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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

When Should Journalists Be Beheaded? A Case For Clearer Guidelines From Islamic State

By endzog


endzog London desk

Firstly we do bear in mind that the Zionist occupation regimes which govern the entire Western world have brought in millions of Muslim immigrants to facilitate the Jewish programme of White genocide through higher immigrant birthrates and Zion-promoted miscegenation and race-mixing. So far this policy has been a win, win for the Jew on all fronts simply because the Muslim hordes owe their arrival in the white lands solely to the Jew and it is the Jew who fights for their housing, jobs, social security and education, it is the Jewish legal system and Jewish or Jew-fag judges who let them off for their crimes of sexually enslaving young White girls or even cooking them in restaurants and serving them as Kebabs to their customers while the Judaised cultural Marxist diversity police look the other way as in the case of Charlene Downes in the UK.

Of course this also means that there is almost no antisemitism among Western-based Muslims against Jews just as there is very little against them by non-Muslims. Both Muslim and non-Muslim are carefully shephereded by the Jewsmedia into anti-Zionism instead; i.e. anger against “those few bad Zionist Jews.”

Of course neither the liberalized Western-based Muslim or the Goyim are aware that over 99% of Jews are Zionists and the famous anti-Zionist ultra-orthodox Jews the Jew waves infront of us on the alternative Jewsmedia, are only a tiny minority, and at that they are only anti-Zionist because they are waiting for their Satanic god to give them permission to be Zionist. They believe that all the other Jews have jumped the gun and gone in too early to that ideology.

And of course it has been a winner in that it turns almost all anger about immigration onto the Muslims and not the Jewish criminals behind it. Further, it means that with total control on the media the Jew can steer any future social disturbance against their destructive regime by indigenous elements against the Muslims, while at the same time carefully mind-controlling the population to protect them and facilitate them both to lead the revolution and return back to power afterwards.

But one has to be careful not to criticize Muslims in the West from any other than official perspectives as the Jew has instituted laws against it, saying that we must respect differences in culture and religion and it is ‘racist and Islamophobic’ not to do so unless of course you are Jewish or Jew-fag journalist who can spin and lie and deceive about the ‘bad Muslim’ as much as you like.

The ‘good Muslims’ whose liberal organizations like Hizb ut Tahrir, as with the vast number of Muslim orgs in the UK, are all affiliated to the Zionist regime and regularly host Jews at their functions, are to be cherished and revered while the ‘bad Muslims’ like Anjem Choudary are to be reviled, incited against, ridiculed and defamed in the Jewsmedia. This despite the fact that the very mild Mr. Choudary is not the least bit Jew-wise and has no idea that Britain is owned and run by Jews and has never heard of the House of Rothschild, the heads of international Jewry and usurious world banking and finance.

In this sense Choudary is essentially a fake who along with the fake nationalist parties like the BNP, NF or UKIP or fake Muslim groups like Hizb, while appearing to be shocking on some levels, nonetheless serve the regime by hiding the Jew behind the curtain and blaming others such as the puppet Western governments and their leaders and the phony McRothschild shopfronts that appear as separate Western nations such as the Jewnited States or the Jewknighted kingdom, for all sin.

The Muslims brought into the West are lab rats of Jewish social eugenics who can be infected with a virus of so-called ‘moderate’ Islam which is not unlike the ‘moderate’ Christianity that ultimately gave way to tolerance of immorality, women priests, abortion, miscegenation, homosexual ‘marriage’ and will eventually give way to pedophilia, that very special Jewish vice that Zion is so anxious to prepare us for. The one vice which along with all others will enable the Jew to return to the child-sacrifice commanded by the Talmud.

Personally, and I am no expert on Sharia law, I believe that the beheading of journalist James Foley went too far. The man from what little I can see was not part of the main Jewsmedia and did what almost no modern journalist would ever do which is to criticize the Zionist Western forces for bombing civilians as their puppet government in Baghdad is now doing in Iraq and the Rothschild Air Force did in Libya. Furthermore it seems very extreme to behead anyone who has been held for a long time in captivity, and as in this case one who has deal of understanding and agreement with much of the case for Islamic State.

I would have no qualms whatsoever to see any journalist from any of the main Jewsmedia outlets like BBC, SKY News, CNN, Channel 4 News UK, ITN or any of the lying ‘British’ press like the Daily Jew, Mirror, SUN, Express or the Torahgraph being beheaded. Rather such a punishment would not only be fair for those who have the blood of many thousands of innocent Muslims abroad on their lying hands, who are agents for a regime assisting the genocide of the indigenous populations of Europe, and who are furthering the aim of the creation of the Jew World Order, and such public, filmed executions would constitute a desirous proof that these perpetrators are not after all as invincible as they appear on the TV screens at home where they are undermining all that is good and promoting all that is bad for the people they should be serving.

endzog is the only non-Muslim website let alone white nationalist website or any other website in the world which largely supports Islamic State on the grounds that a success in liberating the Islamic sphere through a united Caliphate from the crushing weight of the jackboot of transnational Zionist bankster finance and military enslavement will hopefully enable the beginning of the fall of the Zionist occupation regimes in the West. “My enemies enemy is my friend” as it were. But we do not want to see injustice in the way members of islamic State operate within the terms of their own vision of Islam and we suspect that this particular beheading was murder and not a strict interpretation of sharia law. Certainly it was counter-productive to the image of Islamic State, and here I do not refer to the atrocity-propaganda of the Jewmedia but the perception of the fair-minded people who look beyond its lies.

Of course we always bear in mind that it is as hard for a Western Jesus-minded Goyim to comprehend a beheading as it is for a remote village Muslim in Pakistan to understand how some young woman in Texas can with a game-console wipe out a whole innocent family at a wedding party in far-off Waziristan with a drone before climbing into her SUV to pick up her kids and take them to Wallmart to buy the latest toy from the Sponge Bob franchise, or how a Jew in Israel can murder Palestinian kids playing on the beach with the use of a guided missile and just for kicks.

So let us hear some clear guidelines from Islamic State about the circumstances under which the most severe punishments under sharia law take place at their hands.

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  1. its called "settling up with Jesus". He worked for a pure Jew, spying news agency, a true shabbos-goy, who will never be accepted as a Jew, and gave his life to the Jew.
    Shabbos-goy are considered the dumbest people on earth by the Jew, but Jews just stroke their heads.