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Monday, 18 August 2014

Thousands of Pakistanis Rally in Birmingham to Demand that Criticism of Islam be Criminalised

Imported to Europe by the Parasite Jew their Parasitic brethren are now moving to the complete colonisation of Europe helped by the sickening dhimmitude of our traitor politicians.

Unbelievable display of dhimmitude from this politician. I believe this is Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham city council. He boasts that the Muslim population in Britain doubled in the last decade and that Birmingham is now one quarter Muslim.


  1. Albert 'pigs bite his underwear' Bore is a treacherous leach. He insults the 75% whilst sucking off, oops, up to, the 25%. What have these mudscum turds brought to Birmingham? Child rape (so-called grooming), heroin, prostitution, toxic curries, rapist taxi drivers, burglary, violence etc. That is not something to applaud, unless of course Albert 'please bum us honkeys' Bore is a customer of the child rape gangs (which wouldn't surprise anyone - especially if he is buying boys).

    The crowd in the video is 100% paki - so much for diversity.

    Rather than demanding our laws be changed to suit the invaders, Albert 'parasites breed ugly halfwits' Bore should join the campaign to kick the mudslimes back to pakistan. Of course he won't because he is a traitor.

    So what is to be done with Albert 'pushes bhajis up himself' Bore? Well, the traditional treatment of traitors springs to mind - day of the rope Albert, day of the rope.

  2. Look at that Satanic Bastard speaking Albert Bore, Freemason ?

  3. I'm in Birmingham, Muzzies where at least 26% of our population 10 years ago.

  4. I've added a post on Bore to my blog:

    You'll find in that article the explanation for Bore's position - Najma Hafeez and their two children, Omar Hafeez-Bore and Firaz Hafeez-Bore.