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Sunday, 3 August 2014


Commander "Delta" from the Israeli Defense Force
Source: Times of Israel 

Why was an Israel Commando leading a Jewish militia Group during the Ukrainian coup? It's a long story, but we'll keep it short & sweet.

1890's: The first Ashkenazi Jews trickle 

into 95% Arab Palestine.

Once upon a time, (1890's to be exact) the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews of Europe (who had no ancestral linkage to ancient Judea!) asked the Ottoman Turkish Empire for permission to allow a small handful of Jewish pilgrims (about 10,000) to settle in the 96%-97% Arab land of Palestine. 
"Don't worry.", they said. "It's only a small, harmless religious community. Don't believe the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. This tiny group of Jews is not going to take over Palestine....Ha Ha Ha."
Google: The First Aliyah

All of Palestine falls under
The British Mandate.
Once upon a time, (during World War I to be exact) the Zionists of Europe asked the British to take Palestine away from Turkish control and allow European Jews to begin settling there after the war (payoff for the Jews dragging the USA into war on Britain's side).  
 "Don't worry." they said to the British and local Arabs. 
"These are only medium sized religious communities which will be confined to small designated areas. Don't believe the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. We have no interest in displacing Arabs or taking over Palestine." .
Google: The Balfour Declaration

Google: The British Mandate

The 1948 Deir Yassin massacre caused Palestinians to
flee from their ancestral homes in terror.

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