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Monday, 11 August 2014

The Ultimate Victory Sought By The Jew

By endzog

I dreamed last night I was talking to my doctor. He was not my doctor in real life because in these days of increasingly communitarian medicine you may often not have a specific doctor, certainly not one of your choice, and if you don’t make a long enough appointment and instead book for a quick one you will meet some skinny kid who knows nothing about medicine but has a fair idea how to look things up in some sort of universal-brain website for doctors. He is invariably wrong in his diagnosis and you invariably understand you should have taken the time out to study the symptoms on the web yourself. If you want a real doctor go private and if there is no private medicine where you live die quietly.

Anyway, just as I had moved the conversation from some mysterious complaint neither he nor I understood and had seamlessly breached the subject of politics when a senior management doctor poked his nose out of a nearby office to give a “These are not subjects for the surgery” meaningful look in our general direction, but the doctor, seemingly oblivious of the hint and glad to change the verbal exchange from the boredom of his ‘calling’ looked over to hear what I was saying and I continued. “Do you know that in the white nations such as the USA and UK the majority of schoolchildren are now non-white?"

As dreams do I suddenly found myself walking up a corridor with the same doctor and I said,
“Do you know that the Holocaust was a total hoax? It was based only on one truth which is that the Third Reich had gathered the Jews into camps ready to be deported before international Jewry also known as transnational finance, made that impossible?”
I then continued the thread of the previous scene in the dream and said “Do you know the Jews are deliberately exterminating the white race?" At that point I glanced at the doctor and he had turned into an African, he smiled and said “They are exterminating us too.”  “No,” I said, “they want Africans to remain just as they are because just as they are they can be controlled with ease.” I did not wish to offend him with an explanation of real IQ, a subject understood only by White nationalists.
“If the Jews are killing Africans in their created conflicts it is in order to keep their governments weak so that they can steal their resources. And if the Jew is offering black men white women as their hor’derves on arrival in Europe, it is to destroy white families, breed blacks and breed out whites. It does not in any way lessen the size of the black population, rather it increases it’s output.”
If you ask me what was the most successful triumph of the Jew in his war on Whites I would unhesitatingly of course have to say the ongoing Hegelian, Frankfurt School cultural Marxist White genocide project.

But apart from that, and remember there are at least increasing numbers of White people standing against White genocide, it would have to be the almost totally successful spread of Atheism.

What stands out about the White Atheist; an almost unknown commodity just a few decades ago, is his indoctrinated pride and air of superiority in his belief that science created everything. He does not pause to think that this was a package sold to him in school and college through the Jeducation system and Jewsmedia and that at no point did science ever prove anything to him. That science simply does not have the answer except to devise a new term for the creation which is ‘The Big Bang.’ Science does not have a clue what happened before this ‘Big Bang’ but it is a big bang for the buck and fools a lot of kids who don’t question it because it is the wisdom of the Hebraic teaching system and the Yiddisher History Channel and Der Judischer Science Channel and therefore must be correct.

The flight from God however was not just scientific but moral, a temptation to free indulgence in heavily Jewish promoted sex, online pornography, Hollywood filth, drugs and shady business practices such as permanently sustained personal debt. And so a degenerating process of giving up one’s own personal and moral financial liberty to become, through the facility of the credit card, an indebted chattel of the Jewish bankster.

It came as part of possibly the greatest revolution mankind has ever known, greater than the French, Russian and Chinese revolutions combined; the Frankfurt School/Tavistock Institute cultural Marxist revolution of the late ninteen-fifties, 1960s and onwards ever more until now and beyond.

This revolution swept away the Jew-wise traditional Catholic church which was in any case gradually being debilitated by a century or more old freemasonry and communist infiltration, but which had previously burned Jews and their created Goyim freemason whores for their crimes. Now known as the Vatican II Sect and a mere shadow of it’s former self, now stripped of it’s traditions, dogmas and morals, corrupted by freemason paedophilia and Judao-Christianity, that church today forms the celebrity circuit ‘il Vaticano’ soap opera; an apostate, heretical abomination that now constitutes the center of world Marxism, freemasonary, communism if not Satanism in it’s central position as the forming body creating the growing new one world, multifaith religion. A church whose leader the Pope is now chosen in Jerusalem.

This revolution ‘reformed’ even the apostate ‘reformation’ Protestant churches which had been created by Jew-funded Martin Luther in order to bring the Old Testament (the mock-Torah) firmly into Christianity and create Judao-Christianity, a Jew-reverencing cult which flowered in the 1980’s into a worship of Israel and the Holohoax as the central moral tenets of it’s faith, and had it’s great biblical moment in Israel’s attack on the twin towers of 9/11, blamed on the Muslims whose lands the Jew ultimately seeks to absorb into a greater Israel once their populations have been subjected to the moral and sociological corruption the Jew is so skilful at attaining; a process which first begins in the meat-grinders of online porn and social media and then goes on to inspire carefully-crafted coloured revolutions which take a population which has been made into mince-meat by bombs and guns into that most Jewish of creations; a modern social democracy; the permanent dictatorship of the Jewish bankster elites who control the money supply, the media, entertainment and therefore the minds of the sheeple and the vote and will ultimately strip them of all true notions of religion, culture, race, gender and nation.

But getting back to atheism which is of fundamental importance to the Jew who has no god but Satan and is at war with God himself and his creation, a creation they wish to re-make in the image of their own master Lucifer. Let us describe this world as a metaphysical railway station in which the passengers sit forever on benches covered with cobwebs lacking any belief that there is another station ahead and so have become stranded, benighted and remain until their mortal end as trains come and go seemingly unseen to the next station and the next and the next until they reach the Eternal City.

Of course in the realm of metaphysics we cannot just physically climb aboard a physical train to take us to higher realms nor will we ever, for at it’s best science might only ultimatly take us through a black hole into another dimension which is still within the dimensionality of this physical plane.

A different vehicle is needed for the passage of the soul to higher realms of pure consciousness and refinment of awareness and being and greater, unfettered vision perceived by the inner eye. To go to and traverse such regions we have to lay aside all attachment, contemplation and transaction with this realm, completely still the mind and thoughts, close our physical eyes and ears, mouth and the senses, forget about hot or cold, breathing or swallowing or any physical thing and concentrate behind closed eyes in a dark room on the view within, gazing and holding our attention upwards and inwards for extended periods through a process of meditation, and then burst the bonds of this material level of consciousness and fly into the regions above.

Then contacting a greater power within than without and the understanding that all below is a mere reflection, a mere shadow of that which is above, that which is more transcendent, pure, refined, vast and without end, we can then decide to believe in God or not. As long as our eyes are on the floor, mired in the dross of this world, our consciuousness clogged with it’s conflicting confusions, we are in no position to make such a judgement.

To embrace atheism as a merely mental concept based on the blinkered, imprisoned, blinded consciousness of this realm is a very cheap bargain indeed, for in the process of our very short sojourn in this realm if we have not used our abilities, and the gift of the human soul, a drop of the ocean to which it ever longs to return, to locate the pathway and the gate leading out of it, we will be condemned to forever orbit it’s dark realms after death. Though the atheist blissfully believes that death is the end and like the frog in the well that there are no boundaries beyond it’s limited walls.

However, we are here for as long as we are here and it is all very real. Stand on the toe of the Swami who says it is all an illusion and see how he squeals. Illusion is relative metaphysically but not materially. While we live in this region it is only right that we serve and protect and seek to aid all the suffering beings entrapped in it and seek to enable that which represents light and truth and further the aim of restoring the once beautiful but now increasingly despoiled garden wrought once long ago by the Master’s Hand.

This is a region whose essential nature is the eternal struggle for balance between Good and Evil. This is the region of a declention of beings from the lion and tiger down to the house cat and from the house cat down to the meerkat and ultimatly to the mouse. The region of declention from the White man down through the Asian and ultimately down to the African in terms of real IQ, an IQ which includes the sheer sophistication of thinking of the White man which cannot be measured in the phony, standard IQ tests in which some of the highest scorers are often found to be mental and physical inbred misfits who would be terminated under any serious eugenics programmes yet have the ability to know who scored the final goal in some long forgotten football match based on the computation of mathematiacal calculation.

The Jew tries to entrap the white man in the five senses, something the atheist who lives in these buckets would be unable to fathom, because once we are trapped by the senses we lose our moral strength for there is no morality in the senses only a search for pleasure, what the Jew-created modern freemasons who created modern America (the Jew-knighted Snakes of Zion which is now finally coming into fruition once the hinderance of the white European traditional mindset has been extinguished) call “the pursuit of happiness” known to the spiritually wise as “Live now pay later.”

The purpose of the Jew is to extinguish the flame of the spirit of all humans, for it is from that flame of truth and light that any depth of morals or consciousness or devotion to the divine arises.

How often have people said to you “There is something dead about the Jew.” The Jew is very animated on the emotional or creative level but there is a deadness behind the glitz he spins around him. There is a nothingness at the very epicentre of his being because he has no activatable soul.

This deadness, this darkness of the inner spiritual core can be simply spiritually explained; the Jew is not the son of God, he has no hope of heaven, the doors of the higher planes are locked to him, he is eternally confined to the nether regions, his home is the kingdom of his rebellious father Satan who fought a revolution to overthrow God which failed and was so given his own Kingdom of Hades where the light of God can never shine; those eternal dark caverns lit only by the fires he first set as he and his dark legions were cast down into them and the light of his leader Lucifer the angel of light, who believed his light should have shone brighter than that of his creator but instead became forever a dim torch in a vast unfathomable void of unalloyed darkness.

The Jew seeks to ensnare and entrap the hated human in his hell. Hell is the heaven of the Jew, an eternal Hollywood of vice, rape, torture and murder. It is the jealous Jew who achieves his satisfaction from luring, ensnaring, entrancing and then throwing the hated Goyim into his hell-fires, abusing and torturing him forever.

Those of you without faith must bear with me at this point or even choose to read what I am saying in the light of your own interpretation, but in this analysis the Jew; for that is the name Satan and his hordes decided on when they wrought a plan to seek evil wombs through which they could invade and populate the earth from their regions of darkness, and live and breed alongside the sons of God whom they most despised, and whose creation as the human has the possibility through devotion and love of their creator to go back and merge in Him, a facility of spirit which the angels good or bad do not possess, stuck forever as they are in their positions holding up the spiritual cosmos; bricks in the wall, had caused the jealousy and rebellion of many angels in the heavenly sphere resulting in the loss of that heaven under the leadership of the primal Jew Diablostein.

Lucifer and his Jewish hordes now wish to conquer this material region from God, drive God from it and turn it into their own licentious, murderous image, a plan whose success nears completion and has only one enemy; the highest creation of God, the most independent thinking species ever to walk the earth which is the White race, and beyond that the very reason the creation first came into being which is the spiritual capacity of the human of all colors and races to return to Him, but in particular His greatest creation, the top, the flower of that cosmoverse, the White Race.

Having re-made the White race into a tiny minority at the very top of the long planned Jew World Order society, inbred the lumpen masses of it into becoming mixed-race, low IQ rabble, the Jew will take the flower of his crop, not the Godly or the good, but the evil, the Satanic Whites who have adopted freemasonry, Marxism and Judaism and sold their souls for lust, gold and worldy power, those who have floated to the top like turds in a cesspool; the Bushs, Clintons, the Brad Pitts, we know them all.

And then the Jew will absorb them through marriage into his own parasitic being and add White IQ to the IQ of the Jew, the Jew-IQ based not in a reflection of truth and the higher consciousness but of serpentlike sneakyness, conspiracy, plotting and lies. And so should the Jew succeed the world will have two castes; the Judaic elites, a true Master race who will live for long extended periods due to frequent upgrades of stolen organs ripped out of the children of the Goyim below, monkey glands, human glands, robotic implants, whole limbs, even brain transplants of portions of the brain which were afflicted with biologically based insanities like dementia. Jewdenoids living for hundrends of years at a time consuming whole generations of Goyim in a despotic nightmare of slavery to their own desires and purposes.

Consciousness of mind and body and identity of self as we know it is of little regard to the Jew who loves to switch identity and will in future go through a series of metamorphosis from male to female, from homosexual to hetrosexual to hermophrodite, from human to animal to reptile as he takes on and discards bodies and minds. And all of us who have ever known Jews know the Jew has neither fear of God nor hell because God and he are forever separate and he has nothing to gain from adoring Him, in fact he hates Him, and he has no fear of hell because the party will simply continue for him when he returns to it.

In the previous article we dealt with the hopeful and desirous possibility that the White race might rise up against the Jew and defeat him and his Goyim minions, and that the White man may re-establish the light of God and His guidance in our affairs and the affairs of our children and their children and allow the children of other races to flourish seperatly and purely as God created them in their own ancestral lands, non-whites from whom we will be freed and who will be freed of us.

If the white man does not stand up and fight but dies away as a corpse slowly devoured by the parasite, if that race which is the light of the world continues to his end in his current Jew-entranced hypnoctic, brainwashed, mind-controlled state of self-hating ethinic-sucide, if in the final act of history victory goes to the Jew, or through some twist of fate to the Muslim, then the kingdom of Satan will probably reign until the creation is dissolved and the only a White man who lived up to his birth will be he who sought a greater eternity than that to be found in this valley of tears.

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