Rabbinical Assembly also hailed its passage.
“We have been alarmed,” Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, executive vice president of the Rabbinical Assembly, said in a statement. “We will continue work alongside the State Department… to oppose all efforts to prevent any members of our international community from freely exercising their religion without fear of prosecution or violence.”

Selective Breeding within our White Race - A personal choice

In this video I am discussing my personal choice of seeking a German/Austrian woman as a mate to be with and raise a family with as opposed to any White Woman of whichever White European background, and my reasons as to why.

Defamation Tactics of the ADL

The Anti-Defamation League is the most dangerous terrorist organization in America and needs to be immediately investigated, outlawed, then dismantled. It is a Jewish intelligence agency working against America and her traditional values of freedom and liberty. The ADL as a non-governmental organization is in name only, it is working hand in hand with the state of Israel to overthrow the American Republic.

The ADL seeks to outlaw guns and stop free speech, America and the ADL can never co-exist, thus the ADL must be viewed as a subversive foreign intelligence agency actively working to undermine the United States Constitution. Those that work at the ADL are guilty of obstruction of justice and participating in the 911 coverup, Israel did 911 and the ADL is front running cover for the criminals that did it, labeling anyone questioning the official story as anti-Semites.

Abe Foxman, the head of the ADL, should be viewed as public enemy number one, he needs to be arrested, tried for treason and as an active participant in 911, then publicly executed like Saddam Hussein. Foxman is an Israeli mole directing the campaign of terror against Americans, what he is doing is not amusing, good, or tolerable - he is not working to stop defamation (a noble cause) but instead actually defaming Muslims for 911. He must be tried as a war criminal then put up against the wall and executed with extreme prejudice (hopefully broadcast live for all the world to see). The fact that he hasn't been already is proof that Jews completely control the American state.

The ADL's Strategy of Defamation

No clearer example of what the ADL's actual goals are is the strange behavior of how the ADL refused to call the Armenian genocide a genocide, in 2007 Abe Foxman defamed Armenians by calling it a "massacre and atrocity" when he knows damn well the Jewish Genocide of WW2 is Jew fakery. The ADL lobbied heavily to prevent the US Congress from classifying a 1.5 million person genocide for what it was, which far outstrips the 280,000 Jews killed in Germany during WW2. This huge embarrassment was risked by the ADL who were caught politicking for Israel, and you should be curious as to what is the ADL's real game.

You would think an organization triumphing human rights, whose relatives were supposed victims of genocide, would be sympathetic to another nation's genocide. Not so, not with Jews, they are aggressively maintaining a monopoly as victims. The Jews are milking the Holocaust narrative, they are extorting billions of dollars with their fake Holocaust industry and they ain't letting any newcomers in on their racket. With Jews, they are the gods, they are maintaning a myth of the world's only victims and they don't give a damn about anyone else.

Just what is the ADL doing? It is defaming the very countries that the world Jewry and the Zionists are attacking, blaming the victims of its own crimes. The ADL is blaming Germany and Germans for exterminating Jews during WW2 with the Holocaust narrative, but upon close examination of the facts, the Holocaust is a monumental hoax on every level. The six million number is way to high, the gas chambers didn't exist, the Reich didn't have a program of extermination.

The ADL is also defaming the Muslims, blaming Muslims for 911 when in fact almost all the players in the operation were Jewish. There were absolutely no Muslims involved in 911, the alleged patsies are fabricated just as the alleged victims of Sandy Hook hoax non-existent persons. This near continuous false flagging of America must stop and the Jew perpetrators arrested as enemy combatants.

Even worse, the ADL is attacking our tradition of freedom, labeling patriotic Americans who are defending the Constitution as terrorists, drugging returning servicemen, defaming and labeling those that have traditional values like gun owners as terrorists. We are guaranteed certain freedoms like gun ownership and freedom of speech, Abe Foxman is living proof that this nation can not tolerate Jews living within her borders. It is America versus Abe Foxman, the two can not co-exist.

Anyone questioning the official 911 narrative, which on it's face is obviously bogus, are labeled by Abe Foxman, director of the ADL as Jew haters. This is complete nonsense, Israel did 911, and searching and finding the real perps a noble cause of justice, so for Abe Foxman to blame us for what his country did proves he is working for Israel and is an active participant in the war of terror on us. Abe Foxman is obstructing justice with his media bullying tactics, he is the most dangerous real Jewish terrorist in America today, and should be treated as such!

The Great Holocaust Hoax

Abe Foxman and his his ADL terrorist disinformation organization wants you bound by the law in only repeating the lie of the Jewish Holocaust in WW2. It didn't happen, the Germans did not have an extermination policy of Jews, and 6,000,000 number is a total bullshit number used hundreds of times before WW2 and Hitler. This Kabbalist 6 number is used by those magicians as a spell on your mind, the spell only works until you have alternative information that dissolves the mental template of 6 million dead Jews. For instance, if you find out that Jews are using this exact number over and over prior to WW2, then you'll instantly question the official number as more Jew fakery.

Once you see numerous references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to WW2, you might become skeptical of that number and its repeated use. They use it over and over and over because they must think it's of special metaphysical significance and thus able to magically control your mind. It doesn't work once revealed as propaganda, and Abe Foxman is this Jew supremacist ringleader using this number on you, demanding that everyone cowtow to certain Jewish numbers that have no basis in real historical events. He is a dangerous psychopath and should be immediately taken out before he commits any more crimes against America.

As you can see from the posted graphics, the 6,000,000 number is being used over and over, all the way back in the 19th century. This is no coincidence with the primary symbol of Judaism, the 6 pointed star.

You should be very skeptical of the Holocaust when they insist you believe exactly 6 million Jews died, not one more, not one less. Why exactly is 6 times ten to the 6 so important (6,000,000 = 6x10E6)? Because those that follow the 6 pointed star are obsessed with that number, the Star of David has 6 points and 6 faces.

The Holocaust is a proven hoax, and we should not be concerned how many Jews died in WW2 but more concerned that there are Jews still alive and how to get rid of the rest of them and stop this black magic on our people. Tolerance for Jews is a huge mistake, they are destroying us and we better start getting them before they get anymore of us! Want proof? Abe Foxman has lobbied continuously for the release of the most damaging spy in American history, Jonathan Pollard, even this year he said:

"(JTA) — The Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham Foxman, criticized the continued imprisonment of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, calling it “on the verge of anti-Semitism.”
Foxman was quoted on the Pollard case in several Israeli news outlets on Tuesday, and echoed a statement he issued earlier this month.
Someone is trying to teach the American-Jewish community a loyalty lesson, Foxman asserted in an interview Tuesday with Israel’s Army Radio.
“That to me is on the verge of anti-Semitism,” he said."
Abe Foxman is on Israhell's Army Radio calling us anti-Semites for defending ourselves against Jew spies. Screw Abe Foxman, he's a spy and should be treated as a spy and I am telling you, he is in on 911, as architect and mastermind right up their with his best friend Henry Kissinger.

911 - Blaming the Victim of Jewish Aggression

It is time for America to wake up to the Jewish treachery within her, Jews control America and are openly waging terrorist war of deception on the nation. Abe Foxman is a Jew defending the official story of 911, he is an Israel citizen and is a spy directing a fear campaign against anyone who dares question the official story. No Muslims did 911 but Abe Foxman insists you believe the story of Muslims with box cutters. He is a damn liar and what he is doing is the most serious crime, defaming Muslims for what Jews did, which is waging a war by deception and blaming the victim as military tactic.

If Israel did 911 you can bet your last dime that Abe Foxman knows all about it, and his behavior to keep blaming Muslims by defending Israel is huge crime. Israel did 911, Abe Foxman probably was in on the strategic discussions on this event as a way to subjugate America because he is playing the key role in the aftermath. The truth about Israel has gone viral on the internet, greatly upsetting these supremacist pigs who have lost control of the national dialogue on who did 911. Abe Foxman's bitter vitriolic attacks on the truthers is indicative that his own neck is at stake. He's in on it and he's upset that he lost control of the narrative.

The evidence of Jewish involvement in 911 is overwhelming, like the Israeli art students who openly admit they were sent to document the event. Jew spies with movie cameras got arrested for filming 911, they were sent back to Israel then admitted during a TV interview that they were sent there to document the event. That is solid proof that Israel knew about 911 beforehand and whatever Israel knows, so does Abe Foxman, who is guilty of failing to notify the proper authorities of a biggest terrorist event in history and the mass murder of thousands of New Yorkers. Abe Foxman is party to mass murder.

You will never hear Abe Foxman talk about Jewish involvement in 911, his job is to terrorize your mind into submission. Abe Foxman is running cover for the tribe and stopping an investigation into 911, which will uncover all the Jews involved in 911, which will include many close associates of Abe Foxman - including many ADL members - and Israel spies within the American government. 911 was treason, everyone knows this and when the prosecution starts, you will watch Abe flee Amerika before getting served.

The ADL is obviously a criminal Jew enterprise and Abe Foxman a Jew terrorist ringleader. Since we hunt terrorists with Predator Drones then we should do the same for the terrorists within the United States and take out the ADL building with a Hell Fire missiles after carpet bombing all of Jew York City with B-52's. Any Jew left alive shot in the head by Army snipers ringed around that filthy city. Don't let any of the Jew rats flee and infest any other nation. End this plague now! NO JEW LEFT ALIVE IS MY POLICY.

Attacking Our Rights Under the Guise of Fighting Terror

Jews are attacking our freedoms, not Muslims. No Muslim attacked us on 911, no Muslim is legislating our freedom away but Jews are active in subverting the Constitution. Jews are the real enemy, Muslims are the patsies. All Americans need to be made immediately aware that Jews in Congress are attacking the First and Second Amendments. This is not only criminal, it is treasonous, and all those committing these heinous crime of subverting a free nation must be held accountable.

We the people can no longer tolerate the Jew within our nation, we can no longer tolerate Jewish subversion of our Constitution, we can no longer tolerate Abe Foxman, one of Jewish supremacist ringleaders who designed 911 false flag as a way to finish off America. We ain't dead yet Abe and we are comin' to get 'ya! Abe Foxman whines like a stuck pig about internet truth - too bad. He's so arrogant he hasn't even fled to his beloved Israel yet, the last refuge of Jew criminals who have a created a state as an escape hatch. He ought to move to Israhell because he ain't wanted here, no one in America wants to host the Jew parasites any longer.

Americans need to wake up, the ADL is a government spy organization operating openly in America, spying on us, giving data to the Mossad, training the American police to treat Americans like Palestinians, defaming Germans with the Holocaust narrative, defaming Muslims with the 911 narrative, defaming patriots with terrorist labels, drugging returning veterans. The liars at the ADL still insist the truth of Israel's attack upon the USS Liberty is anti-Semitism, they have lost it, we know the truth now, and all law enforcement officials should start investigating these treasonous Jews.

How to Shame a Race-Mixer Without Causing a Scene

"Oh, I see you're baby-sitting."

By Fionn Westron

How many of you have been extremely curious to see the photos or hear stories of your ancestors, wondering if you looked or thought like them, how many have seen the uncanny resemblance of people going back generations?

It is the same fundamental and most powerful human need/drive that adopted children have, into their adulthood. They need to know who their blood is, who they are. Irish-Americans come to Ireland all gooey-eyed, we used to find it amusing and refer to them in a condescending manner, I realised some time ago we were wrong, their visit to Ireland renders them as innocent children looking for their parents. 

They are in awe of seeing a country, (pre-mass immigration) Ireland, being filled with only white Irish people, more to the point, being filled with the people that share the same blood as them. To them it is as some kind of Nirvana, visiting the place where their ancestors came from – wide-eyed, looking at all the white Irish people, faced with living ancient history that anyone of us could be their relation, or what their great great grandparents looked like.

For once in their lives, having left the multicultural rootless, anchorless psychological ground zero and cultural wasteland that is modern America, and setting foot in Ireland, the land of their ancestors, they felt grounded, they felt they belonged, they felt they had found who they were, why they were, and their place in the universe, they found their roots, their ancestors, their blood, what makes them tick – why they are. They felt good, they felt secure, they felt fulfilled or as if they had filled some perceived void in their sense of being. They found home, there were home.

This human ancestral connection is so important, without it we become psychological flotsam and jetsam, without an anchoring point, we are at a loss in the sea, open to any wind or current’s whim. Without knowing our blood or having that racial ethnic ancestral heritage from a common ethnicity, we are pieces of floating dust in the universe. If our past is destroyed, our future is never within our control. Or at least our present and possible futures are open to the control of groups more ethnically connected and cohesive. We are merely their cattle, human commodities to be used and objectified as single entity units. The great news for those Whites who were adopted, and who still do not know their biological parents, is that in a society of ethno-centrism White natives, their family is us and specifically one of the unique European ethnicities, they can lay claim to a unique and rare family from one of Europa’s children nations.

History is not a rubbish tip of redundant past actions or quaint curios, it is the wisest and most accurate telescope into our future.

Of course in Christianity the idea is that we in and of ourselves are a community with and in God, but even God or other karmic spiritualities took into account race and the goodness for the individual of having ones own kin. That as stated before does not mean hate or non-help toward others.

Gene Uprising

Taking a look at the BBC programme, “Who do you think you are?” which explores the family trees of some TV personalities and celebrities etc, even the most rabid leftist lunatic displays a gushing admiration, curiosity, idolisation and defence of their own blood, looking for who they are, the similarities to themselves, especially physical similarities. For leftists it is surprising that looks seem to be even more important.

It is instructive to politely say to a person who is “sporting” a mixed race child (as it is like a fashion accessory for these people) : “Oh, baby-sitting, I see.”

The reaction, if you pay attention to the micro mannerisms of the face which betray the thoughts and feelings that cut to their core, reveals how they are stunned.

Klum & child Initially they display a sour smile, a grimace, whilst being polite back trying to correct your mistaking their brown jewel as not theirs. Then comes the deeper shock and intense realisation of something that had never even dawned on them, something they never considered. The penny begins to drop, wait for it, an avalanche is about to unfold in that person’s mind, and a lightening flash of regret and loss is displayed for a fraction of a second, as a whole reaction of realisation sweeps across their face.

With that, then comes the sheer weight of something … it is upon them. It is as if their own genes acquire a bit of consciousness (which theories suggest there is a sort of gene memory), and in tormented chorus, scream out in rage at them.

Their own genes rebuke them for being under the spell of a corrupting multicultural virus that has smothered their real instinct for survival and not ensured or secured the continuance of their own genes and what their own genes know to be a tried and trusted group, something like them, something right, someone White. They are in uprising mode at their owner for not implementing to the full, the continuance of the racial genetic blueprint from which they came and which they know is the world leader. In fact their own genes know they are the best of the lot. Even non-white genes know this, it is why they come and seek us out. You are looking at gene-instinct in action.

Yes, there are a tiny amount of genuine asylum cases and economic migrants, but 99% are bogus, and even here, genuine or not, we see how their own genes seek out the west and those that don’t most wish to be here. The reason the bogus migrants come, is because their genes are drawn to the place where they know the best genes are, which also happened to have made the best civilisation and best conditions. The best genes have made the best society, their non-white genes know this and are looking for an upgrade.

White Gene Fury

So for these white miscegenators or “genocidalists” (killers of genes), their own genes know they are onboard a deranged serial killer, a genocidalist, because they understand the generations and scores of Whites who will never now exist, they feel short-changed, more than that, they know they have just been stabbed in the back. For that split second, their genes let fly, they rise up in boiling anger screaming at their own dumb conscious owner in control at the helm, for not having acted in their own best interest. Instead the person in control just allowed an artificially constructed, sly, socially invasive psychological virus take hold of the heart and head, they let it bypass the natural racial instinctive defences. The person suppressed their own immune system – the instinct of their genes (their spirit in natural terms) and they allowed themselves to take on a downgrade in genes.

One can see all that reaction happen in a micro-second, all the above gene-story flashes across their face, across their whole being in an instant. It takes a keen eye or a bit of practice to discern peoples micro mannerisms, but it is readable, and I have read and seen that reaction many times.

They explain to me it is their child, however it is clear they are now trying to comfort, convince and console themselves, trying to get back to the state of calm which came because they were ignorant, or more to the point, they smothered their real awake-and-alive instinctual drive. They do not want to be awake, it is too hard and too painful and want to find their way back to sleepytown, drugs and drink will probably be on the shopping list, anything to get back to living in denial – football, xbox, x-factor, where they can see more mixed-race parents like themselves and their fantastic-ness on stage being cheered by thousands, will also help.

Inevitably they continue describing how the mother or father is Nigerian, (or usually there is no African father around any longer). I simply nod and smile, saying: “Oh sorry, I thought you were perhaps baby-sitting someone else’s child.”

The implications of the baby not having any similarity and looking like a stranger, is starkly clear.

Mary Louise Parker and child. It is not a hate or cruelty to remark upon this, because it is a fact. It is a physical and psychological truth, and because it is a truth that dismantles the ‘multi-cult’, it is therefore a weapon – truth usually is, to philosophies of darkness. This weapon of truth is merely one observational comment, exchanged as a pleasantry in conversation. It’s power highlights how their “baby” looks nothing like them. No colour blue, grey, green eyes, no variety of brown, blondes, red hair, or the finer variety of white bones structures, and greater and finer varieties of long straight smooth and fine hair (whites also have black and brown eyes, as well as hazel). One will always wonder if they do not resemble them physically, what other ways are they different. No ability to see herself/himself, Granny or Grandad, or to see the more ancient ancestors in photos trotted out by the BBC program exploring the ancestors of Jews, who like to take pride in such. When they see other mother’s or father’s adoringly telling of the phsycial similarities between them, their grandparents and even greater grandparents, they will not be able to join in, but will sit silently and realise a massive part of parentage. Of course there is no subsitute for simple care and real love, which is independent of blood bonds, but ancestral racial bonds are one issue to consider, and they are a natural consequence of simply being with one’s own people, a natural and lovely component that is easily had when one partners with one’s own kin.

If you see a white mother, with a race-mixed child, especially of African input, there is practically no resemblance to the white person, there may be a tiny, miniscule structural resemblance, but by no means every time. From the cases I have seen, this occurs in only a small minority. We say there is no need sometimes to always tell people the truth, and sometimes this is true, it is sometimes the better thing and depends on the situation. But in this case, truth is doing these people a favour and more importantly it is crucial because it is messages like these that help our race. It helps our people value and thus defend themselves, it helps whites see themselves as worthy and as the people most desireable, that in itself would have helped all those girls who were savagely groomed and raped by Muslim gangs and many single mothers of mixed-race children. Of course white men are also guilty of their own degeneracy, but it is prevalent among African males.

This is why such day to day interactions are important, over the long term they all add up to have a wider impact. Although it must be said how modern society and male lad-mag culture has a hand in pushing women into the arms of waiting charmers to use as anchor wombs. Again that is another issue for another day.

Instead, the smug and image-conscious, or low self-esteem parents or single mother is now faced for the first time in their multicult indoctrinated lives that their jewel, may as well be someone else’s child. Or may as well be another part of the increasingly common non-white majority mass which globally is 90-92% while we are the rare and precious physically more diverse 8-10%. Our race has been proven to be the most balanced race in terms of attributes, in terms of IQ, emotional intelligence, stability, humour, imagination, physical prowess, martial skill and strategic intellect, there is nothing in any field we cannot excel in. I have a sneaking suspicion the fields where other races excel, are those where we have vacated, in the numbers which would allow our kind to outcompete the best of other races, who populate those said fields now, in greater numbers. And ironically out of all the races, she has opted to opt out of the one thing the multicults laud and applaud her for, the very reason she opted for a mixed-race child: for the approval of society, for the gushing comments of how cute her baby is, for the resounding back slapping that she lives up to her “green-peace” commitments by backing it up with having an earth child…..she opts out of having a child from the race who are the most compassionate race on the planet, so much so, that we have allowed that strength become our weakness, and it may end up killing us and humanity, ironic and tragic.

Above all I find it a very sad thing to behold, and while such a comment must be made, it is hard to do and hard for them to receive. I have more sympathy for the overweight council estate mother who perhaps was shunned or made fun of all her life by smart-arse white males, helping to push some white women to look and seek validation elsewhere and was duped by the snake-words of an Arab or African who know what the score is and how vulnerable or susceptible these women or girls are. I reserve such comments for the more capable and multicult-self-aware, smug-class, usually out and about parading their brown jewel when doing their shopping at the local organic markets. I have nothing but contempt for these image-conscious pious-parading smuggites. And after, I am left with the heavy feelings of care and compassion, one of the hallmarks of our race, towards my race and a sadness as I contemplate the possible fate that awaits us…..

……this feeling leaves and is replaced by another hallmark of our race, a righteous rage and fury, galvanised by a fierce determination!


Video found here

Scary Stuff!

Black to white transformation RACE CHANGE make up is now the Vogue rage. ALL THREE PICTURED HERE ARE BLACKS WHO HAVE BEEN TRANSFORMED TO WHITE. SHOCKINGLY DECEPTIVE APPEARANCE CHANGE from Black To White you can’t tell initially !!! THIS IS REALLY A FREAKY AND CREEPY masquerade. !!!

This is more kosher physiological warfare propaganda destroying the RACES!!

Many Black celebrities DENY skin bleaching but it is obvious Tyra Banks, Rihanna, Beyonce, and many others ALL appear to using this paint lightening technology and using fake hair extensions,Weaves wigs and eye color contact changes all these fake alterations in their appearance promote, Black self-hatred, dysfunction and is conditioning humanity by encouraging miscegenation with the White race.
(LOOK AT TYRA BANKS without this make-up she IS UNRECOGNIZABLE)

Tyra Banks? Make-up free America’s Next Top Model host looks exhausted as she struggles through a work-out

By Leah Simpson

National Socialism - The one and only true way to free ourselves from enslavement

In this video I discuss why National Socialism is the one and only way to truly unite our people, free ourselves from Jewish enslavement and oppression and establish a healthy, productive, progressive and flawless Aryan society - An Aryan Imperium - aimed at ascending the Heavens and conquering the stars.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

National Action speech on Rotherham

National Action staged a successful demonstration against grooming gangs operating in the Normanton area. We received complaints from concerned locals that a taxi firm was being used as a gathering point for Muslim groomers. Armed with this information, we set around organising a day of action against these scum.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Like their closest relative the Negro Chimpanzees are natural born killers, study says, and they prefer mob violence

Few actions orchestrated in the animal kingdom are awarded a headline that would befit mankind. The chimpanzee, however, is the exception.
“Chimp leader assassinated by gang of underlings,” read the headline last year in New Scientist
It told the story of Pimu, who led his cohort of chimpanzees until a violent day in March last year when Pimu picked the wrong fight. Four chimpanzees appeared out of nowhere, according to New Scientist, and beat Pimu to death with their hands and feet. It was a grisly end for a species that, along with humans, are among the only animals to coordinate attacks on their own kind.

But such a murder was a natural action, according to a study published Wednesday in Nature. The paper, which analyzed data from 426 combined years of observation and 18 separate chimp sites, argues chimps are not driven to violence by their contacts with humans, which some scientists have previously contended. Chimps, rather, are natural born killers.

“Variation in killing rates was unrelated to measures of human impacts,” said the paper, which was researched by an international team of 30 scientists. 
“… The adaptive strategies hypothesis views killing as an evolved tactic by which killers tend to increase their fitness through increased access to territory, food, mates and other benefits.”
The research feeds into a lengthy debate over the nature of chimp violence, and what it means for humanity’s own propensity for murder. “We’re trying to make inferences about human evolution,” lead researcher Michael L. Wilson, an anthropologist at the University of Minnesota, told the New York Times. Even in areas where humanity’s hand and habitat loss were not discernible, the chimps conveyed the same bellicosity, the research found. It signified that competition over resources — even when abundant — drove the chimp wars.

A dominant male chimpanzee listens to calls in Kibale National Park.

The findings: Among 152 killings, males were the aggressors 92 percent of the time, and the victims 73 percent of the time. Most of the killings were “intercommunity attacks,” meaning that a gang of chimps would gang up on one. The average ratio? Eight to one.

“Chimpanzees often fragment into temporary parties that travel and forage independently within their community’s home range,” wrote anthropologist Joan Silk in an accompanying article
“When parties of males encounter single individuals from other communities, they sometimes launch brutal assaults that leave victims gravely wounded or dead.”
The fact that chimps kill is agreed upon. They’re sometimes even violent against humans. In the mid-1990s, one chimp named Saddam roamed remote villages of Uganda, targeting people. He was named for the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, reported a New York Times Magazine article published last year. 
“One victim was grabbed from a blanket as her mother was picking millet nearby. Saddam later pulled a small child off the back of a woman digging into a cassava field. He grew bolder, and by the summer of 1998, he had attacked seven children, killing at least two of them.”
But the question remained: Why are chimps violent? One early study reported that after researchers fed bananas to chimps in 1962 at the Gombe National Park in Tanzania, the primates began attacking each other. After the bananas stopped, so did the violence. It led “some researchers to conclude that these killings were the consequence of human intervention,” Silk wrote.

The rate of killing, rather, seems more dependent on how many males were in each band of chimps as well as population density. It’s inter-community tension — not outer-community tension.

Just as chimps appear to reflect some humanity’s better traits, they also reflect the bad, Silk wrote.

“The behavior of non-human primates, particularly chimpanzees, are often distorted by ideology and anthropomorphism, which produce a predisposition to believe that morally desirable features, such as empathy and altruism, have deep evolutionary roots, whereas undesirable features, such as group-level violence and sexual coercion, do not,” she wrote.
“This reflects a naive form of biological determinism.”


    Italian Jews have actually decided to open up a phone line for people to report acts of anti-Semitism. Sounds as if they are really concerned that an increasing number of people are growing tired of their scams, lies and frauds.

    I hope that such a large number of anti-Jew incidents take place that this ridiculous phone line will not be able to handle the amount of calls it gets.

    Jews need to be expelled from Italy and every other European nation. They have long overstayed their welcome.

    From Times of Israel:
    A hotline to report anti-Semitic incidents has been launched in Italy.
    Renzo Gattegna, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, announced the creation of the anti-Semitism Antenna in a statement published Tuesday on his umbrella group’s information website.
    The hotline is an experimental project by the group and the Milan-based Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation Foundation, or CDEC, Italy’s main anti-Semitism monitoring institution.
    Victims of and witnesses to anti-Semitic acts can report the incidents to CDEC’s anti-Semitism monitor section by calling a Milan phone number – 0233103840 – or filling out a form on the CDEC website.

    We are forced to share our neighborhoods and schools, roads and ambulances with THESE primates?!


    Here is the news: in Australia, a plot by Islamic State sympathisers to capture random members of the public and chop their heads off has been foiled by security services; in Syria, two Americans and a British hostage have been beheaded by an Islamist nicknamed Jihadi John - and another innocent Briton (a taxi driver captured while working for an aid convoy) has been told he is next on the list; across Britain, in the aftermath of the Rotherham enquiry, more and more evidence is emerging that in towns and cities all over the country mostly underage white girls have been systematically groomed, raped and trafficked by organised Muslim gangs, with the complicity of local government authorities, charity workers, police officers and the broader Muslim community.

    Luckily, thanks to the BBC, we know what the real problem is here. It is, of course, our old friends, "Islamophobia" and "the spectre of a far right" backlash.

    Both of these alleged threats featured prominently on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning, including an interview with a former, self-confessed "far right" thug who revealed - presumably to no listener's especial surprise - that the organisation to which he had belonged was racist, prone to violence, and likely to react strongly to issues like the Rotherham rape gangs.

    Today also ran an interview with Tell Mama - the one-man activist organisation run by Fiyaz Mughal which has long since been exposed for its exaggerations and its threadbare methodology in cooking up an alleged spate of "anti-Muslim" hate crimes.

    When, for example, last year Tell Mama reported that there had been 212 anti-Muslim incidents, it turned out that 57 per cent of these comprised disobliging comments on Twitter or Facebook, many of them emanating from outside Britain.

    And the BBC Today show rounded off with a Muslim spokeswoman who was given space to assure listeners that mosques around Britain were already doing a great deal to combat extremism but hadn't been given credit for it.

    Phew. So that's all right then.

    Except, of course, it's really not all right.

    Perhaps it wouldn't matter so much if this BBC feature were a rare aberration. But it's not. It's long-term house policy. Barely were the bodies of the 52 victims of the 7/7 London bus and tube suicide bombings cold than the BBC's reporters were out pounding the streets looking for evidence of the real issue of concern - not Islamist extremism and its numerous fellow-travellers, of course, but yes, for the spectre of Islamophobia and an anti-Muslim backlash by "the far right." It responded in the same way after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby - complete, of course, with an interview about the "cycle of violence against Muslims" and the "underlying Islamophobia in our society" by our friend Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama.

    It's not just the BBC which plays this game. Earlier this week Sky News afforded a similar indulgence to convicted terrorist Shahid Butt, allowing him to justify the atrocities being committed by Islamic State by blaming them on the alleged culture of violence created by video games.

    The left wing Daily Mirror meanwhile decided to hail the northern Muslim stronghold of Bradford the "second-most peaceful of Britain's top ten cities" - in contradiction of a survey which suggested quite the opposite.

    But the BBC is the worst. For as long as I can remember, it has been talking up the "Far Right" threat, not just in its news bulletins but even in its dramas with neo-Nazis and their ilk often being invoked as the sinister bad guys in thriller series from The Professionals to Bone kickers and Spooks.

    If the "Far Right" really is the pre-eminent menace in Britain today, though, it has a funny way of showing it. How many schoolgirls has it raped, recently? How many people has it killed or maimed? How many bombs has it exploded?

    The grand total for all the above, I believe, is as near as makes no difference to zero.

    Now this isn't to say that the boot-boys who join these fascistic organisations are the loveliest of people nor that they don't hold racist views. But it seems to me that if we are to use our limited resources to address the most pressing problems of our time, we ought to bend our attentions to those dangers which are most clear and present rather than to politically correct chimeras like "Islamophobia" and the "spectre of the Far Right". (The clue for the latter is in the name: a spectre is, by nature, ghostly, insubstantial).

    Otherwise what will happen is what is already happening now: you get the police turning a blind eye to antisocial behaviour by the Muslim "community", the better to concentrate on arresting louts from the English Defence League or dads (both white and Sikh) who have had the temerity to try to take action against the gangs which have been raping their daughters. And you get a media culture which fails in its duty to expose, without fear or favour, corruption and wrongdoing wherever they are found.

    As we have reported before, those 1400 victims of the Rotherham rape gangs are just the tip of the iceberg. The first case involved girls trafficked and raped by Muslim gangs dates as far back as 1989. We also know that this has been going on in towns and cities across Britain, from genteel Henley-on-Thames to Telford to parts of Norfolk.

    A scandal like this on so epic a scale ought to be meat and drink to any half-way decent reporter, even in an organisation as ideologically-blinkered as the BBC. How can it not be a major story that over a period of 25 years communities across the country have been terrorised by gangs operating with near impunity, for all the world as if they were bandits on the lawless North West Frontier, not citizens of a liberal democracy? Why is not the BBC devoting its still fairly lavish resources to harrying all the bent councillors and police chiefs who have turned a blind eye to the problem and who have yet refused to resign?

    And how, in all conscience, can it be so insensitive as to insult its licence-fee-paying listeners by preaching to them a gospel which most of them know not to be true: that a "far right backlash" that might happen is more worthy of our attention than a spate of rapes, bombings and murders that actually has happened, is continuing to happen, and will go on happening for as long as our politically correct establishment (of which the BBC is chief Cultural Commissar) goes on ducking the issue for fear of sounding "Islamophobic"?

    Life is becoming surreal: Greece: Rapper killed by Golden Dawn supporter remembered by Lefties and non-whites

    A monument to commemorate the life of anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas has been installed in Athens. The artist was murdered one year ago by a supporter of Greece’s ultra right-wing Golden Dawn party.

    The 34-year-old artist bled to death in the street after being stabbed on September 18, 2013.
    “It was a political assassination,” said one man at the monument installation ceremony. 
    “It should be recorded as such and taught in schools as such.”
    “We must fight to avoid repeating these incidents. This murder showed us the way. We must be vigilant,” said one woman.
    Several other commemoration events around Greece marked the one-year anniversary including several anti-fascist rallies and vigils.

    Our euronews correspondent reported: 
    “The brutal murder of Pavlos Fissas triggered an unprecedented police investigation into the illicit activities of Golden Dawn.
    “Dozens of members of the ultra right wing party were arrested, including its leaders and most of its parliamentary deputies. Their trial is planned to start later this year.”

    He was just a GUARD FFS: Former Auschwitz guard charged over 300,000 deaths in Nazi death camp role

    A 93-year-old man has been charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for his role as a guard in Auschwitz. The man spent two-and-a-half years at the Nazi death camp in charge of inmates’ possessions and money.

    Oskar Groening, who served as a SS Guard at Auschwitz, was charged on Monday by Hanoverian prosecutors of helping to operate the death camp in occupied Poland between May and June 1944, when some 425,000 Jews from Hungary were taken there, and at least 300,000 almost immediately gassed to death.

    Auschwitz was a Nazi concentration camp where 1.5 million people, 90 percent Jewish, were put to death.
    "He helped the Nazi regime benefit economically, and supported the systematic killings,” said Thomas Walther, who represents the plaintiffs reported the Daily Mail. Groening helped collect inmates’ possessions and money.
    Twenty Auschwitz survivors and their families are co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Groening. Many of the co-plaintiffs are among the last survivors of Auschwitz, according to the NY Daily News.

    Groening’s is the fourth case investigated by Hanoverian authorities under a new precedent in German law. There are around 30 former Auschwitz guards who federal investigators recommended last year that state prosecutors purse. Two cases have been abandoned because the suspects are unfit for trial, and one was closed when the suspect died.

    Groening was considered fit to stand trial in March, according to the Daily Telegraph.
    “One night in January 1943, I saw for the first time how the Jews were actually gassed,” he recalled in an interview. 
    “There were more than a hundred prisoners and soon there were panic-filled cries as they were herded into the chamber and the door was shut.
    “Over the years I have heard the cries of the dead in my dreams. I will never be free of them. The guilt will never leave me. I can only plead for forgiveness and pray for atonement,” Groening said [The poor old guy will say anything to try and escape this Jew tyranny].
    An Allied tribunal cleared Groening of war crimes in 1948. However he claims that he remains haunted by the horrors of Auschwitz to this day.

    Yet More Holocaust BS: The Nazis even bred geese in order to drown out the screams of Jews being gassed

    Archaeologists in eastern Poland claim they have discovered new evidence related to the Nazi regime’s evil and murderous history.

    Hidden underneath the ground at a former Nazi concentration camp on the outskirts of the village of Sobibor, archaeologists reputedly found gas chambers that were intentionally hidden by Nazis after an uprising in 1943. Officials estimate roughly 250,000 Jews were killed in the gas chambers.

    Following an uprising at the camp on Oct. 14, 1943, German forces reportedly demolished the gas chambers. The site of the mass killing of Jews was later covered with an asphalt road.

    Yoram Haimi, one of the archaeologists on the project, told Reuters that they “were amazed at the size of the building and the well-preserved condition of the chamber walls.” Officials are now working to establish just how large the gas chambers were, which will give them a better idea of how many people were murdered at the camp.

    Haimi also has a personal connection to the grisly discovery. Two of his uncles were reportedly captured by Germans and later killed at the Sobibor death camp.

    This photo taken in Sept. 2014, and released by the Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research shows a ring discovered near recently discovered gas chambers at the Nazi-era death camp of Sobibor in Sobibor, Poland. Polish and Israeli Holocaust researchers announced Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014, that they have discovered the exact location of the building that housed gas chambers at the camp. (AP Photo/Yoram Haimi, Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research)
    The Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research has more information on the extermination camp:
    The Sobibór Extermination Camp was located near the village and railway station of Sobibór, in the eastern part of the Lublin district in Poland, not far from the Chełm-Włodawa railway line. The camp was established along with the extermination camps of Treblinka and Bełżec as part of Aktion Reinhard. Built in March 1942, it was basically composed of three parts, each individually fenced in: the administration area, the reception area, and the extermination area. In addition, there was a section of forest in the northern part of the camp where the Nazis had begun to construct a bunker. During the period of the camp’s operation, April 1942 – October 1943, about 250,000 Jews were murdered there. In the wake of the camp uprising that occurred on 14 October 1943, the Germans decided to dismantle the camp. Apart from certain structures that have been dismantled since the war and the few buildings in connection to the camp that are still standing, the site has remained bare lacking any real trace of the former extermination camp.
    Another archeologist involved in unearthing the gas chambers, identified as Wojciech Mazurek, offered a bone-chilling description of the concentration camp.
    “The extermination of people took place there; murder by smoke from an engine that killed everyone within 15 minutes in these gas chambers, in torment, shouting,” he told Reuters Television.
    “It is said that … the Nazis even bred geese in order to drown out these shouts so that prisoners could not have heard these shouts, these torments.”
    Very few prisoners ever made it out of Sobibor alive. Due to this tragic fact, and because German forces destroyed the camp, there is still much unknown about the infamous site.

    Of the roughly 300 prisoners escaped during the 1943 uprising, most were captured and killed. Only 50 Sobibor prisoners came out alive at the end of World War II, according to Reuters.


    This story is hilarious. I thought Blacks were offended when people associated them with monkeys and bananas? Guess this association does not offend this particular primate.

    From Fox DC:

    Police in Philadelphia say a man used a banana he swiped from a convenience store counter to simulate a gun while he robbed the place.
    Police on Wednesday posted surveillance video ( ) of the holdup reported in the East Parkside neighborhood.
    The footage shows a man entering the corner grocery store on Tuesday. He waits in line and then takes a banana from the counter by the cash register.
    The suspect then sticks the banana in a front pocket of his sweatshirt and points it toward the cashier.
    Police say the man demanded money and cigarettes, and made off with an undetermined amount of cash. The video shows him riding off on a bicycle.

    Faking Space Program is Easy as 1 2 3

    You have to believe they strap people to 3000 ton balistic misile travelling at 28,000mph to believe space program

    ADL Celebrates 'Diversity' Laws That Are Aimed at the Destruction of Germany and all of Europe

    Smell the Jew: From left: ADL Regional Director Amanda Susskind, 
    ADL National Director Abraham Foxman, and honorees 
    Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer, Mel Keefer and Peter Schwartz.

    One for our German friends which also applies to people across Europe. It shows us that Jews without doubt, support ethnic and cultural pluralism across Europe and have, as Barbara Spectre said, 'played a leading role' in making Europe multiracial. This has been done specifically for Jewish ethnic interests as you can see in the following statement by the ADL. They refer to the 'Holocaust' as justification for the destruction of German ethnic and cultural identity and also use the same 'reasoning' for the rest of Europe. In America they say that European Americans are also to blame for the 'Holocaust' because of their restrictive immigration policies which allowed only immigration from Western Europe. This was the excuse behind the drive for the opening of Americas borders in 1965, and the America you see today. 

    ADL press release May 28th 1999:
    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today lauded the passage of sweeping changes in Germany's immigration law, saying the easing of the nations once rigorous naturalisation requirements "will provide a climate for diversity and acceptance. It is encouraging to see pluralism taking root in a society that, despite its strong democracy, had for decades maintained an unyielding policy of citizenship by blood or descent only," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director. 
    "The easing of immigration requirements is especially significant in light of Germany's history of the Holocaust and persecution of Jews and other minority groups. The new law will provide a climate for diversity and acceptance in a nation with an onerous legacy of xenophobia, where the concept of 'us versus them' will be replaced by a principle of citizenship for all." 
    The ADL, like Barbara Spectre, has no place dictating to European people what they think European nations should be. 

    These same people oppose any form of non-Jewish immigration into Israel and do everything possible to ensure Israel remains an 'exclusively Jewish state.' In, European nations, they support the exact opposite and don't believe that Europeans have the right to want Europe to remain European. The likes of the ADL and their fellow travellers, are a hostile fifth columns destroying us from within. 

    Jew Abdullah ibn Saba sets up Shi’aism to divide and destroy the gullible, low IQ Muslims in the Levant

    Did you know that the reprobate Jews have been dividing their gullible Gentile enemies into opposing racial, ethnic, and religious factions, to facilitate their ultimate enslavement and destruction by the Jews? Something particularly apparent in the whole history of the Jews’ invention of the pagan moon idol worship of Islam, which has been marvelously used to not only weaken and destroy Christianity, but also, in more recent times, to divide the Gentile neighbors of the rogue Talmudic state of Israel against each other and thus undo any real possibility of an overthrow of the Jewish settlers in Palestine.

    Check out this article that elaborates on the Jewish founder of the Muslim sect of Shi’aism that’s one of the two most prominent Muslim sects in the Middle East today…
    Abd Allah ibn Sabaʾ al-Ḥimyarī was a 7th-century figure in Islamic history and often associated with a group of followers called the Sabaʾiyya. Some believe that Abdullah Ibn Saba may have been actually several figures, semi-legendary, or legendary and fictional; but the Jewish rabbi and biblical scholar Israel Friedlander and Sabatino Moscati affirm his existence.
    His Jewish origin has been contested but also widely accepted. Some modern historians assert that Sayf ibn Umar fabricated the episode about the killing of Uthman to “exonerate the people of Medina from participation in the caliph’s murder” and the movement to support Ali as a successor to Muhammad did not exist in the time of Uthman. With the exception of Taha Hussein, most modern Sunni writers affirm the existence of Ibn Saba’. In a similar vein, Shia writers deny Ibn Saba’s historical existence to rid Shi’aism of the accusation by Sunni writers that Shia’ism is originally based on Judaic doctrines.
    According to Sunni sources, Abdullah bin Saba’ was a Yamanite Jewish convert to Islam, although M.G.S. Hodgson doubts he was a Jew and actually may have been several figures. He also suggests that Ibn Saba’ and Ibn al-Sawada’ should be considered as two separate individuals. According to Leone Caetani, Ibn Saba in origin was a purely political supporter of Ali, “around whom later generations imagined a religious conspiracy like that of the Abbasids.”
    Modern Muslim writers tend to discredit Tabari’s account of Ibn Saba as “sheer fiction”. Taha Hussein and Ali al-Wardi maintain that Ibn Saba’ was the creation of Umayyad propaganda. According to Bernard Lewis modern critical scholarship has successfully cast doubt on his historical existence. Ibn Saba is called a semi-legendary figure by Moojan[9] and a legendary figure by MariaMassi Dakake. Israel Friedlander concludes that Ibn Saba’ and the Sabi’iyya did, in fact, exist. The episode about his role in killing of Uthman has been fabricated, however. His work has also been attested to by Sabatino Moscati.

    Ali Al-Wardi suggests that Ammar Yaser may actually be the historical figure lay behind Ibn Saba figure. He noted the similarities of Ammar Yaser’s life to Ibn Saba’s. Ammar was also from Yemen. He was called Ibn Sawda (son of a black woman). He was zealous supporter of Ali’s right for caliphate, and went to Egypt to rouse Muslims against Uthman. He also obstructed the peace effort between Ali and Aisha.

    W. F. Tucker suggests that it was possible that the attribution of Jewish ancestry to Ibn Saba’ on his parental side and imputation of black descent on his mother’s side was fabricated to discredit his credentials as a Muslim Arab and “thus stigmatize all ideas associated with him”. Bernard Lewis states that modern critical scholarship casts doubt on his Jewishness. Bernard Lewis, citing the example of Ibn Saba’, states that there is tendency in Islamic sources to attribute subversive and extremist doctrines to Jewish origins, conspiracy or instigation. G. Levi Della Vida also rejects his Jewish origin and maintains that Ibn Saba’ was an Arab.

    However, according to Hartwig Hirschfeld, Abdullah bin Saba’ was a Jew from Yemen who embraced Islam. Israel Friedlander suggested that he may have been a son of an Ethiopian Falasha woman, which explains why he was called “ibn al-Sawdāʾ”. W. F. Tucker, after examining the different arguments, concludes that “Whatever is the case regarding his ethnic identity, it is quite probable that Ibn Saba’ was a Yemenite, and that he came from a Jewish milieu“.

    Traditionally, Abd Allah ibn Sabaʾ is considered as the first of the ghulāt. He may have been the first to deny that Ali had died and predicting his return (rajʿa), which was considered one form of ghulū. Also, the notion of the absence (ghayba) of an imam seem to have appeared first among the ghulāt.

    Concerning Ibn Saba’ religious beliefs, particularly that of the Sabaʾiyya, Tucker noted that they are more complete and better recorded in sources devoted to heresiography. Heinz Halm records him as a representative of a Ghulat group from the city of Seleucia-Ctesiphon (al-Madā’in) who came to see ‘Alī in Kūfah. When Ibn Saba’ proclaimed ‘Alī’s divinity, ‘Alī denied this angrily and exiled him back to Seleucia-Ctesiphon. Heinz Halm adds that Islamic Islamic writers such as Ašʿari in Maqālāt, Baḡdādi in Feraq have said that Ibn Saba’ was the first person who idolized Ali ibn Abi Talib. He preached that ʿAli was God (al-elāh). After ʿAli’s death, he is said to maintain this idea that “a devil in ʿAli’s appearance had been murdered” and ʿAli had ascended to heaven and that his occultation (rajʿa) was imminent.

    Wilferd Madelung after reviewing the accounts of Sayf ibn Umar on the alleged role of Abdullah ibn Saba’ in the rebellion against Uthman and emergence of Shi’a asserts “few if any modern historians would accept Sayf’s legend of Ibn Saba”.

    Taha Hussein asserts that the “fabrication” of ibn Saba’ was done by the enemies of the Shī‘a; that the insertion of a “Jewish element” would discredit the Shī‘a. He noted that the absence of any record of ibn Saba’ being present at the Battle of Siffin suggests that ibn Saba’ is a fictitious person.

    Israel Friedlander, Julius Wellhausen, and most particularly, Leone Caetani, assert that Sayf fabricated the episode about killing of Uthman to “exonerate the people of Medina from participation in the caliph’s murder” and as Friedlander adds finding a “scapegoat for the troubles surrounding Uthman” and any complicity in the strife resulting in the death of third caliph. Tucker asserts that although it may have been the case, there is no concrete evidence supporting this theory.

    They note that sources older than al-Tabari are silent on Ibn Saba’ and his role in the agitation against Uthman. 

    “They aver that the movement for supporting Ali as heir and testamentary trustee of the prophet did not exist in the time of Uthman as Ibn Saba’ had alleged. Therefore they refuse to accept the authenticity of Ibn Saba’s claim that Ali was the heir of prophet”
    Caetani noted that a religious conspiracy may have been created around the person of Ibn Sabaʾ even though he may have been just a political supporter of Ali.

    However, W. F. Tucker notes that the suggestion that Sayf is not reliable is no longer sustainable. Tucker and Landau-Tasseron point out that although Sayf may have been an unscrupulous hadith collector, this should not detract from his general reliability as a transmitter of historical information (akhbārī). Tucker also states that even if Sayf’s accounts of Ibn Saba’ was a fabrication, he appears to be only the transmitter of the story and not the ultimate source. He adds that accusations of bias could equally be leveled at other akhbārīs contemporary to Sayf, including the Shi’a historian Abu Mikhnaf.

    Linda D. Lau accepts Sayf’s accounts and the role of the Saba’iyya at the Battle of the Camel. She points out that traditionalists other than Sayf did not give an explanation to why the hostilities broke out after the near-settlement. Not only Sayf’s account is the sole exiting account with an explanation of what happened, it is also logically consistent.

    According to Tabari, based on traditions collected by Sayf ibn Umar, Ibn Saba’ was a Yemenite Jew who embraced Islam. During the time of Ali ibn Abi Taleb, he introduced a number of concepts that later were ascribed to more extreme factions of Shia Islam, or ghulat. According to these traditions, the exaltation of Ali, his divine appointment by the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a successor, the concept of ghayba and return (rajʿa) were first formulated and expressed by Ibn Sabaʾ and his followers (the Sabaʾiyya). He and his followers are sometimes said to be the ones who enticed the Egyptians against Uthman on the ground of Ali’s special right of succession, and participated in further instigation at later conflicts. Historically, Sunni theologians have not only upheld Ibn Saba’s existence, but used evidence from the historical works of the Shi’a in order to support their claims.

    In Shia’ views, the claim that Ibn Saba’ as a convert Jew and the founder of Shia Islam is considered propaganda. Although the existence of Abdullah Ibn Saba’ is seriously under question, even if such a person existed, the stories propagated about this person are legendary, false, fabricated, and fictitious. In traditional Shi’a sources, he is sometimes viewed as an extremist Shia (ghulat), himself cursed by Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq. Nevertheless, Ibn Sabaʾ became the subject of a tradition used by different Shia factions to both attack and defend extreme Shia groups. According to this tradition, and depending on the different interpretations, Ali either burned or exiled him and his followers for declaring Ali as God.

    It is true that in Shia’ traditions Ali ordered Abdullah Ibn Saba’ and his followers burned because they assumed Ali God. But Shī‘a views believe that fabricated stories around the character of Abdullah Ibn Saba’ are the malicious production of Sayf ibn Umar. He was a story teller who shaped his fictional stories based on primary facts he found in the documented history of Islam available at that time.[20]

    In traditional Shi’a sources, Ibn Saba’ sometimes figured as an extremist (ghali)). It is said that Jafar Sadiq, the sixth Shia’ Imam and the founder of Shi’a Islamic fiqh, cursed him. Shī‘a scholars such as Abu Muhammad al-Hasan bin Musa al-Nubakhti, Abu Amr bin Abdul Aziz al-Kash-shi, Al-Hasan bin Ali al-Hilly, al-Astra Abadi, Al-Sadooq, and Al-Nawbakhty gave the stories and narrations of Ibn Saba.

    The Shia believe that the fabricated stories around the character of Abdullah ibn Saba’ are the malicious production of Sayf ibn Umar al-Tamimi.

    Multiple Sunni scholars state that Sayf ibn Umar, who wrote extensively about ibn Saba, was unreliable on matters of Prophetic Hadith. For example, al-Dhahabi (d. 748 AH) has quoted from the book of Sayf in his History. In “al-Mughni fi al-Dhu’afa'” al-Dhahabi wrote: ”Sayf has two books which have been unanimously abandoned by the scholars.” However, some modern historians have pointed out that this view of Sayf should be limited to his Hadith scholarship, and thus it does not detract from his general reliablitiy as a transmitter of historical information.

    Tabari narration on Ibn Saba’ goes back to Sayf ibn Umar. There are two other historians mentioned Ibn Saba’ accounts which is said to have independente sources. However, it can be shown that their chains of isnad go back to Sayf Ibn Umar.

    The Shī‘a believe that both works are fabricated and a number of prominent Sunni scholars concur, including al-Hakim, Abu Dawud, al-Suyuti and al-Nisa’i. The Shī‘a point out that although al-Dhahabi mentions Sayf ibn Umar as a weak narrator, stating “Sayf has two books which have been unanimously abandoned by the scholars”, he also accepts the story of Abdullah ibn Saba’ relayed from Sayf ibn Umar in his book. However, these are not the only scholars of Baghdad citing that Sayf’s sources are not reliable.

    Some early Jewish literature also exists on Ibn Saba. He was largely regarded as an apostate from Judaism.

    Jew sets up Shi’a sect to divide the gullible goyim in the Muslim world ….