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Monday, 11 August 2014

Swebola Update: Red Alert

The nation most advanced down the path of self-destruction, on which all white nations are being marched gun-to-head, is Sweden.

As written recently by good friend of Western Spring, Colin Liddell, Swedes have been infected by a deadly and contagious disease – ‘Swebola’. Symptoms of the disease include “…a complete loss of self-respect combined with smug arrogance, severe masochism, intense gender confusion, deep loathing for one’s own race and culture, a self-destructive urge to pay heavy taxes in order to be surrounded by the most dysfunctional elements of the Third World, and a psychopathic horror of free speech. In particularly severe cases it may even manifest as an urge to be gang-raped, murdered, and set on fire, followed by a wish to ‘forgive’ the perpetrators from beyond the grave.” Colin Liddell on Swebola

Infection seems to have originated among the very large subversive Fabian socialist community who engage in all manner of horrific and unnatural acts.

So prevalent has the disease become that today in Sweden sickness passes for health and the healthy are pressed to become sick like the rest by those suffering the most acute symptoms - an “Anti-Fascist” rabble of psychotic teenagers who roam the streets like zombies convulsed in an extended temper tantrum.

"Hire an immigrant and 75% of the pay through us"
“Hire an immigrant and 75% of the pay through us”
The latest news from the infected zone comes from the Arbetsformedlingen (Swedish Job Centre) where infected government officials have introduced a subsidy for employers to hire non-Swedish immigrants.

The huge amount of enthusiastically paid taxes that the government collects will be made available to pay a full 75% of the wage of a non-Swede hired by any Swedish employer. This policy effectively means that no business can expect to be competitive unless they replace their blonde haired employees with brown skinned ones.

Continued signs that the disease is spreading to Great Britain comes from a story last week in which Essex County Council has been exposed as offering £2,500 subsidies to employers to hire apprentices who are not White. Essex County Council is solidly ‘Conservative’ but in 2013 returned 9 UKIP Councillors. This Essex example shows how Swebola infected Fabian socialists are operating within the Conservative Party.

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