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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Time is short. In fact, too short to amend some of the drastic changes in our societies.

You don’t have to believe me – but you should acknowledge that it is not an impossible scenario and therefore recognize your duty in preparing for it.

We’ve changed. Since 1945, there were several more or less significant so-called social revolutions, sexual revolutions, and other great leftist [Jewish] ideas put to life. And so, gradually we’ve all become beasts – strangers to each other that deem intoxicating together and copulating with each other as the highest form of societal integration, entertainment and friendship – of course friendships today don’t have to last all that long to be called that.

Once you could really rely on your family and neighbors. Indeed, they formed tribes within societies long past tribal times. I encourage you to ask your parents and grandparents about this. I’m pretty sure they noticed. I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to tell you how different it all was back then.

People trusted each other more. They relied on each other more. Greeting each other on the street or in a store was considered normal – today it’s often just plain awkward. Helping each other in the face of danger was considered an obvious act – today people get robbed or beaten bloody in broad daylight with witnesses all over who do just that – witness, but will fail to move a finger to help in almost all cases.

We are deeply disintegrated. Almost all people are, as the ancient Greeks would say – idiotes. They care far more for their own private matters that they do about public ones – making our collective existence more miserable. Making us unable to unite and bring the necessary changes in our nations. Unable to effectively protest even the most atrocious things done to us. Solidarity today is a sad joke.

I strongly believe that it’s possible and very likely for our race to find its way back to the glorious times of old when the bonds of blood and friendships we formed were the only protection we needed. I know it will one day – and rather sooner than later. But I also believe that it’s likely not to happen before all the economic and political structures of our modern world go crumbling down. And that’s exactly what you should be ready for. To not rely on your neighbors and the society you live in when everything falls apart.

A lot of the knowledge and self-sufficiency which you’ll achieve this way is going to be extremely useful in myriads of ways other than secluding from the modern world and protecting your family and yourself. There are other reasons for implementing what I’ll describe shortly. Living a healthier, more natural life similar to that of our ancestors. Vast and constant self-improvement, gaining knowledge of that which surrounds you on an everyday basis. Providing your family with what nourished the European families for thousands of years and escaping from what’s been destroying them for the past several decades.

What exactly do I propose? Well, it’s rather simple, really:

Retreat as far from the urban areas as possible. Today, approximately 73% of Europe is urbanized (i.e. 73% of the population lives in the cities). The urban areas are the primary source of decadence which rots our culture from within. Most people in the cities live in small boxes called “apartments”, relying on a vast network of services which they cannot influence or sometimes even fully comprehend and without which they would not be able to survive – electricity, water supply, public health-care, public transport, and many more just to make you completely reliant and – in effect – completely obedient. Just look at the cities of Europe outside of the popular tourist routes. They shred human dignity to bits. Some will have you believe that this is because we’re too many and it’s impossible to provide better living conditions for such a great number of people. Really, too many? But they are bringing in more colored immigrants because we’re too few! And these immigrants cling to the urban areas like flies to a dung.

Find your land. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to just move out of the city, buy a piece of land, build a house and start a farm. It’s in your blood. Research your roots and choose a location corresponding to your family history, if possible. Learn about permaculture, stonework, woodwork, herding, wool-work, natural medicine and all other useful things from trustworthy how-to books or from knowledgeable friends.

Live a quiet life. Most of the “indispensable” things we surround ourselves with are not only unnecessary – they’re downright harmful. Use as little of the modern technology as possible – you’ll bring your fixed costs to a minimum and – much more importantly – learn to do a lot by yourself, improving your skills and gaining new ones each step of the way. A quiet life means a quiet mind – more and more people are waking up to this truth again.

Put your family first. We never used to live in such large groups anyway. Your family is what matters most. Never forget that. To ensure their safety and well-being is the most sacred of obligations.

Pass on your knowledge and virtues. Allow your children to be good Europeans through your blood as well as a positive upbringing. Both Nature and Nurture. Practice racial hygiene and set an example by your everyday actions and words. There’s nothing more noble.
Honor is the foundation of the folk community.
- Joseph Goebbels
Be ready to rejoin the societies of the White race when they reanimate themselves. But until that time be ready not to rely on them too much. It’s the only way you can guarantee the survival of the people you care about the most and yourself.

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