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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Thank you, Jews

By Pandora Pushkin

We are only too aware of how Jews have helped to make America the great nation it is. To take three examples:

(1) Blacks owe the Jews a big debt of gratitude, because it was the Jews who brought them to America in the first place, not even charging them a cent for their expensive voyage from Africa. They even fed the wretched blacks, at their own expense, during the long voyage to the slave plantations. For this, blacks owe the Jews big time. Unfortunately, blacks tend to be an ungrateful lot. I’ve never known a black man go up to a Jew and thank him for transporting his ancestors over from Africa — free of charge.
(2) Secondly, there’s lots of incredibly cheap labor in America right now, thanks to the millions of immigrants swarming into the country, many of them illegal immigrants prepared to work for peanuts. Since all the work is being done for us white folk by cheap labor from foreign countries, we whites are now free to live a life of leisure on welfare and food stamps. For this, we owe the Jews big time. Unfortunately, I’ve never known a white unemployed man go up to a rich Jew in Manhattan and thank him for his life of infinite idleness on the streets. Such ingratitude!
(3) Thirdly, the country is awash with pornography. Orgasms are free on the internet. Porn is available in every drugstore. At last people are free from the tedious monotony of normal sexual intercourse, as between husband and wife, and can savor the endless delights of masturbation and sexual deviancy. For this, too, we have the Jews to thank, for the Jews have brought us the priceless gift of pornography. Our children need no longer be boringly innocent as they used to be in the bad old days, but now, thanks to the Jews, they can learn at an early age all about the pleasures of incest, bestiality, necrophilia, sado-masochism, sodomy and cannibalism. That’s progress for you.
We need to express our gratitude to the Jews for making our lives so much richer and exciting by saying all together now, in a loud voice, THANK YOU, JEWS! THANKS A BUNDLE!

Do watch see this thrilling 4-minute video now, THANKS JEWS, and never forget what you owe the Jews for making your life so magical, so magnificent, and so moronic.

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