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Saturday, 9 August 2014

US: White students predicted a minority by fall this year.

For the first time in the history of the United States, public schools students might have more non-White students than White students by this fall, if the student enrollment predictions are correct.

The percentage of White students in public schools is expected to drop to 49.8% the National Center for Education Statistics says.

The largest non-White groups are “Hispanic” (mixed race) who make up 25% of public school students, Blacks who make up 15%, and Asians who make up 5%. Hispanic immigration is the driving force behind White Genocide in the United States.

Private schools in addition to public schools are seeing more non-White students.

Minority White status is not just something confined to the schools; White people in the US could be the minority around 2043 the US Census Bureau believes. This will largely be because of mass Hispanic immigration, and their high birth-rates.

The beginning of the new school year will see a large increase in Hispanic students around city schools as the illegal immigrant children will be allowed access to free education before a decision is made to keep them or deport them, the Obama regime has decided.

US Education Secretary Arne Duncan voices his support for White genocide in the US.
“We can’t talk about other people’s children. These are our children…” Duncan said.
If any other group of people on the planet were becoming a minority in their own countries at such an alarming rate there would be investigations, but because it’s White people who are becoming a minority in our own countries, it is simply accepted as natural and should not be thought about.

There is nothing natural about opening the borders of White countries and forcing “diversity” on all White areas, despite objection from the public.

There is also nothing natural about putting in place “hate speech” laws that imprison people who say the wrong things about open borders and forced “diversity” for White countries.

As dramatic as it sounds, this is in fact a program of genocide against White people, which is ongoing in many majority White countries across the world.

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