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Monday, 25 August 2014

Robert Mugabe and his Jewish Backers

Robert Mugabe: "Hope dis food is Kosher"

By Karl Radl

To be perfectly honest, as with various other issues that I have encountered over the last few years, I didn't expect to look at Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe for connections to the Jews. This was an oversight, but I am delighted to be able to partially rectify the omission given that it has recently come to light that Mugabe had significant dealings with the Och-Ziff Hedge Fund in 2008.

The extent of these dealings is only now becoming clear, but if you were an avid consumer of news around the turn of the millennium (as I was) then you should be able to recall the many and varied headlines and news items that were coming out of the former state of Rhodesia (so-called 'Zimbabwe') in regards to the murder, rape and expropriation of the property of the white farmers there. (1)

Now in the aftermath of this orgy of black-on-white murder, rape and theft: Mugabe was having all sorts of problems. His country was an economic basket case, inflation was at an estimated half a million percent (!), the central bank was printing money twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, massive political unrest among the population writ large was rocking the country, he had an empty treasury and elections coming up in mid-2008. (2)

With the very real prospect of being deposed by the somewhat less psychotic leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Morgan Tsvangirai after his first round of landslide level political success and after losing his previous layer of golden eggs: John Bredenkamp. (3) Mugabe was in desperate need of cash to prop up his ailing terrorist state.

That cash came from an expected quarter: a huge hedge fund based in the United States called Och-Ziff. They, through their subsidiary OZ Management LP, 'loaned' Mugabe $100 million and in return acquired the rights (via 150 million shares) to the lucrative platinum production managed by the London-based CAMEC (Central African Mining and Exploration Company PLC) (4) that had been blackmailed earlier in 2008 out of an existing concern: Anglo-American Platinum. (5)

More on this later, but to continue our narrative.

The principle player at Och-Ziff, and a protege of Och-Ziff's CEO Daniel Och, was their head of investments in Europe and Africa named Michael Cohen: who is (obviously) jewish. (6) It should be noted that in making this transaction Och-Ziff were in direct violation of sanctions imposed by the United States in response to Mugabe's reign of terror (7) as well as stock exchange legislation in both Europe and the United States. (8)

It doesn't stop there.

The funds that were provided by Och-Ziff to Mugabe via the sale of stolen platinum rights weren't used to help the people of Zimbabwe: oh no.

Instead they were used to purchase a large shipment of arms from China, (9) set up torture centres manned by ZANU-PF (Mugabe's political party) and military personnel in pro-MDC districts (10) and hit-lists were drawn up of prominent MDC activists and officials who were then subject to indiscriminate and systematic abduction, torture and murder. (11)

Thanks to this 'loan', of which there are no record of repayment so it seems more likely it was a bribe/payment than a 'loan', (12) Mugabe is still in power to this day and is still passing anti-white legislation which is encouraging genocide including (but not limited to) a recent law to the effect that no whites may own land in Zimbabwe (13) and verbally advocating the ethnic cleansing of the same. (14)

Not a peep in the MSM about it however: there's a surprise.

After all they have far more important things to report like Justin Bieber's latest nosebleed.

Inside Robert Mugabe's Mansion

Now to return to the expropriation of Anglo-American Platinum's un-mined claims by the Zimbabwean government: the idea behind this does not seem to have originated from Mugabe or his close collaborators like Gideon Gono (who literally purchased a PhD from a Nigerian 'university' that was in reality a pay-for-a-diploma mill). By contrast it seems to have come from an Israeli diamond trader named Dan Gertler. (15)

Gertler has a colourful history himself of bankrolling murderous black dictators in exchange for knockdown prices on their mineral assets and rights for their extraction. He most famously bankrolled the regime of the current president of the Democratic Republic of Congo: Joseph Kabila. (16) I will cover the activities of Gertler in a separate article, but it is enough to state that he was likely the conduit through which Och-Ziff became involved in the deal with Zimbabwe.

The evidence for the genesis of this scheme with Gertler is that in February 2008, months before the elections in Zimbabwe, he acquired a 40 percent stake in CAMEC. (17) Then just after this in March 2008 the Zimbabwean government unilaterally confiscated (i.e. stole) all of Anglo-American Platinum's property in and around the Great Dyke seam (the richest in Zimbabwe) transferring it to the state-owned Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC). (18)

The government then announced it wanted someone to purchase the rights to mine the Great Dyke seam, for which CAMEC was the only bidder. CAMEC however needed $200 million in financing of which $150 million was provided by Och-Ziff with the rest ($50 million) being provided by other large investment funds. (19)

CAMEC then proposed a joint venture with ZMDC: who in turn then announced they were loaning the government of Zimbabwe $100 million. This was the $100 million used by Mugabe and ZANU-PF to launch a reign of terror against the MDC and purchase arms from China. (20)

Due to the complexity of these transactions and the fact that the Zimbabwean government could not have attracted so large a hedge fund like Och-Ziff or the others taking shares in other $50 million (such as Blackrock LLC) with its financial and legal track record. They would have had to have had a contact they trusted behind the transaction (as the 'Mail & Guardian' observes this doesn't make sense unless this was so) (21) and the initial purchase of the 40 percent stake in CAMEC by Gertler (plus his previous dealings with Och-Ziff in the Democratic Republic of Congo) (22) almost requires that he was the mover and shaker behind the otherwise incomprehensible deal.

This means that it was a hedge fund (Och-Ziff) that was created in 1994 using a $100 million investment by William Ziff (a jewish billionaire resident in America) (23) whose Founder, Chairman and CEO Daniel Och is proudly Jewish (as well as a billionaire) (24) and the decision on the ground was made by the similarly Jewish head of Och-Ziff's European and Africa operations: Michael Cohen. (25)

When you further factor in that the broker of the deal between Och-Ziff and the government of Zimbabwe was an Israeli Jew named Dan Gertler then it becomes clear that the responsibility for the mass murders, rapes and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Mugabe's government since 2008 falls squarely on Jewish shoulders.

There is no two ways about it: Jews have knowingly facilitated the crimes of Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF so that they can generate a better profit for themselves.

The irony of it all is that they seem to have believed they would never be found out.



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