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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wherever Whites go the Parasites will follow - J.H.

Wherever Whites go these Parasites will follow

Wherever Whites go these Parasites will follow

Wherever Whites go these Parasites will follow (notice the light skinned mulatto)


  1. What white girl? she's a mulatto or a quadroon, isn't it obvious?

    1. Yes, I hadn't looked at the picture and my eyesight is not too good, I''ll edit the caption.

  2. The light skin coloured parasite is a mulatto or a quadroon . . . better known as a bastard of mixed race. Bastard is the result of race mixing “they” can appear similar to us and cross-breed with the White Race, restating their favourite targets are the White Adamite women and they are still here doing what they have always done; working to destroy the Adamic race and specifically the House of Israel by wars and promoting mongrelization of the white race!

    Race mixing is the doctrine of Balaam and brings YAHWEH’s judgement on His own People.
    See Numbers Chapter 25.

    The Hebrew and Greek are clear that Genesis One human creations are different races from the “forming” of Adam and Eve of Genesis Two by Yahweh.

    YHWH took the “opening or chamber” from a protected place under the ribs out of Adam and created “womb-man,” today known as woman.
    Strong’s Concordance indicates that it was a rib protecting an opening or “chamber.”

    Since all white people have the same number of ribs, and the womb of a woman is an “opening and protected place” above all else, common sense and logic dictates what YHWH “separated” or “took” out from Adam to create his “helpmeet” of his own flesh.

    What Yahweh evidently took from Adam was a womb organ under the “rib” to form Eve.
    From the rib He would take the DNA. The ribs are the powerhouse of DNA manufacture in the body.
    The marrow of the bone is where the blood is formed; and the blood contains the DNA of the Race.
    The LIFE is in the BLOOD. (Gen. 9:4)
    Blood can possibly be considered an organ of the body in a fluid state.
    In the Garden of Eden, YAHWEH “breathed the breath of life” into One particular Adam ONLY. (Gen. 2:7)

    Whatever you believe the “breath of life” to be, the male and female creations of Genesis One evidently did not have this.
    None of the other “formed” creations, species of humans or otherwise (beast of the field and earth) of Genesis One were given this.

    Looking at the physical descendant aspect of YAHWEH’s Law Word only, from the pure line Adam and Eve to the “womb” of a white Israelite woman today; this is what Satan, by himself in his fallen angelic body, or by using a mixed or non-Adamite or one of the beasts of the field (with hands and feet), seeks to violate and pollute with their own seed (DNA).
    For then he can destroy the children of Israel and the “breath of life” off this planet.
    (“The holy seed,” Ezra 9:1-4, Malachi 2:15; look up the use of the word seed in Strong’s Concordance, the Word is very specific in the use of the word “seed” and what kind of seed.)

    If there are No pure-blooded Israelites on earth it means there is no pure Israelite Bride and no Bridegroom Body.
    There would be no reason for Him to come back and thus no Kings Dominion of YAHWEH on this planet which is what Satan and his minions want!
    See Revelations 18:7-16
    To Follow . . .

  3. The Word states, “The life of the flesh is in the blood.” (Lev.17:11; Deut 12:23). Through the ages, the satanic seed line eats and drinks the blood of the Adamites, and specifically the Israelites, in various rites and rituals.

    This includes cannibalism and the Jewish (Cainite) rite of “Ritual Murder” where they eat cookies containing the blood of kidnapped and sacrificed white Christian children at the Feast of Purim.
    (Research the history of Jewish Ritual Murder and Wake Up)

    The other way the satanic seed line tries to steal “life” is by breeding with the Adamite race to “re-charge” their blood lines with the DNA of Adam.

    Which two seeds (DNA, zera-H, sperma-Greek) did YHWH put “enmity” between . . .
    His own (Adam Elohim son of YHWH) and the serpent race offspring generated/begot by the satans/fallen angels. (Gen 3:15).
    Again, we are talking physical offspring, not some spiritualised theoretical state of mind entity of the modern church concoction.

    In Genesis 4:25 Eve states, “ . . . For YHWH, said she, hath appointed me another seed INSTEAD [in place] of Abel, whom Cain slew.”
    Had Cain been Adam’s son, Eve would have said, “instead of Cain…”
    By stating “instead of Abel” she included Abel in Adam’s genealogy while excluding Cain.

    The Bible tells us that Esau (Jacobs’s brother) settled among the Canaanites near Mount Seir, the home of Seir the Horite. (Deut. 2:4.)

    Among these Canaanites were the Anakim, the descendants of Anak, who were the literal giants of Canaan land.
    Deut. 2:12 and 22 tell us that the children of Esau succeeded these various Canaanites tribes, after a period of internecine warfare.
    We know that the giants (who somehow got through the flood, some with twelve fingers and toes) survived as late as the time of King David, for Goliath was a Son of Gath (I Sam. 17:4); and Gath was the land of the giants (II Sam. 21:22).

    From these scattered references, we have Scriptural evidence of a direct, hereditary link between those whom some researchers call the Anu-naki (half-breed Nephilim offspring of the fallen angels), the Canaanites, Esau, and the Dukes (sons) of Esau, who became known as the Edomites and are later called Idumeans (Greek) in Jesus’s day.

    This should erase any doubt or confusion about their genealogy.
    The Edomites/Idumeans clearly are not Israelites and cannot become so by marrying into the Israelite tribes.
    The Edomites, later called Idumeans are, in fact, the mixed offspring of the Satanic Seedline.
    Thus, we see that the Edomites mingled their seed with that of BOTH the descendants of the fallen angels of Noah’s day (some of whom survived the flood or came down after the flood), and the descendants of Cain, of Adam’s day.

    Jesus verified this in John 8, specifically John 8:44 when He said unto them, “Ye are of your father the devil…” and Luke 11:51.

    When Israel disobeys Yahweh the Shepherd, they fall prey to Satan and his minions!
    Yahweh says, “Obey Me or Die!”
    Deut. 30:15-20.

    YAHWEH has not given away or expanded the scope of the Birthright to include other people, persons, or races, nor is He “adopting” them into the covenants as some say other than is set forth in His marriage laws.
    Yahshua came to fulfil and establish the Covenants (Mt 5:17, 18).
    However, many of the material aspects of the Covenant blessings given to Israel will and do spill over to the other races and nations that place themselves under the King’s Dominion.

    The meaning of the word “adoption” in the New Covenant means “the planned timing and placement of Israelite ‘sons’ (huios) by birth for a purpose.”

    White man, son of Adam, you have a purpose, a mission down here.

  4. Watch this video
    Hell man watch it a couple of times . . . then get right, get understanding and get prepared.