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Sunday, 17 August 2014

What A Sham

Wow! So, another police officer jumped out of his car in the ghetto for absolutely no reason, put a black guy on the ground with his hands up and then filled him full of lead? What a shame. Well, no, more like “what a sham”.

Too bad that narrative has been perpetuated by witnesses of the same quality as those in downtown Charleston, the media, the NAACP, the President of the United States and any number of other well known race-baiters. According to the liberal media who are gleefully reporting any perceived slights to the black population in Ferguson, Missouri, when a group of rioters forms and begins looting, throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails and shooting, the police should turn around and go home. Taking action against those criminals is just racist. And the police brought *gasp* guns and shit.

The media wants you to buy into the story that Michael Brown was a naive, helpless child who was puzzled when an evil police officer told him to get out of the street. He was not. “Big’mike Jr. Brown” was a six foot something, 260 pound, 18 year old gang member with a criminal history including burglary, “armed criminal action” and 1st degree assault.

Michael Brown

Details are slowly emerging which indicate Brown and his pal Dorian Johnson initiated a confrontation with a police officer responding to a call. Brown severely beat the officer and caught a round as a result. When he charged the badly beaten officer a second time, he caught a few more.

Once again we are presented with the mindset that any action taken against a black criminal is a racist action. The officer should have just taken that beating, thanked the “teen” and gone on his way having learned a valuable lesson in race relations.

We don’t think this incident was racist because, as you can see in the photo below, Brown was not wearing a hoodie. We all know the presence of a hoodie automatically makes everything racist.

If gang members were smart they would start carrying throw-down hoodies to leave at scenes so the NAACP and Al Sharpton would have some sure fire ammunition to use against the cops.

Of the gang members on Brown’s Thugbook friends list, most seem to identify with the Bloods. We did see a few throwing the sign for the Vice Lords, though. NBC news ran this photo from Brown’s Thugbook page. the photo was date 8 July, 2014.

Would it surprise you to find out NBC edited that photo? Here is the full photo with Brown throwing what appears to be a version of the Vice Lord sign.

Apparently Brown changed his mind. In 2012 he was showing Blood signs. You will note the media chose not to use these photos of Brown.

We found this media editing of photos to hide the facts very interesting because CBS News just ran a story about some ridiculous hashtag thing where people are posting two photos to their social media accounts using the tag “iftheygunnedmedown”. It is a propaganda effort initiated to claim the media will always publish the gang sign photo instead of the church clothes photo. As usual, the evidence provided by the media’s own actions puts the lie to this alleged tendency of the media to show the gang sign photos.

Here is the 2013 photo of Brown most of the media is using. Just another kid in the game room, huh?

Edit: A very helpful reader has pointed out that the photo below is actually a shot of Jodah Cain, a guy who murdered his great-grandmother in Portland, Oregon last year. It is not a picture of Micheal Brown from Ferguson, Mo.

We decided to spend a few minutes browsing through Brown’s friends list. Here is what we found in just fifteen minutes. “Luh Vee” looks like he’s throwing a Blood sign there. He’s talking about going back up to the riots. “Leo DaKid” says he needs a gun. Leo’s Thugbook page was deleted just as we started going through it. Can’t help but wonder what he’s trying to hide.

Brown’s buddy “Ty Da Shooter” wants to take the advice of Al Sharpton and the New Black Prancers and “fuck em up while we still got the opportunity”. Hey, they can’t shoot all the thugs, right?

Iraq comes to the heartland.

Tyrone wants to kill cops.

Tyrone is equipped to kill cops, too. You can see from this video he has his handgun and his 30 round extended clip ready to rock while he’s in the crowd. He isn’t shy about showing it off, either. And the media says the cops shouldn’t bring guns and tear gas to these functions. All that crap you heard today about the violent rioters and looters were agitators coming in from out of town and were not from Ferguson? Yeah, bullshit. Ferguson is infested with violent gang members. At least we can have fun visualizing this moron shooting his package off when he tries to pull that firearm from his waistband.

Here are some more screenshots from Tyrone’s page.

Yep, those cops in Ferguson should definitely be disarmed, huh?

In a story about the riots that just ran on CBS News, script reader Scott Pelley graced us with this stunning revelation in reference to the police response to the looting and riots. “Some police were armed with semi-automatic weapons.” Actually, dumb-ass, just about every police officer in the country is now armed with a semi-automatic weapon. As usual, the media shows their ignorance and their agenda.

We tried to stay out of this one, folks. We really did. We have more than enough crime in the Lowcountry to keep us busy. After watching a week of inaccurate media reports and molly-coddling of race-baiters who were advocating violence, the censorship of Thugbook was the final straw. Now you have a better grasp of the facts of this case.

Edit: We just read a news story where a St. Louis County prosecutor says Michael Brown had no criminal history. Interesting. When we reviewed their “casenet” site, the case number we had been provided for the arrests we mentioned above has apparently been deleted. Not buying that story just yet.

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