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Friday, 15 August 2014

South Africa: White Woman And Her Daughters Raped By Apes

Liberals call this “ordinary crime”; I call it terrorism

“Sex with a white woman is better”

Yesterday a white Afrikaans woman testified in court how she and her two teenage daughters were raped and brutally assaulted in their Rayton home by five racists black Zimbabweans in 2011.

The woman (37) testified that the one bastard called her “A rich white bitch” and told her that “sex with a white woman is better”.

The media never mentioned that it was a racist attack.

The girls and the woman had their hands tied behind their backs with electric cables and their underwear. They were beaten and kicked.

The mother was raped and her face beaten to pulp, because the rapists couldn’t understand how the infrared key of her Mercedes worked. The girls were also beaten with fists until their faces were a bloody pulp. They were burned with cigarettes and threatened to be raped with an electric hairbrush.

The bastards wanted money, alcohol, cigarettes and bank cards. What threat were they to the perpetrators? What resistance could these women give them? Why was it necessary to torture them for hours, if robbery was the motive?

Woman testifies about rape of self and daughters

”Sex with a white woman is better”

English version: Mother tells of daughter’s rape

Woman weeps as she recalls rape attack

One can only speculate about the sentence they will get. In my opinion justice will not be done. Imagine if this was your loved ones. These bastards should be taken out and shot like the rabid animals they are.

Ambushed on the N2 Highway

South Africa is supposed to have improved since the days of Apartheid, but it hasn’t. Back in the early 1990’s we had riots, hijackings and ambushes on the highways. What changed? Nothing!

Back then these terrorists used to put rocks and bricks on the highways or hang fishing knoches (lead sinkers) from the overhangs so that it would hit the car’s windshields. When the driver then stopped, he or she would be assaulted, robbed, raped or killed.

Nothing changed. They are still doing it.

Stabbing and robbery on N2 near Somerset West

The N2 between Somerset West and Cape Town has emergency phones every 500 metres or so, but they never work, because the blacks think they are tickey-boxes that contains money. So they get vandalized.

The poor young man (an electrical engineer) in the article above was stabbed and robbed. Nobody stopped to help him. The police put the phone down in his ear several times. When he tried to flag down a cop car they swerved to avoid him. Eventually his wife came to his rescue.

And you can forget about trying to call an ambulance. There are three ambulances serving the entire Cape Peninsula.

Farmer shot in face. Drives himself to police

This past Monday (11 Aug 2014) a farmer (Faan van der Merwe, 69) from the Zeerust area was shot in the face (below the left eye) by [black] bastards who waited for him in his house for several hours. While they were waiting they drank his whisky and ate his meat from the fridge.

They shot him with his own .22 and it was also the only thing they stole and fled with. The farmer then drove himself 20km to the nearest police station.

Farmer drives 20km to police after being shot in face

He obviously knew that if he had to wait for an ambulance or the police he would be dead.

But look at the way the attack was carried out. What was the motive? Robbery? They had the .22 pistol already and could have left earlier. Instead they chose to wait several hours just to shoot the farmer in the face and only THEN left.

Now the corrupt and lying ANC regime and the liberal media tell us this is just “ordinary crime”. The motive is robbery. Yet in almost all these cases you see the same thread. These attackers wait several hours on the people. They torture people for hours. Robbery is NOT the primary motive. Terror is. That is what these attacks are. Terrorist attacks. They are part of an orchestrated and organized terrorist campaign against the farmers and whites in general to drive them off their land.

Prevent terrorism

Prevention is better than cure and as former US Attorney General, John Ashcroft said: “There is no priority higher than the prevention of terrorism”.

This terrorism on white South Africans needs to be stopped. If the government cannot do it or is not interested in doing so, then who should do it? That’s right…YOU!!

You have no other choice, but to exercise your right to self defence. You have a duty. You must protect your life and that of your loved ones.

How do you do it? You train. You learn to fight. You learn to shoot. You carry a concealed knife at all times. You carry a fire arm. You use ANY means possible to survive when you or your loved ones are attacked. Bulletproof your mind. Years might go by without you ever having to use your skills in a life threatening situation but when that day comes, be prepared for it. Do not become a statistic. Do not become a victim.

A few years ago a friend of mine (a trained martial artist) was stabbed in the back by a gang of [nigger] car-jackers who ambushed him. His one lung collapsed. He fought back unarmed knocking two of them out and then drove himself 10 km through the city to the nearest hospital with a collapsed lung and a 20cm blade in his back. You simply have to. Otherwise you die. He survived, because he fought back.

Herein lays the big irony of violence and self defence. The better prepared you are for it, the least likely you are to ever encounter it.

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